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  • Comment on Subban scratch wasn’t punishment: Martin (2010-12-03 14:52:25)

    That's funny because it is true - no one will care about Martin and PK will be the best player - but he will be the best player because of Martin's work developing him into that top player

    on Webber I disagree - if they didn't think he was NHL ready they wouldn't of called him up and they wouldn't of traded O'Byrne

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-03 11:48:40)

    those players weren't mishandled - they ended up having hockey careers after leaving the Canadiens

    Leclair turned out to be a great player - we all got a taste of what he could do during the cup run of '03 - unfortunately he never managed to get to the form he displayed during the cup run - so he was traded - playing with Lindros helped him as well

    Latendresse - are you kidding? lot's of chances just didn't have any work ethic - and as his departing comments show - he has an attitude problem

    Robidas - is 33 years old - didn't really start to get going until post lockout with Dallas - even still he went above 30pts for the first time in his career last year - I would say he was a late bloomer

    Beauchemin - played 1 game for mtl so I don't see how he was mishandled - played his first NHL season after the lockout - at 26 years of age - and played with the great scott niedermeyer - he turned into a serviceable defenseman but like da Laffs are finding out he isn't nearly as good as his points in Anaheim

    Hainsey - turned into a good defenseman - but another late bloomer couldn't make the habs when he was young(he had a couple looks but never stayed with the big club) - once again didn't play his first full NHL season until after the lockout at 24 years of age

    Ribeiro - wasn't mishandled - everyone knew what he was capable of unfortunately his attitude was the shites - glad he is gone

    SK74 - given ample opportunity - same attitude issues as Ribeiro glad he is gone

    MaxPac - his story isn't over yet - can't say they have mishandled him - some say they brought him up early however MaxPac denies that this was the case so - who knows?

    looking at the list we have late bloomers and problem players that didn't fit within the team dynamic - often with late bloomers choices have to be made as new draft picks make their way to the professional ranks who to keep and who to let go

  • Comment on M.I.A. (2010-11-24 14:10:04)

    I agree - I think if Gomez finishes strong and has a good payoffs like last year the majority of the fans will look at this start as a minor blip on a good season

    if he doesn't come around it is gonna be a long summer for management

  • Comment on M.I.A. (2010-11-24 13:59:49)

    awesome someon in the comments of that article suggests this trade

    eberle and hemsky to montreal for gomez, moen, lapierre and pyatt or eberle, hemsky and pajarrvi to mtl for gomez, moen, lapierre, pyatt, eller, darche.

    Tambellini would have to have breadpudding for brains to make this trade

  • Comment on Audio: Habs break up routine (2010-11-19 16:01:13)

    do you honestly think it would help?  I mean this stuff happens all the time in a game - the little weasle matt cooke blindsided Marc Savard with both Chara and Lucic on boston?  if both Chara and Lucic don't help then I don't know who would

    I think having a tough guy on your team to protect your stars is a myth - it does nothing other than take up a roster spot

  • Comment on Audio: Habs break up routine (2010-11-19 15:57:35)

    not that great of a player - he said if he had to choose between dubinsky and subban he would take dubinsky

  • Comment on Audio: Habs break up routine (2010-11-19 15:13:50)

    I agree but it is pretty tough to sit a goalie who has won 4 straight with 2 SO and only 3GA in those games -

    ride 'er till she bucks ya I always say

  • Comment on Audio: Habs break up routine (2010-11-19 15:07:10)

    tougher to play against? they shutout vancouver and philly and beat boston - all supposed powerhouse teams - we don't need to add bodies we need to get the players there giving it their all every night - I guarantee if we do that we will be plenty hard to play against

  • Comment on Should young players be seen but not heard? (2010-11-18 11:20:51)

    man this is hilarious the "BIG BAD FLYERS" who we are supposed to fear are complaining about trash talk? and a supposed "choking" in a scrum - whereas the soft canadiens get knocked out (halpern) and elbowed to the head but say nothing - just go about their business

    The flyers are a farce - they are not tough they are dirty - and when it doesn't work out they start to cry (as Richards and Hartnell have shown) no need to call up goons to fight - just keep playing our style and take it to them like we did and all will be well.  As someone on here said yesterday in the third they could of tried to get back in it but instead decided to try and goon it up - the result was lot's of penalty's and another goal for the habs

  • Comment on Hockey Inside/Out special section (2010-11-16 13:50:33)

    so far it looks like the best thing for both Gomez and Gionta was a little change of scenery

    in the last 4 games Gionta has 3 goals 1 assist and Gomez has 1 goal 2 assists! I suspect Martin will ride these line combos for as long as he can - once they start to falter he will move G&G back together