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  • Comment on First F. Place (2008-03-01 20:33:49)
    Yeah bad goal at a bad time. He was looking everywhere but where the puck was. Although I am confused on how the Ref could see the puck when it was covered there for a couple seconds.
  • Comment on First F. Place (2008-03-01 20:27:51)
    A bad goal to give up, totally changed the momentum to NJ's favor.
  • Comment on First F. Place (2008-03-01 20:25:30)
    Uhhg brutal goal.
  • Comment on Hip, hip, Huet: shutout in Caps debut (2008-02-29 23:46:52)
    You know if we meet Washington in the playoffs hes gonna kick our ass right? Thats what always happens against X-Habs players.
  • Comment on PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 19 [Podcast] (2008-02-28 13:48:27)
    I find it funny that OTT is anywhere near the top of that list. They are a soft one line team with some of the worst starting goaltending in the league. Anaheim will come out of the west and destroy whoever they face in the finals anyways. There is not one eastern team with the toughness required to handle the Ducks. I shudder to think of what the Ducks would do to our team in the playoffs. I wonder if even half of our figure skaters would escape with bones unbroken.
  • Comment on PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 19 [Podcast] (2008-02-28 13:44:42)
    I guess I would prefer to play things safe and keep Huet around as insurance. Obviously, although I think Price is probably a ways off, he is going to be our #1 goalie. Trading him for a late 2nd rounder or losing him in the off season is the same thing. Personally I feel the insurance value was -much- greater then the pick we got. Big risk by Gainey, if we miss the playoffs because of crappy tending, then the millions lost in ticket revenues will be on Gaineys head, among other things. I don't think anyone would have blamed him for riding Huet into the playoffs.
  • Comment on PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 19 [Podcast] (2008-02-28 11:55:14)
    Wierd that you would use ranking to make your point. If we want to use rankings then the Habs look pretty damn good in 5th place while in reality only being a measly 7 points out of 9th. THe point being that usually the difference between 5th and 11th is a couple percentage points, you can easily go up or down a couple with a good or bad game, so thats of very little value. The rule being if you are over .910 every season, you are a good goalie in this league. I would consider .920-.930 to be elite territory. GAA is a meaningless stat for goalies. SV% is the only goalie stat other then w/l record worth looking at imo. As for what Huet accomplished in other leagues, you are right. In that case I submit that Price's AHL championship and WJC accolades are null and void on the same basis. The ECHL and Swiss League are not the same thing, not even close. I wonder how many NHL'ers played in the ECHL during the lockout, I'm guessing....none. Anyways perhaps you want to convince yourself that we somehow got proper value for a starting goalie. I would disagree. For me perhaps signing him then trading him either in the off season -or- early next season would have better served the teams interests, we may have gotten a more solid return from a team in need. That second round pick is slated to be in the 50-60 range. Thats crap, plain and simple imo.
  • Comment on PuckCast, Vol. 2, No. 19 [Podcast] (2008-02-28 00:53:15)
    Twice the goalie? Show me this miraculous stat. Since Huet has a better career +/- with regards to wins to losses and a similar SV%. While Ilya has better playoff numbers he happened to play for probably the best overall team in the NHL. Their save % is pretty close anyways. The only thing I could tell is that perhaps Ilya gets the nod because he is younger. Thats about all I could give you. So 1.25 times the goalie? :) People forget that Huet came over from Europe with a good chunk of experience. He was a 2x Goalie of the Year in the Swiss league. Anyways I just hope for our sake we dont see washington in the playoffs because as is usually the case with X-Habs players, he will probably hand us our asses if Ovy doesnt get there first.
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-26 23:19:28)
    Fair enough. You can think what you'd like about what I've said to you. I won't hide my opinion that you are completely clueless on the subject of this team. You can continue to pray at the altar you've constructed for Price, for all of our sakes, I hope he is even 10% of what you claim he is. Comparing yourself to BG just proves to me how out of touch with reality you are.
  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-26 23:03:08)
    ... I like Price plenty. Unlike you I'm just a little more realistic. Hes a rookie. Hes been up and down all season in terms of his play. Anyways this team would not have made it out of the first round either way, still much too soft up front. So in the end Huet is gone now instead of next year and we can hope that Price can carry the load.