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  • Comment on The Price wasn’t … ah, forget it! (2010-09-23 16:35:23)

    Yes times change, I agree.

    But the point is, there is a learning curve. Roy was a much better goalie and played to his Hall of Fame potential after his first 3 years of experience. If we would have thrown in the towel with Patrick after his first 3 years where he averaged a GAA of 3.06 and a SV% of .888, we would have missed out on the true greatness od Patrick Roy that managed a GAA of 2.49 and Sv% of .912. THAT's the point I was trying to make. We have to stay patient and allow time to take its course. Price will show us what he's really made of once we allow him that time to get his confidence, learn from his mistakes, and grow into the Number 1 we all hope and wish of him.


  • Comment on The Price wasn’t … ah, forget it! (2010-09-23 12:42:18)

    I wish our "fans" can be a little more patient, give our young prospects time to develop and learn from their mistakes.

    Even The Great Patrick Roy in his 1st 3 NHL seasons was very ordinary. His highest save percentage came in his 3rd full year at 900. Price has posted 920, 905 and 912 in his 1st 3 seasons. GAA for Sir Patrick 3.35, 2.93 and 2.90 while Price has posted 2.56, 2.83 and 2.77.


    Give him time. 

    Let him learn.

    Encourage him, not Discourage him.

    The rest will work itself out.


  • Comment on From Fehr to Fisher (2010-08-26 16:28:09)

    I wasn't aware they had this already in Football. I wonder how it's turned out for the franchise and the player ?

    Trying to come up with arguments against the incentive..can't really come up with any. If CBA doesn't allow it, there surely must be reasons...guessing owners aren't crazy with the idea of sharing profits ?


  • Comment on From Fehr to Fisher (2010-08-26 15:52:08)

    Random dummy thought here.

    We've thrown Big $$ to lure FAs to sign here to compensate for Qc. Taxes and Local Media Pressure. We all know as Habs fans that this is a unique market with unique fans. Habs Fans will idolize their players to a level unmatched by any other NHL city. This leads to tons of Habs merchandise sold, moreso than any other NHL franchise.

    My dummy thought, offer players market salary (or less) but as an incentive add on a % of sales revenue of their own official merchandise sold (ie. jerseys). Example: 2010-2011 season, Habs sell 500,000 Cammy T-shirts, jersyes to all concession stands, stores, boutiques for a total Gross Sales Revenue at the end of season of $40 Mill. Player gets 1% or $400,000 bonus for the year. 

    Do well individually, better chances team does well....better chances your merchandise sells more = more $$ for all and fans are happy with player/team's results.

    Say the right things to the press, to the fans, do community/charity work...better chances your populairty within the local community and culture grows...better chances your merchadise sells = more $$ for all and again fans are happy with player/team's results. 

    Who knows, instead of rejecting their hometown, maybe Qc born players would have more incentive to sign here knowing their "brand" name would be very popular locally especially if they perform ?

    Instead of players partying it up they would be a little more careful to protect their image and more importantly their "brand" image as it now impacts the wallet directly.

    Can this theory or a variation of it be a viable strategy to sign UFAs in future ? Curious what you think.

  • Comment on Laperrière will play Saturday (2010-05-21 15:53:57)

    ooo Laperriere is back , look out !

    For all I care, they can bring back Clarke, Schultz, Barber..bring em all back. As long as Leighton is betwwen the pipes, and we play as a unit, I like our chances.

    Prediction: Flyers will get overaggressive early to try to set the tone and get called on a couple of minors. We'll once again be the first to capitalize and go back to Philly with the Series squared up at 2 and momentum on our side.

    There is no turning back.

    Go Habs !


  • Comment on O’Byrne says he’s in tonight (2010-05-20 16:26:48)

    Here you go...Enjoy