Mweizman - (Moshe Weizman)

Member since October 18, 2010

Tel Aviv, Israel

Habs fan since: 1989
Favorite current player: Brian Gionta
All-time favorite player: Guy Carbonneau


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  • Comment on Embarrassing! (2011-03-29 10:25:53)
    Hi guys. I started a new blog... about being a Habs fan abroad... Happy to hear comments and hope you'll like it... :) mw
  • Comment on (2010-10-19 08:28:34)

    Hi Ian.

    Thanks a lot; much appreciated!


    Looks like i won't make it this year but i'm sure all get all the details :)




  • Comment on (2010-10-18 15:23:52)

    Hi guys.

    I'm a new comer to HIO although i've been reading it for quite some time now...

    Being from across the ocean (Israel) but a die hard fan, i wanted to know whethere there are a few summits per year or is this the only one?