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  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 15:06:37)
    Word out here in Vancouver is that Weise became expendable because he wanted to be a playmaker/scorer instead of accepting his role as a grinder. Now he's on a team with a coach that wants all of his players to be grinders. I always chuckle when, after the Habs make some out of the blue, minor depth move such as this, people go online and say things like "this means there's a bigger deal to come" or "(insert current general manager's name here) isn't done." And then we wait and as the deadline passes we realize that nope, there wasn't a bigger deal to come. This was it. This was "the" deal; the only deal. Diaz for Weise doesn't mean much to me. We get rid of Diaz who wasn't playing anyway, because Beaulieu showed he was ready for prime time. Weise will fill the hole to come with the departure of Parros or White or perhaps Moen. None of those players will garner much in return either. Its just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. The team needs top 6 scoring and you can't acquire that kind of talent when all you're offering in return are scrubs like Diaz.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 55 – Canadiens drop matinee 2-1 to TB in OT (2014-02-01 16:11:08)
    Another pathetic failure. I don't know why the Habs insist on playing these afternoon games every year. They play like they're half-asleep and the games (win or lose) are among the worst in terms of entertainment value that you'll ever endure. Oh well, now that the win "streak" is over we can go back to demanding trades and firings again.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 55 – Canadiens drop matinee 2-1 to TB in OT (2014-02-01 13:18:35)
    I know she's only a teenager but that anthem singer needs to call Celine Dion for some English enunciation lessons. It's "gave proof THROUGH THE night THAT our flag was still THERE", not "gave proof TRUE DUH night DAT our flag was still DERE"
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 02:15:59)
    Since Mr. Boone is asking I will answer. The way out of this mess is to gut the team. Gut it from ear to ear. For too many years now, a succession of GM's have fiddled with but never completely overhauled the roster. It's fine for a new GM to want to "change the culture" but you can't go from being a soft team to a hard-to-play-against team simply by adding some grit on the fourth line. If your core group remains the same then the culture will remain essentially unchanged. The only way to affect real change is to gut the roster. At least half of the current 23-man roster needs to go and it scarcely matter what, if anything, the Habs get in return. Why hang on to Rene Bourque hoping to get a decent asset in return? Just get rid of him. Addition by subtraction. If we're going to lose anyhow I prefer to do it with players who represent our future, not ones who represent the past or present suckitude. I can live with mistakes from the likes of a Tinordi, a Beaulieu, a Bournival or even a Leblanc. But I cannot countenance high-paid veterans like Markov or Briere get made fools of because they're both at least a year past their "sell by" date. It's time for Bergevin to fish or cut bait here. I don't think he should be offering Markov a contract at all, quite frankly. I know Markov wants to finish his career as a Hab but I've got news for Andrei: his career is already over and he needs to accept it. NHL teams play 82 game seasons, not 42. He doesn't have what it takes to go the distance anymore. It sucks because he's been a loyal soldier and all but this is business. He needs to go, not get another multi-million dollar contract. Pleks too, while valuable, does not represent the future. He'll be long gone before this team is in any position to contend so the time to get rid of him is now, before his skills diminish to the point where you get nothing for him. Obviously you keep Price, Subban, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Bournival and the prospects on the farm. But a lot of the vets need to rotate out of there. Question is, does management have the cajones to do it? Because once you do you're telling the fans that you're not as close to a Cup as you tried to fool them into thinking when you wanted to sell them a bunch of overpriced team merchandise. You're finally admitting that the emperor has no clothes. I doubt Bergevin and Molson have the stones to do what needs to be done. They're all about protecting the profit margins.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 48 – Call the cops! Canadiens steal two points with 5-4 OT win (2014-01-16 22:11:00)
