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Habs fan since: 1970s
Favorite current player: jaro halak
All-time favorite player: mike mcphee


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  • Comment on Are you ready for some hockey? (2010-10-06 10:18:42)

    What are the odds in vegas we have to make a trade before the deadline to get a number one goalie?  Hope it doesn't have to happen.............

  • Comment on Globetrotters beat Generals! (2010-10-03 08:23:26)

    jp  We are at the panthers practice rink almost every day (figure skating for our daughter) and sometimes I think we see the moving trucks in back getting ready to move the Panthers back north.  They are ripe to move, which is too bad because we will have to drive to tampa to see the habs.  Bring Huet back from Switzerland!

  • Comment on Circle the wagons (2010-09-23 11:32:13)

    This is the pros, not the juniors from 6 years ago.   With only Sanford and Auld behind him, we don't the luxury of giving Price the benefit of the doubt.  Everybody wants him to succeed, true enough, but it is most important that the team succeed.  All the other teams know Price is weak mentally and gets rattled, this is going to be an extremely long season.  The team needs to figure out what to do about this problem (Eller and another prospect for Halak?)