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  • Comment on Pacioretty, Gomez key Canadiens’ win (2011-09-23 20:55:32)
    If you are worried about pre-season, remember that the Bruins/Canucks went 4-8-1 last pre-season and were -11 in goal differential. The teams with the most points last pre-season? Toronto and Calgary.
  • Comment on Will B’s advance tonight? (2011-05-06 12:42:45)
    2010 Conference Finals San Jose (1st – 113pts ) vs. Chicago (2nd – 112pts ) Philadelphia (7th – 88pts ) vs. Montreal (8th – 88pts ) 2009 Conference Finals Detroit (2nd – 112pts ) vs. Chicago (4th – 104pts ) Pittsburgh (4th – 99pts ) vs. Carolina (6th – 97pts ) 2008 Conference Finals Detroit (1st – 115pts ) vs. Dallas (5th – 97pts ) Pittsburgh (2nd – 102pts ) vs. Philadelphia (6th – 95pts ) There is no minimum point total to be a contender. There is a minimum point total to be a Cup winner though. No team has won the Stanley Cup without at least 99 points and that was one team. The rest of the teams post lockout were 110 points +.
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 19:28:45)
    And? THe season is 82 games.
  • Comment on Miller time (2011-03-22 22:37:42)
    They have been shut out 3 times at home all season, including tonight. So all it would take for this to be wrong is the Habs not scoring in the first 4 times.
  • Comment on Miller time (2011-03-22 22:33:03)
    If the Habs go 4-4 the Canes would have to go 9-0 to get to 96 points to knock them out. If the Canes go 6-3 the Habs need 2 wins. The playoffs are essentially a lock, the matchup is the concern.
  • Comment on A butt-kicking (2011-01-12 23:17:39)

    What does a Cup ring have to do with anything?

    Osgood has 3. Giguere has 1. Does that mean anything?

    You are making the claim that the Pens were somehow motivated by Price's pose. The Pens had plenty to be motivated regardless of the pose. Their effort/win had nothing to do with Price's pose last week.

  • Comment on A butt-kicking (2011-01-12 22:51:59)

    So using this logic, doesn't this make the Canadiens play harder next time they play the Pens?

    So the Pens being eliminated by the Habs and losing 4 straight doesn't motivate but a B-Boy pose does? 

    It was weak considering how shit Fleury has been against the Habs over the his career.

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    Seasons: 93 (1917-18 to 2010-11) 

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  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-12-01 22:52:58)

    Boone, a goaltending coach you are not.

    Price played the Gagner break perfectly. He didn't bite on the look off and he didn't commit early on the shot and drop to the butterfly. He held his ground and left 3 inches over his glove and Gagner made a perfect shot.

    On the Penner breakaway, well, it was a breakaway. Penner made a slick move and beat him 5-hole. End of story.