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  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 01:19:37)

    Pelts you with snowballs/ throws batteries at you/ dumps sand on your carpet.  Oh wait, sorry, forgot we were still talking about Philly:)

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 01:13:05)

    You're both probably right.  The Hawks are flat out stacked and playing great hockey right now.

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 01:04:29)

    Ok, Boston definitely choked, but the Flyers certainly had a lot to do with it.  As far as the Devils are concerned, you're absolutely right about Brodeur (although the 3 rings he's got might disagree with your assessment about his teams not being great when he was), but that also had a lot to do with the matchup.  We owned Jersey this year, and, in my opinion, picking up Kovalchuk hurt them a lot more than it could have ever helped.  Most Flyers fans were pretty happy to see the Devils rather than the Sabres in the 1st round, regardless of seedings.  I wouldn't be so surprised to see the Habs pull out at least one more game.  Let's remember for a minute why these two teams are seeded where they are.  The inconsistency of these teams was the only things consistent about them all year.  Win 5 of 6, lose 4 in a row, win 6 in a row, lose 5 of 6.  Either one of these teams is capable of laying an egg in any one of these games.  

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 00:50:07)

    Although there are many great singers in/from Philadelphia, we will probably will see Kate again (personally, I think it gets a little overdone if you play it every game as they have so far these playoffs), but I doubt that I'm jinxing anything.  Not here to gloat either.  Been here since the beginning of the series and have been saying all along that I thought this would be a good, long series.

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 00:27:20)

    Flyers? Class?  Surely you jest.  Seriously, though, that was about as good a road game as I could have reasonably expected them to play.  I don't care what the scoreboard said, this was a better performance by the Flyers than G1.  Should be a good one on Monday night.

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-23 00:23:02)

    Didn't think I was twisting the knife, but I can certainly understand your frustration.  I don't like Hartnell very much either (don't know about wanting to slam his face into the ice) and I'm a Flyers fan.  The Habs have been on a great run this year, and I'm not trying to take anything away from them, but I'm not sure about my team simply being high on 'BS confidence'.  We had to beat the Devils and Bruins just like you had to take care of business against the Pens and Caps.   At this point, I would hope that can't write off the Flyers 3 wins to luck, can you?  I've posted a couple of messages on this site since the series began, so I didn't wait until to the Flyers were up 3-1 to show up and gloat.  I said from the beginning that I thought this was going to be a long series, and it still may very well be.

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 4: Blanked Habs on brink – again (2010-05-22 23:58:51)

    So I guess this means the Habs have the Flyers right where they want them, right?

    Both recent history (Habs-Caps, Flyers-Bruins) and horrible, horrible memories from the past (Flyers-Devils, ECF 2000) temper my expectations for closing things out on Monday night.  I can only hope that having been on the brink themselves this year, the Flyers should be well prepared to match the intensity level and sense of urgency that I'm sure the Habs will exhibit come Monday night.

  • Comment on O’Byrne says he’s in tonight (2010-05-20 17:06:27)

    Ah, memories:)  I was at this game with a few buddies, one of which left about two minutes before this to 'beat the traffic'.  He had apparently just walked past the point of no re-entry when he heard the cheers and wasn't allowed back into the Wachovia Center.  He missed a ridiculous comeback by the Phillies a few weeks after this for the same reason.  I've been to probably 10-15 Flyers/Phillies games with him since and he's never made the same mistake again.  I'll have to forward him this link to remind him why we never leave a game before the final horn sounds.

  • Comment on O’Byrne says he’s in tonight (2010-05-20 16:53:47)

    Well this ought to spice things up a little bit in front of Halak's net.  As a resident of the real world, as opposed to some of my fellow Flyer fans who have seemingly forgotten the three games that we lost in the last series, I still think this series is far from over.  My theme for tonight is 'losing the battle, while winning the war.'  I can totally accept a loss tonight, but the Habs have to earn it.  I can only imagine the effort from the home team will be at least as strong if not stronger than the 1st period from G2.  I'll be interested to see how JM handles the matchups now with last change.  Obviously he'll want to get Cammalleri away from Pronger, but how much will he actually use O'Byrne vs the other D-men and against what lines?  I thought coming into this series that I would see more of Gorges and Gill at even strength then PK or Hamrlik, but so far that hasn't seemed to be the case.  Should be a good one tonight.  I'll begrudgingly give this one to you guys, 3-2.    

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 2: Canadiens fire blanks again (2010-05-19 01:36:52)

    Thanks for that.  Appreciated Desjardins too.  Getting Recchi back for Zubrus was the icing on the cake.  LeClair is still my favorite Flyer, have that #10 hanging in a closet somewhere.  With that thought, I bid you a bonne nuit.