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  • Comment on Game 3: Canadiens blow fuse vs. Lightning (2010-10-13 13:32:39)

    This is NOT addressed to SeriousFan whatever, Berkshire, Ian, Showey, the Jack Daniels guy, saskhab and the guy how loves Bonham. As a longtime lurker, these guys have driven this site to the ground with their constant, never-ending posting and ridiculously blind positive opinions of the Habs. While they seem to know a little about hockey (as far as any average fan I've ever encourtered, and some much less), their aggravating tendencies to act as a clique and bully anyone out of town if they express a differing opinion make the comments section an intensely boring read. And don't tell me to stop reading the comments. I like reading the comments, I'm just tired of sitting in on your conversations. Feel free though to tell me to go to another site.

    Maybe guys like Adam, Manapart and Bugs can help me out. While definite sh*t disturbers at times, I as an outside fan enjoy seeing at least some criticism of what I think are poor management decisions, poor work ethic, etc. while at the same time pining for the glory years long left behind where mediocrity was not acceptable (I could mention lasy year's playoffs as being above mediocrity, but don't want to make this a Halak/Price thing). I read someone say somewhere here to a detractor that he should be taking Subban's side on some issue or other for no other reason than he's a Hab. That epitomizes for me the blindness of this group.

    Anyway, other guys, I'm ceasing the lurking on this site but was wondering if you could recommend a less-cliquey, more objective forum for fans. I love my Habs and liked to get pumped for the games and catch some good hockey-talk after, but this ship has sailed.