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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-14 11:03:15)
    the flaw in that thinking is if you score within 3 seconds you're 1 for 1. score on 4 power plays in a row in under 30 second and you have a 4 - 1 goals/PP ratio.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 13:43:58)
    Hahaha I hope not. The Habs play Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday all at home that week, given the past Goalie usage I've seen from MT and the Habs, I predict (hope) Price starts Saturday and Tuesday. That was part of the reason for picking the better seats for Saturday combined with Washington being the perceived tougher opponent and also within the conference. Either way, Price, Budaj, or perhaps Tokarski I'll be like a kid in a candy store!
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 12:31:33)
    Hey all, just want to share my excitement, I have my flight, hotel and game tickets all paid for and I coming to see my first two NHL games superbowl weekend Section 123 (Great seats that we paid a small fortune for) for the Caps game and section 332 for the Yotes. Just waiting for those tickets to come in the mail!
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 09:57:50)
    will the tickets for those games be on sale on September 13th? I thought the tickets for January 31 and Feb 1 wouldn't go on sale until December 15 and January 15th respectively.
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 09:44:00)
    Hey all, This 'short' off season seems rather long, shouldn't the habs be playing hockey by now?! Maybe this feeling is due to the Fall weather we have been getting here since the beginning of August. I'm looking for some tips and advice. Myself, my father-in-law and a buddy(a leafs fan - poor fella) all booked flights to Montreal for superbowl weekend yesterday. I have another buddy also considering going but at the moment he has some new job prospects that are in the air. It's a little early I know but we're all pretty pumped about it, none of us have ever seen a game at the Bell Centre and I personally have never been to an NHL game at all. So I'm hoping you fine, knowledgeable ladies and gentlemen can give me some tips, most importantly when and where should I look for game tickets? And also any tips on where to stay (close to the bell centre)? where to eat, where to enjoy a soda pop ;), and where should we go for the superbowl? Cheers and thanks in advance.
  • Comment on Habs’ Price skates in full equipment, but Therrien says he’s not ready to play (2014-05-27 12:08:16)
    First? me really? Habs 4-2 tonight oh not first. . but a close 3rd
  • Comment on HI/O Show: The return of St. Patrick … and much more (2014-03-20 10:01:53)
    UCE, If we go back to the way it was before the realignment Dallas still plays Vancouver in your scenario .
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-23 12:07:08)
    The defense needs help, any chance the Habs are looking at Girardi?
  • Comment on Holland becomes a Hab on same day Hamrlik retires (2013-10-22 11:51:58)
    Interesting, to those saying the Habs wouldn't trade plekanec, I believe when you consider a top end talent like Nail, Plex has to be on the table. If Edmonton is really looking for some help defensively maybe the trade could be modified to include Plekanec and Georges for Yakupov and Smyth. As for the Character concerns of Yakupov, I believe if there really are some concerns, there are some neutralizining players on the habs in the likes of former teammate Galchenyuk and fellow countrymen Markov and Emelin. Line-up Pacioretty-Eller-Gionta Yakupov-Galchenyuk-Gallagher Smyth-Deharnais-Bourque Prust-White-Bournival (could switch Prust for Smyth) Briere-Moen Subban-Markov Emelin-Diaz Tinordi-Murray Boullion
  • Comment on Therrien defends decision to cut Leblanc (2013-09-19 11:39:53)
    I'd like to see PK and Tinordi spend a considerable amount of time together. That should be the habs top defensive pairing of the future. After that Markov and Gorges and finally Diaz and Murray to start the season. Once Emelin is back PK - Tinordi Markov - Emelin Diaz - Gorges or Murray - Georges depending on the opponent Next year The Habs defense could look a lot different in that the only hold overs from this season could be PK, Tinordi and Gorges. So, another reason to keep PK and Tinordi together is so there is a little consistency from this season to the next.