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  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 20:18:48)
    I'll take Desharnais and Gomez with my first two picks.
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-29 20:17:53)
    Absolutely loathe Glenn Healey. He must have pictures of someone to remain gainfully employed in a position he is so painfully unqualified for. Stock is so vapid he is amusing. My favourite part of the old CBC telecasts was wondering what Elliotte Friedman was thinking as he was surrounded by dimwits.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 12:43:31)
    Scott Gomez has a tryout with the Devils.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-21 18:31:49)
    ESPN prospect rankings. McCarron is listed as No. 13 (!) on the team's own list. Montreal Canadiens Org rank: 10 Overview Montreal's system lacks an elite prospect, but they have a ton of good to very good ones thanks to strong recent draft classes, especially in their work after the first round. Top 10 Prospects Name Position Overall Jacob de la Rose LW 34 Artturi Lehkonen LW 52 Nathan Beaulieu D 62 Nikita Scherbak LW 92 Martin Reway LW 98 Jarred Tinordi D JM* Charles Hudon LW JM* Zach Fucale G 5G Sven Andrighetto RW Daniel Audette C *: Just missed Charles Hudon is a pretty versatile forward in terms of roles he can play and positions. He has very impressive hockey IQ in both ends to combine with a high skill level and good work ethic. He's not a dynamic skill player, but he can produce, though he's on the smaller side. Jarred Tinordi is tough to read because historically, the offense has been nowhere to be seen. The good attributes are hard to ignore, though: He's a monster in terms of his 6-foot-6 frame, skates very well for a huge player and isn't a work in progress. He plays gaps well, knows his assignments and can play with pace, though not always in terms of puck movement. He could be one of those very good, defensive defensemen who ends up on a second pairing in the NHL, but the lack of skill is a risk. Sven Andrighetto had a very impressive first AHL season, in which he was a top player for Hamilton. He's a great skater who has above-average raw possession skills. He just needs to get stronger and improve his defense. Son of former NHLer Donald Audette Daniel Audette's skill level is great. His high-end vision allows him to make passes of moderate difficulty look routine. His size is his biggest weakness: He's 5-foot-8, 176 pounds, and his physical limitations make his potential NHL even-strength production questionable. The stock of Jiri Sekac (11th in system) ticked up this season with a fine KHL campaign and a decent IIHF World Championship. He has solid puck skills with an above-average shot and vision. He projects as a skilled third-liner, someone who won't be a scorer on a good team but can skate a regular shift and play on the second power play. Jeremy Gregoire (12th) had a good bounce-back season following a mediocre draft season. He's a hard-working player with good hockey IQ and fine skill, but his skating is below-average with an awkward skating style, though he does have fine top speed when he gets going. 2014-15 impact Jacob de la Rose, Andrighetto and Sekac will battle for an open third-line forward spot out of camp. Nathan Beaulieu and Tinordi will battle for a spot in the defensive lineup to start the season. Noteworthy prospect First-round pick (2013) Mike McCarron (13th) has had some issues adjusting to the OHL pace. He's a huge forward (6-foot-, 238 pounds) who plays tough and has some skill but needs to improve his first few steps and ability to play at a fast pace.
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 19:00:06)
    Therein lies the rub. If you were Molson and you "canned his arse" the backlash would never end. Every single day you'd get asked if Guy was coming back into the fold. He'd get asked at every event how relations were with the team. He'd answer honestly, and it would look bad. "Beloved legend still at odds with callous team management" would be Molson's calling card. With ol' Guy, you just grit your teeth and hope for the best!
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 18:34:29)
    I believe we've had this argument before! In a normal world, you are 100 per cent correct. When you're Guy Lafleur, living legend (who had four years of his career taken away from him by this very organization), winner of five Stanley Cups and beloved hero to an entire generation of Canadiens fans, you get to say whatever you want. Same went for the Rocket.
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 18:31:26)
    I get that we are all the media now. But I still appreciate the insight, analysis and especially the real storytelling from the insiders and paid professionals who don't take silly shortcuts to make a name for themselves or aim for gratuitous eyeball numbers. The pervasive laziness that has swept through the entire media industry should sadden us all.
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 18:13:59)
    I remember when sports journalism involved more than plugging a nickel into some old player and hoping his stupid comments went viral.
  • Comment on Habs will play eight preseason games in 13 days; Kovalev criticizes Subban (2014-08-19 18:11:31)
    Lafleur has earned the right to say whatever he wants. Kovalev, not so much.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-02 18:41:36)
    Anyone else read this embarrassing drivel? "FACING THE FACTS Montreal is not the place where an ebony player like Subban can thrive" "The social experiment of a hockey prodigy with dark chocolate skin in Canada has lasted long enough."