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  • Comment on Plekanec on the trade block? (2012-02-26 14:12:36)
    I think we should all sit down and brace ourselves for this. GGW - Gauthier gone wild
  • Comment on Plekanec on the trade block? (2012-02-26 13:56:42)
    @earlswife says something could happen tonight
  • Comment on Plekanec on the trade block? (2012-02-26 13:21:13)
    Makes total sense. Habs are the weakest team in the NHL at the centre position, so let's trade their best one for a winger.
  • Comment on Plekanec on the trade block? (2012-02-26 13:13:22)
    You have reached the voicemail of Pierre Gauthier. Please Leave a message after the tone and Geoff Molson will get back to you as soon as possible. Beeeeeeeep.
  • Comment on Hockey News ranks Huet 22nd of 30 goalies (2008-02-23 08:20:19)
    Huet was similarly dissed in last year's article of the same name. This piece does not exactly have it's reasonableness checks done. But if you want to know why this article may have gone astray listen to THN's Mike Brophy for a while. He's got more opinions than sense sometimes. I once heard him say on a radio program that Wayne Gretzky was a hard working player but "not the most talented guy on the ice", making him sound more like Tom Kostopoulos than, well, the greatest offensive player in history. The quality of that publication has been in constant decline.
  • Comment on Gainey’s No. 23 joins immortals tonight (2008-02-23 08:03:58)
    As someone who has seen Gainey's entire career, I think he's one of the most influential players of all time. At some point the Selke trophy should be renamed the Gainey trophy, it's only fitting this be done. But first it's meaning must be restored to ensure it honours a player of great work, dedication, and committment. Gainey left his mark on the game, there aren't many players you can say that about, and it's only fitting he be recognized with one of the greatest honours in hockey - having your number retired by the Montreal Canadiens.
  • Comment on Game 57: Lightning shocks Canadiens (2008-02-13 06:50:47)
    Everyone needs to take a look at the third goal again in slow motion. Huet had it played well, but Plekanec redirected it between Huet's legs. You can actually see Plekanecs stick turn in his hands from the impact with the puck. One week goal by the netminder tonight but he more than made up for it in the third. There was talk that Carbo was critical of Huet in the post game. i think he better look at the replays again. otherwise Carbo will be not long for this coaching world. There are a lot of good cliche's about goaltenders being a coaches best friend. One thing that still aggravates me about Carbonneau is the constant smirking and glaring. How do you expect your team to settle down and get ready for the next sequence of plays if as a coach you're still dwelling on the last one. i loved this guy as a player but some things still irk me about him as a coach.
  • Comment on Huet seems in line for big Habs raise (2008-02-02 12:10:40)
    I really don't know what you're reading here. To say "there seems to be a fairly common theme amongst most fans here, which is a lack of confidence in Huet" you would have had to read about 2 selective posts, including your own. the last sentence of your post says it all about your familiarity with the situation.
  • Comment on Huet seems in line for big Habs raise (2008-02-02 12:07:32)
    Huet and the Canadiens are an excellent fit for next year. Habs are improving into the upper echelon of the league, the last thing they can afford to do is take a step back in goal while looking to contend. Regardless of what the crystal balls of the Price obsessed are reading Huet is needed and will be signed to the deal necessary to get the deal done. Probably a $18M - $20M package, and fans should definitely be alright with that.
  • Comment on Game 52: Super start to Canadiens’ weekend (2008-02-02 12:00:58)
    agreed 100 percent. Sitting Higgins makes absolutely no sense. Higgins is working hard, playing a multitude of roles with a variety of linemates and situations, and doing it well. Makes about as much sense as sitting Kovalev or Koivu. none.