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  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-07 13:00:57)
    Two boys are playing hockey on a pond in a park in Toronto, when one is attacked by a rabid Rottweiler. Thinking quickly, the other boy takes his stick, wedges it down the dog's collar and twists, breaking the dog's neck. A reporter who was strolling by sees the incident, and rushes over to interview the boy. "Young Leafs Fan Saves Friend From Vicious Animal," he starts writing in his notebook. "But I'm not a Leafs fan," the little hero replied. "Sorry, since we are in Toronto, I just assumed you were." said the reporter and starts again. "Little Jays Fan Rescues Friend From Horrific Attack" he continued writing in his notebook. "I'm not a Jays fan either," the boy said. "I assumed everyone in Toronto was either a Leafs or Jays fan. What team, do you root for?" the reporter asked. "I'm a Montreal Canadiens fan." the child said. The reporter starts a new sheet in his notebook and writes, "Little French Bastard from Montreal Kills Beloved Family Pet."
  • Comment on St. Patrick’s Day at Bell Centre; Habs send Bournival to Hamilton for conditioning (2014-03-18 07:46:10)
    HABS FOREVER,FOREVER HABS I first became a Habs fan in the days of B+W TV too. Le Gros Bill was my first favorite player,and I remember when the Road Runner first came up,they wouldn't give him a regular shift,just power plays,cause Toe Blake thought he was such a defensive liability. I remember the forum crowds chanting"WE want Cournoyer". Soon he developed into the most exciting player on a team of many stars. The Mahovlich's,Fergie,Duff,young Rogie Vachon. Then the days of Murray Wilson,Marc Tardif,and then Steve Shutt and "Guy Guy Guy". The big three on defense and Dryden in goal.The rocket slapshots from Stephan Richer,the seemingly effortless scoring of Piere Larouche,who was the only 50 goal man I remember that was usually in the coaches doghouse. Yep,once a Habs fan always a Habs fan. The other day I heard a guy say he "used to be a Habs fan"?? Whats that about?
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-26 05:47:06)
    They can't win on the road and their losing at home. Michel Therrien's failure as a coach is he has to find somewhere else for them to play. As was once said by the great Harry Neal. Whats with Gionta taking TWO boarding penalities,hits from behind? Way to go captain,what an inspiration to the team. Im all for keeping the "bones" of this team,Subby,Price,Eller,the Gallys,and trade the rest for draft picks. Its the talent of the guys picking those picks we need to be good. Not the guy that took Louis Leblanc in the first round,someone who can accurately judge young talent. When you're depending on Doug Murray to stop Ovie,you're in trouble. HABS FOREVER,FOREVER HABS
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-06 04:50:09)
    That Plekanic goal was a thing of beauty! How do you beat Tuka Rask from that angle? Put the puck precisely where it has to go! Whether good fortune or crazy skill,not many players could have scored that goal. This team is playing confident,they don't blow the opposition out,but rely on goaltending and just enough scoring to win. We will have bad games in this long season,but if we get into the play offs intact,without losing key members,this team might just show these goofs that only think of Boston or Pittsburg being good in the East. With Carey playing like he is,we have a chance to beat ANY team. HABS FOREVER,FOREVER HABS
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-05 10:38:49)
    I want to see Boucher in a Habs uniform,kids got great hands and his name would look awesome on the jersey HABS FOREVER,FOREVER HABS
  • Comment on Habs on a roll heading into New Jersey (2013-12-04 10:14:33)
    They have failed every year since 1967,why would this year be any different? HABS FOREVER,FOREVER HABS
  • Comment on Habs on a roll heading into New Jersey (2013-12-03 14:14:05)
