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  • Comment on Galchenyuk and Gallagher to stay in Montreal (2013-01-28 13:54:29)
    Do you guys not agree that by not signing PK to a fair deal that he will stray in his finer years. All this has to leave a bad taste in his mouth and he will remember when the tables are turned. For all the people on here saying PK is being selfish how would you feel if your teamate Mr. Kraperle is making north of $4M a year and playing shaky 12 mins a game and you are easily playing double that in all situations plus you bring enthusiasm and a bright future. I don't think PKs demands are over the top. I think MB is being stubborn and his offer is a shame to the Habs organization. like a friend of mine said if MB thinks he is equal to DelZotto then would MB trade PK for DelZotto? I'm guessing not. I think the fans have to make more noise cause i don't want this to be the biggest mistake since Chelios, Roy trades by a rookie Manager. We all know how those trades costed us a cup or two.
  • Comment on Video from practice (2012-01-11 17:15:19)
    I don't believe in trading a player just cause he's being a baby and wants out. I say keep him and let him only have a few good years and if you want to play disrespectively and throw your reputation on the line then so be it. These players need to be taught a lesson. You can't start sucking just cause the team is not doing good and abandon ship. purely unprofessional and just for that i say keep him and let him suffer...heck give him 5 mins of ice time until he realizes that he'd have to earn his ice time. let him flush 2 more years of his contract and diminish his this rate no team is going to pick him up or his attitude.
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 15:27:31)
    I know this is off topic but as you know Rogers is now majority owner of the Laffs...I think it would be interesting to call Rogers and say "I would like to cancel my services".... the client service rep would be is there any reason why? Yes because you are majority owner of the laffs and i do not want my money supporting them. It would be pretty funny if they got bombarded with calls of that nature...
  • Comment on Teeing up Game Four (2011-04-21 11:17:25)
    AM 640 covers the game in'll catch it pretty much all the way to belleville and then you'll have to start scanning on the AM dial
  • Comment on Gotta love Rangers coach Torts (2011-04-01 11:34:03)
    He said those teams are better than the habs and rangers "right now" not throughout the season but now as in say the last couple of weeks.
  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 12:06:21)

    yeah you're right...its the fans that think the organization was horrible to him...he's a big boy he'll be fine.  I also get a feeling that he was happy being a hab and is kind of upset but i'm sure if it came down to negotiating he wouldn't take a pay cut.

    i'm just upset with majority of the fans thinking that he was mistreated thats all...come on folks move on it was just a matter of when and what we would get in return

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 11:45:15)

    I can't believe i'm hearing how the Habs organization mistreated Halak. 

    News flash it was the Habs that took him in the 9th round and molded him to what he became. No other organization took a chance with him.

    It was the Habs who had faith in him that allowed them to unload Huet. If it wasn't for the Habs this guy would still be playing in Slovakia for pnuts with awful guidance and training so if anyone should be thankful it should be Halak towards the Habs orgainization for one giving him the opportunity and the training he got to better his game... I do agree that you also have to have the drive and the passion to succeed and he displayed that and that he was of good character, but please save me the crap about how we mis-treated him....he should be giving the habs half his paycheque since they just raised his value on the market, no thanks to his stupid azz agent.

    Don't get me wrong I did appreciate all he did for the habs but then again its a business and thats the way the dice roll sometimes.  I also believe it was a magical year for him just like say Tim Thomas, Raycroft, Theodore, and i'm sure there were others which had great years and then withered away, believe you and me he is no Brodeur or Roy.


  • Comment on Round 2, Game 4: Canadiens battle back, tie series (2010-05-07 10:39:06)

    The worst officiating I've seen in years...Even CBC (which hates Habs) showed atleast 6-7 plays which they thought should have been penalties. So blatant....

    ANyways Karma always has a way of working and thats why we won...

  • Comment on Tickets! Who needs tickets? (2010-05-06 13:51:21)

    Hey Chuck is the pub called 6th Line pub?  I wouldn't mind coming down with a few of my friends who support the bleu blanc rouge.


  • Comment on Teeing up a big one (2011-03-08 11:13:20)

    or get has rdshd and before that i had cogeco rds but no hd.  Get all the games without listening to those TSN douchebags