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  • Comment on And that’s the season (2011-04-28 03:02:16)
    Excellent post! I agree on Martin, he's the best coach we've had in awhile.
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-28 02:30:26)
    Good news first – clearly we won in the Halak trade; Eller will be a star on this team, soon, he was a force tonight and will only hit his REAL stride in a year or two ... Bad news, Martin only occasionally paired Eller with playmaking linemates. He should’ve taken Moen’s spot on the top lines from the get go tonight. Boston would have lost. Oh well. Changes to make: For the most part I am happy with the youth, more negative on the rest-- I'd trade most any older player while they have any value (this is gonna be a big UFA summer so why not move some?) Up front: AK can take a pay cut (or take a hike.) Pouliot’s gone. Moen, gone. Darche, Halpern, maybe they can stay on the support lines, with only slight raises. Weber can stay but NOT ON DEFENSE! (Tonight showed he seems more comfortable and plays better in a defensive forward line role.) There are a lot of promising young ones up front coming up through the organization-- Gauthier should remain open to any upgrade on the older forwards but is lucky to have a backlog of forward prospects. If only there was a similar crowd of prospects on D ... All of the D except for Subban and Gorges can (and probably should) go. Gill could stay as mentor and shutdown specialist for $1.5m tops or stay as D coach (yes we still glaringly need one, so they can teach how to PLAY D; I fear Gauthier/ Molson's think the D is covered from them learning to play Martin's team D system; different thing.) Buy out Spacek if you can’t trade him, he’s worse than useless. Hammer wants to stay for cheap? Sorry, no can do. Same for Sopel, Wiz, Picard. Next. A healthy Markov MIGHT deserve a chance at $2m. If he doesn’t take it-- let him go. Then sign him for half that after no one else signs him. There will be no feeding frenzy of teams offering big $$$ if we take a pass on a 30-something with bad knees, sorry but let's be real here. On the offence: I had an awful feeling after Saturday's overtime loss, when Price and Martin and others were saying “we played well, no need to change, the other team got the breaks.” Um… NO! You HAD to change something because you barely scored at all and frigging LOST! That was a MAJOR change in the team attitude compared to last year's post season. I'm not sure I recall the team being so perfectly content with ANY of the playoff losses last year. Cammalleri was AWFUL defensively at key points in last Saturday's game (including a bad giveaway leading to the OT Boston goal). Aside from shoddy D play, you’d have guessed the coaching staff hadn’t had the players practicing their shot in practice in months, seeing as none of them could hit a barn door that night. However, maybe it's just the players... To be honest, Cammy can be trade bait for all I care, I would prefer keeping Gomez over Cammy if it weren’t for the salary (perhaps both could go?) I’m starting to realize why Cammy is considered a bad influence in the room. He has potential but is getting a little old to still be looking for it, might be time to upgrade his top-scorer spot on the team and move him while he has value. Final verdict -- Small to medium sized changes up front and a major D overhaul. Then we're talking possible Stanley Cup!
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-28 01:56:58)
    I take issue with the swipe at Martin's "system" -- he has been able to open it up to allow a more freewheeling play, for example letting D men go deep while a forward covers them. He can adjust the game to surprise the other team and make things happen. I'm still not sure whether Martin let the play open up more last year, or if it was just that we had a few more SCORERS last year to capitalize on it-- clearly there was a problem with FINISHING this year that wasn't there as much last year. I wouldn't blame the coach for his system, but maybe blame him for not having the team practicing GOAL SCORING enough.
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-28 01:44:20)
    Good post but for the life of me, I'll never get the Gomez hate, he was one of the few consistently good players out there all series, certainly one of our best. Why the hate there, yet not a word on PLEKS who has never in his career, as far as I can remember, been there for the big faceoffs when they count? At least we had Halpern to balance Pleks f-o problem most of this season, but as you mention, Halpern doesn't bring much else. I think Pleks actually did win ONE important faceoff late in the game tonight, but his entire career in Mtl has been marked with late game faceoff choking.
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 23:27:50)
    wasn't that survey some months ago, and led to some changes (more columnists, 2 blog posts per game by Boone etc.) ? If there was a more recent one asking about the website design, I missed it, despite being a daily visitor.
  • Comment on Quick Hits/About Sunday evening … (2011-03-20 23:18:48)
    Dude, Eller wasn't mismanaged this season. Mismanaging would have been throwing him top line minutes at center from the start. Remember, he was expected to start the season in the minors, had barely ever played in North America, had potential to become a top 6 in a couple years. I give our coaching staff a top grade for easing him in with NO time in the minors, rounding out his experience with stints on multiple lines, and moving him to his natural position to thrive just when everything really counts. And he's not the only young player to have developed quite well since Martin has been coach.
  • Comment on Game 73: Subban’s first hat lifts Habs over Wild (2011-03-20 23:04:36)
    Nice win etc. But holy moly, what a craptastic makeover for HIO. Dull, conservative, generic, years behind the times ... just like The Gazette! But seriously, this is the exact same generic Wordpress template and features that a buddy set up for my blog in 2006. I paid him with a six pack. I hope Postmedia paid no more for this, and that the savings were spent on a better server. Back to the game -- remember that old saw that all the West conference teams are so much better than the East?? Ha! At this point, I'm mostly hoping to see a bit more consistency before the playoffs. The team D lapses that sank us Friday are still a concern, even if just about nothing was a concern against this joke of a team tonight.
  • Comment on Hands up, everyone who’s surprised (2011-03-09 17:41:44)

    I wouldn't jump to conclusions, the statement strongly implies they are "expressing their opinion" PRIVATELY at the moment. I'm sure Gauthier & the Molsons are letting fly where it counts for now-- to Campbell & Bettman. Hopefully they're trying to argue for an appeal of the decision, or threatening legal action somehow.

  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-03-09 01:45:29)

    Before the season started everyone expected Eller to spend most of his time in Hamilton (where he'd probably be if Cammy hadn't gotten hurt). He barely played in the NHL with St. Louis, he had a lot of rounding out to do, basic stuff on top of learning "the system". The coaching staff has done a great job of easing him in here without sending him to the AHL. Eller did a good job proving himself, too. He's earning a stay at centre, where I'm sure Martin and company knew he would shine -- smart move for the stretch. I have no doubt the team always knew his potential and are developing him carefully.

  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 21:18:39)

    Better be a suspension and game penalty on this hit. Doesn't seem possible that Chara didn't know the edge of the glass was right there when he shoved Pax over the boards. That's a deliberate intent to injure, and nothing else. Poor Pax, could be a very very serious injury.