    .As an old guy that's been a Habs fan since the Jean Beliveau days I got to say Im starting to get really excited about this team. Why? PK Subban. Heres a young guy that hasn't even hit his prime yet and is already the most talented defenseman since Big Bird. Hes got it all,mad skills,awesome shot,big and tough,hard hitting,and hockey smarts that's rare. He's only gonna get better too. Brendan Gallagher. How did this guy ever go so late in the draft? Were the scouts all put off because of his size? Hes a bulldog,tough as nails,limitless energy,talented,never takes a single shift off. Wish we could clone him. Alex Gallenchuck. Heres a super talented kid that has no where near hit his prime and is already dangerous every shift. The fact that he seems cool and level headed,means he can and probably loves playing in hockey mad Montreal.Hes only going to get better. Carey Price. I was one of those that really had my doubts if he was ever as good as the reviews,but with the addition of Stephan Waite hes turning out to be simply the best in the league. I was so disappointed when they traded Halak after that "lights out" playoff run,but its turning out for the best because of... Lars Eller. I was just sick when they traded what I thought was a young up and coming superstar goalie for some kid I never heard of,but its looking like we at last have that big,talented,play making center this team has needed for so long.Hes only getting better with each game too,slump withstanding. Alexi Emmilin. How can you not love a guy that puts the fear in any forward crossing our blueline,hes mobile,smart,and again,getting better. Michal Bournival. We all know we do need at least one Francophone star on this team and it looks like this is the guy. Hes a classic French young star,fast,skilled,and can put the puck in the net. When I first saw him play in pre-season he reminded me of the Road Runner. Theres no higher compliment. Max Pac. If this guy can just stay healthy hes going to be a 40-50 goal man.Hes streaky,like many goal scorers,but when hes on a roll like right now there none more dangerous.Hes big,fast,and has an awesome shot. He dosent play as "big" as he should,but when hes scoring its tough to want more. Ryan White. I wish they would play him more. Hes the gritty,John Ferguson type of player every championship team needs. He dosent take as many bad penalties as he used to either. Thomas Plekanic. One of the most usefull,reliable,hard working and hockey smart players in the whole NHL. Theres not one team that wouldn't love to have him. He looks like hes got many good years left,and hes rarely injured. Andre Markov. As long as his knee holds up he could give us another 4 years of outstanding hockey. I real core guy that has the respect of everyone in the league. Him and PK are the best defense pair since Robinson and Lapointe. Doug Murray was an excellent pick up,slow but running into him must be like hitting a full beef carcass on a meat hook. The rest of this team is good enough to take us deep,baring injurys,or at least not ones to key players. We also have a back up goalie that could be number 1 on many teams. The only moves Id consider are,IF the right deal came along,move Gionta while he still has value. Hes giving us some good hockey but hes past his best before date. And if anyone would take Breire Id do that to,dont know why we need a small,over the hill,soft forward who refused to come here when he still had game.
  • Comment on O’Byrne says he’s in tonight (2010-05-20 13:46:11)



    I agree we need to bury one or two early. If we dont score in the first ten minutes I have a feeling we are doomed. What about playing PK up front? Has he ever played forward? Hes got size,and tons of skill,probaly the most skilled guy on the team. This is where Halak has to show his stuff,and hes got it!

  • Comment on Nine Habs practise at Wachovia (2010-05-18 08:06:26)



    Anytime you open a series in the other guys barn,coming away with a split is considered good. We win tonight,come back to Montreal 1-1,the bandwagon loads up again.

  • Comment on Nine Habs practise at Wachovia (2010-05-17 15:44:03)



    Having watched the Hawks vs Sharks yesterday,I got thinking that once we get past Philly we will match up good against Chicago. Id love to see two original six teams in the finals,but Im thinking the way the Hawks jump right in and start blasting away from everywhere is just the kind of team Halak does great against. Hes the type of goalie that needs a bunch of shots early to get him involved. Corse,we would prefer the shots arnt great scoring chances,keep them to the outside,but get Jaro into the game early. I really like Price,but I have no confidence in him,I wonder if he'll ever find his game. The Habs play with confidennce when Jaro's got their back,last nights game excluded.