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  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 13:23:50)
    Sault Ste. Marie ON connection tonight in this game. Paul Maurice, Chris Thorburn. Matt Dagostini(who is not in the game but recently played for the habs), who played for the habs was also from the Sault. For a small northern town we have had some pretty successful NHLers. Esposito brothers, Ron Francis, Paul Dipeitro, Tyler Kennedy, Ken Belanger, Denny Lambert, Rico Fata and so on. Not bad at all. GO Habs GO
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-11-22 23:50:04)
    dmanit!!! 2nd...:(
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 13: Canadiens outshine Stars 2-1, even Bell Centre record at 4-4 (2013-10-29 17:17:19)
    Ok ... if you all remember me (I haven't posted in awhile) but numbers wise CP is have a great year (I got bored and looked all his numbers up). Now I hate goal-tending stats at the best of times because they include the fluff (backup goalies) in there as well who have played 2 games and have a 0.5 GAA and a .982 SVP. So what i did is I sorted with the goalies that have played 75% of their teams games. This translates into 60+ game regular season. Our CP31 is up there in a few categories. Tied for 6th in GP with 10. GAA for goalies who have played at least 75% of their games, CP31 is Tied for 6th. He is 3rd in total shots against. In SVP for goalies who have played 75%of their games he ranks 4th. He has had a great year with a patchwork defense in front of him. If the forwards can play the 3rd man high all night and capitalize on their chances then it can be a successful year. But if we don't then it will be year of win one and lose one. I am not a fan of Diaz and DD has to go. The guy has had more chances than anyone I have ever seen to produce and it just wont happen. It almost seems that the NHL has shifted in defensive style and is more speedy and his little guy speed is just not an advantage anymore. The Sharks proved that all night and so did Nashville. Speed is great and all but if your not the fastest guy at the rink it don't matter. That's why a Gallagher who is ferocious badger and will do anything to get to the front of the net will succeed. DD not so much. Diaz and DD need to go. Gorges at least has tangibles and brings some shot blocking to the table. Same with the Bull. Diaz has shown that he is soft and not terribly fast. When Emelin comes back then it should be RD who sits. Just my opinion
  • Comment on Canadiens acquire enforcer Parros from Panthers (2013-07-06 11:41:18)
    DD is not as non tradeable as one might think. With the new CBA rules the habs can take on some of his contract. So in essence they can lower his price tag. BUT the problem lies in the fact that they JUST gave him his contract. In all honesty Briere is an upgrade over DD with better playoff production. So if I were MB, I would swallow my pride and admit my mistake with DD and trade him away for anything...more than likely picks. That way you can give Briere a shot at centre and then after two years the kids could move up i.e. Eller, Gally, Plecks with limited duty (3rd line). We are losing Gionta, Markov next year for sure so it will be a big change over in the next few years. All in all DD has to go, and we may need to eat part of his salary. Hope Mr. Molson has deeper pockets.
  • Comment on Eller/Habs meet with media for final time this season (Video) (2013-05-12 11:06:03)
    Why in the world would we pick up a guy like that and give up a pleks who is better defensively just for someone who is good at the after whistle stuff in all truth the stewart brothers are both lazy and high expectations coming into this league and failed to live up to it especially Anthony. Not a fan of either.
