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    The St. Louis Blues are awesome
    November, 8, 2010
    NOV 8
    AM ET
    By E.J. Hradek

    In the first month of the season, the St. Louis Blues are proving to be a pretty darn good hockey team. They have only one regulation loss in their first 12 games, going a sensational 9-1-2. That figures to a league-leading .833 points percentage.

    They ran their current winning streak to seven games with back-to-back weekend road wins over the Boston Bruins and New York Rangers.

    With them playing so well, I thought I'd dedicate this edition of the Monday 10 to the Blues. Here are 10 things that I like about the skaters from St. Louis.

    1. GM Doug Armstrong made one sweet deal getting last spring's playoff hero from Montreal during the offseason. Jaroslav Halak has picked up where he left off in his new crease. The Slovak stopper is a near perfect 8-1-1 with a 1.46 goals against average and a .944 save percentage. Those are sweet numbers. Halak is the biggest reason why the Blues are allowing a league-low 1.42 goals per game.

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    Interesting article with Montreal connection:

  • Comment on Big week begins (2010-11-08 11:03:00)

    Jaro will be a great goalie and i do really hope MTL and Blues will meet in the playoffs :)

    Have a nice day out there.

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    "Jaro's been so fantastic," Conklin said. "I don't think there's been a sharper goalie at the beginning the year. He's won more tight games than anybody. It's not like we're winning games 5-1, we're winning 2-1 and games like that. I mean, you want to give him a rest, but it's got to be tough to take him out, the way he's been playing."

    But with Conklin, the Blues didn't skip a beat.

    "He's been doing it his whole career," Blues coach Davis Payne said. "Conks just has an incredible knack to be able to come in and be sharp under those circumstances. It was great to see."

  • Comment on Game 14: Kovalev’s pair buries Canadiens (2010-11-07 17:35:51)

    Feel free to think what you want about it...:)

    The beg for Backes, Perron, Oshie, The pick that eventually scored Tarasenko, Berglund, Pietrangelo... and they settle for Ellers and Schultz. Ouch.

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    Actually they type something like this:

    Although i would have never traded halak in the first place....its the return that they got for him that really had me in awe.

    or this

    I would feel that it's a kick in the face not only to Halak himself but also the team in front of him. He played his heart out in the playoffs and deserved the spot over Price. However, MTL chose the idiotic route. Trades like this can take the life out of a team.

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    Any word on if The Great Halak is starting tonight?
    Lol Habs, nice trade guys

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    I know what idiots. I was thinking the same thing. I would be so ticked off if I was a Habs fan

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    I know he's not playing tonight, but Halak's no joke this year himself

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    Good news that we are playing their backup. The Halakness Monster is a fun goalie to watch, and one of the best nicknames.

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    Halak has been a force this season, should be a hell of a game. Let's go, Ranger

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    We won't get any free passes because Halak ain't in the pipes


    and more to come...:)

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    For people here still defending the Halak/Eller trade as a good move: go and look around internet for any NHL related sites except HABS and you will find that majority of people, fans and professional writing about hockey are "laughing" about the trade - LAUGHING. Majority of fans of other teams have huge respect for Halak and the way he is playing and recognize him as a major factor for Blues success... Fans of Rangers are happy like little children that Halak is not starting tonight... 

    So far Blues are often winning by 1 goal and it is enough for them to score 2 and they had more OT games where they were able to steal 2 points...

  • Comment on Welcome, Summiteers! (2010-11-05 12:15:22)

    Watch this game:

    For tonight,

    Price should improve his positioning - seems out of position very often and timing - making first move is not very good...

    Offence - well - HABS need at least 2 decent forwards able to play fast and smart hockey with Pleks and Cammy so that HABS have 2 lines going and producing.

    Defence - give Markov and Spacek time, they will be good.

  • Comment on Habs legends Elmer, Butch share the wealth (2010-11-03 18:55:56)

    I don't need to use sword to protect myself :)

  • Comment on Habs legends Elmer, Butch share the wealth (2010-11-03 18:19:25)

    Watch this - real fight - driver VS taxidriver in Prague: