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Charles L. Gare

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  • Comment on Audio: Martin shakes things up (2010-10-18 13:42:31)

    Charles L. Gare

    The Canadiens are doing very well so far, but I do think they need to score a few more goals these  2-1 scores will not always hold up as good as Price has been he needs more scoring from the offence!!

  • Comment on Audio: Martin shakes things up (2010-10-14 15:24:13)

    Charles L. Gare

    I was very disapointed with last nights game against TB as Carey played a whale of a game only to have the Ref take it away. I know they the Canadiens where outshot severally but he Carey was doing very well and should have had that game. Gary's refs are a huge disapointment!! TheBug30