  • Comment on Eller/Habs meet with media for final time this season (Video) (2013-05-12 10:49:45)
    Hello all, I have to say what a disappointing end to a resurgent season. Where we finished was not really indicative of how we were playing the last 2 1/2 weeks of the season but I say it was a win of a season as not too many people figured we would make the playoffs. More or less playing with house money. But I have to say watching the playoff round I was entirely disappointed. During the year if we got down we always seemed to come back because the team never gave up. It looked like the playoffs was the antithesis of the season, we got down and the compete level dropped. In all truth though if we win the 4th game, whole new series. We would have got home ice back and the psychy is different when your tied 2-2 than when your down 3-1 and you feel the world is against you. Just to touch on a few points that everyone is talking about. Price: Look ... he is our goalie like it or not. The first two months of the season he was vezina caliber. April 1st kicks in and its a different goalie. I don't know what happened...he didn't look like he was challenging and he didn't look like he was competing but man alive disappointment. When he played a couple of bad games the media and I am sure his teammates gave him a talk and he showed up and competed like game 2 in Ottawa where he was the co-best player on the ice(P.K.). If he was a chump all year then I say ya...lets get someone in to push him a bit. But for over half of the year he was one of our best players and one of the best in his position. Soooo why did the switch happen? headcase? injury? It seems he has some nagging injuries that got worse with the season progressing. Regardless...next year we wait. It is really a make or break season for Pricey. Big players with skill Ok I played high level hockey and was a "big" player and played big and fought and the whole package. My skill set was not the greatest but boy oh boy did I get to see some good players. The habs have small guys, gio, dd, gal, pleks upfront. Its not so bad if the lines are made up well but the problem lies that if you have a line like gally, pleks and gio they are going to get pushed off the puck more often than not. DD was a disaster. BUT how many teams have a top 6 of guys over 210 lbs and 6'2 that play big. There is a shortage in the league of this "big" skill guy. We have 3 or 4 spots to fill with "big" players which is almost impossible to do in 1 season. You have 2 RW spots to fill top six and one centre to fill. Look at teams rosters the big wingers with skill are a rare commodity. What I would like to see is still big wingers but the high end skill stuff may not be there. A big crashing team with a mix of skill is what we need in the playoffs and if you can do that you can have a mix of pleks and gally up front and get away with it. Clarkson would be perfect but I don't think he will come here. But alas that what my hockey I.Q. tells me we need upfront. The backend is different. I was not a large fan of diaz or gorges in the top 4. You need the bigger mobile guys mixed in. Markov may be done but we have bigger guys like Tinordi, Beaulieu that next year will get the chance to play bigger roles. The two guys who need to go to make room in my mind would be gorges and boulion(who I think is a better gorges than gorges ;) ) At this point I don't think we need too much added for our d as we have a good mix to replace dead parts. If you want to get bigger you can add drewiske or from the farm. It should look like this next year Markov, Emelin/Tinordi Pk, Tinordi/boullion Boullion, Beaulieu, Drewiske I would love to have a carkner or Sutton on the back end but right now we need to give the "kids" some work and try it out. Ok so half full or half empty. Right now its just half. Next year with a full season, we can really see what we got.
  • Comment on Habs return home after rookie dinner in Florida (2013-03-11 18:19:39)
    Ryder 9 points in last 7 games. Cole 1 goal and 1 point in his last 4. Really nuff said. Ryder has been great and producing consistently which is what we were missing from Cole. So he is making this deal look even better than before. Hats off to MB for getting rid of cole's contract and getting more offence. Plus cap flexibility at the end of the season. Well done. At least in my eyes.
  • Comment on Shootouts “Priority No. 1″ Price says (2013-01-10 19:34:56)
    Calder Trophy....Calder Cup is the AHL championship
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 12:52:17)
    if you look at what has happened with him since the wj and how he has performed .... it has been hit or miss. No denying the talent level is there, it is just the desire to win and compete. The centre position is as physical and hard to play as any position and if you don't compete well, it shows. One of my good friends who is a CHL scout and who i played my junior hockey with, talked about this as well and basically stated that the effort wasn't there and if you compared him to Yakupov and his compete level there would be a no contest. He said there is an inherrant risk to be drafting russians so high because the circumstances and the pshyche is very different than a North American player. Reality is ... no one knows whats gonna happen....if you draft him on size alone he may be a gem but WJC is a good telltale sign and for the most part (outside the injury) he had a horrible one.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 12:37:04)
    see con smyth winners...i.e. evgeni malkin...sounds canadian to me!