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  • Comment on Pierre Allard is new strength and conditioning coach (2010-07-19 11:14:48)

    don't like to rejoice in someone's pain, but as far as i'm concerned, he's had it coming for a while. you play dirty, you're bound to p!ss off the one guy who will not stand for it.

    he deserved it not because he injured markov in what was regrettably an ok hit, but mostly, in my mind, for going straight for gill's 52 fresh stitches behind his leg in game 7. classless move of all classless moves, specially on a former teammate whom he had just won the Cup with the previous season.


    good on kane for taking him down with a single punch, too. go kid.


    ps- i'm trying to find footage of his hooking on gill everywhere and it's nowhere to be found. if anyone has it, it would be appreciated if you could direct me to it. thanks!