    Win or lose, tonight's game is a pathetic failure for everyone associated with this franchise not named Carey Price. Teams with pretentions of being Cup contenders do not blow winnable games like this and they generally are not coached by mental midgets who don't even know when to call a time-out or find a way to win games when Sidney Crosby is on their team. Really, for the paltry returns we'd get for our surplus garbage, is it even worth it for Bergevin to pursue a trade? How about just doing something easier like fire the coach, allow Briere to play centre like he was promised last summer when he was signed and call up the kids already?!?!? If we're going to lose I prefer to lose with the kids than with veteran humps like Bourque and Murray who are just hanging around for one last payday. But to do this would require management and ownership to reveal the awful truth about this team: that it is not and never was going to be a real contender. They would have to admit that we aren't winning anything, either this season or for the foreseeable future.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-05 16:41:40)
    I always laugh when pundits say "Nobody expected them to do anything more than compete for a wild card berth" and then point out that the team is sitting in 4th place. What does one have to do with the other? You can easily be in 4th place at the halfway point of the season and still wind up scrapping it out for 8th.t No one ever asks people where they think the team will be at the halfway point because it doesn't matter. And if Bergevin drinks the first half Kool-Aid and does nothing to improve the roster between now and the deadline the Habs will be scrapping it out for the 8th seed just as predicted.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-03 10:24:28)
    Therrien pre-judged him and set him up to fail from Day One. Look, I'm no fan of Briere but he was not given much of an opportunity to succeed. Therrien has endless patience with Desharnais but seemingly no time for Briere. And it's not the first time we've seen this. In his first go-round as coach of the Habs, Therrien's GM acquired Mariusz Czerkawski, who Therrien proceeded to treat like something he had found on the bottom of his shoe. In that case, Therrien didn't even wait for the season to begin before relegating Czerkawski to the dog house. He did it from the first day of training camp. So to discover that Briere has not really been given much of a chance to shine is hardly surprising to me. It's Therrien's M.O. He is highly suspicious of offensive-minded players. He's a ham-n-eggs coach who only knows one method: dump, chase, cycle, grind. He has no clue how to coach offense.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-03 09:45:15)
    Agreed. Here in Vancouver our all-sports radio station doesn't start it's local programming until 6am. So prior to 6am (as I'm driving in to work) they simulcast the morning show from TSN 1050 in Toronto. This morning I turn on the radio and the first thing I hear is "Coming up after the break, we'll have Jeff O'Neill on to talk about all things Leafs" at which point I turned the knob. My question to the local Vancouver management would be "Why does every nationally simulcasted show have to originate from Toronto? You need to fill in some time before the local morning show starts? Fine. You have three affiliates in the Eastern Time Zone to choose from: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Why must we automatically be saddled with the show out of Toronto? Why not one of the other two markets or even a rotation? But these questions never occur to them because they have this Toronto-centric mentality that assumes two things which any Montrealer could tell them are patently false: 1) that everyone outside the 416 area code gives a damn about things happening in Toronto, and 2) that any show originating from Toronto, even if it only deals with local Toronto issues, is a de-facto "national" show simply because it's from Toronto.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-03 09:36:20)
    It speaks volumes about the organizational dysfunction within this franchise when the General Manager wastes $8 million worth of cap space on a player that his own, hand-picked coach doesn't like. How could Bergevin make a signing like this in a vaccuum? Why wouldn't he ask for the input of his coach before pulling the trigger? If you're thinking of making an offer to a guy and your coach says he can't coach him then you either replace the coach or sign some other player.
  • Comment on About … aw, forget last night. Merry Christmas! (2013-12-22 12:03:28)
    I'll go you one better.... 3 points for a win in regulation 2 points for a win in overtime 1 point for a win in a shoot-out And the losing team? THE LOSING TEAM ALWAYS GETS NOTHING! It doesn't matter that you got to overtime or even to a shoot-out. This isn't little league where everyone gets a ribbon for participating. This is professional sports. You get paid to win games, not just show up. The reason why we're seeing so many games going to overtime is because teams are only competing for the welfare point. Halfway through the third period teams stop trying to win close games. All they want to do is kill the clock and get to overtime so they can bank that single point. This is what happens when you reward failure. You want to see more games end in regulation time? Incentivise it by giving 3 points. You want to stop teams from playing it safe and boring? Punish indifferent play by not awarding any more welfare points. Of course, the NHL is never going to adopt this model because it would destroy the illusion of parity that they currently have. That might make it harder to sell tickets in all those sunbelt markets where nobody cares as it is.