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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 09:03:48)
    Never said we should tank. Just questioning the logic and results of current management philosophy given the evidence of the last decade+.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 08:11:26)
    Hate to be a downer after a win against the Leafs on HNIC, but this was evident again last night. My beloved Habs are not contenders nor will they be under the current management philosophy. Bergevin has proven his worth as demonstrated by the Vanek trade, but was that what THIS team needed? That trade would have been a great one for a true contender. For the Habs it just guaranteed extended mediocrity. The playoffs are pretty well assured now, as is a first or second round exit and another middling draft pick. They might be below us in the standings, but Columbus was another in a full stable of teams that are built for the playoffs that have exposed the Habs for what they aren't- a playoff contender. Maybe they'll get lucky with that middling pick. Gems can definitely be found in the middle of the first round. But the Habs' recent history painfully suggests otherwise and has instead proven to be a formula for perpetual mediocrity. In a salary cap league, I'd rather miss the playoffs to watch the promise of a contender develop than make the playoffs to watch the inevitability of mediocrity. The former you can root for. The latter gets more difficult with each predictable year. That being said... Go Habs!
  • Comment on Brière will be in Habs lineup against Lightning (2013-11-12 14:53:54)
    I like it and I bet we see that lineup at some point. Bournival was sparking that line with Pleks and Gionta for a few games. EGG line is obvious. The question is if the other line would actually use their size consistently. Although they have it, it's not exactly what they are known for.
  • Comment on Brière will be in Habs lineup against Lightning (2013-11-12 13:00:46)
    So we have the EGG, B, C, D lineup tonight. EGG Line B = Briere, Bourque, Bournival C = Max, Pleks, and Gionta the "C"aptain D = White, Moen, and "D"umont Drum crash.
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-27 09:56:31)
    Cole had a hell of season for the Habs last year, but Bergevin robbed Dallas on this one. In return he got the same production, a third round pick, and badly needed/extremely valuable flexibility heading into the lower cap. Shrewdest move by a Habs GM in a long time. Well played, Sir.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 10:23:52)
    Help - For someone in U.S. who doesn't get TSN is there any way to get the Habs documentary?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 10:09:20)
    I love the aggressive play and from player's comments you can tell this is how they've wanted to play. They are responding to it. Emelin just hesitated and then made the wrong choice. Mistakes will happen.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-08 10:00:16)
    Last night's loss was as maddening as they come, especially coming the night after losing another winnable game. But cats and dogs aren't sleeping together and our pet's heads aren't falling off. This team is infinitely better than last year on all accounts, will likely make the playoffs, and is a refreshing joy to root for. And that was a team loss. What was more egregious? White meaning well and standing up for the team, but taking bonehead penalties in the process or Emelin's hesitancy and ultimately ill-advised pinch that led to Buffalo's 2nd goal? That was a pretty awful play at the blueline. Or how about the first goal that Budaj should have stopped, but was still a legitimate scoring opportunity (Team defense)? Yes, White's penalties were costly, but they came from a good place. He's going to be an important part of this team moving forward and the moments where we appreciate him will vastly outnumber the others. I like this team a whole lot and its future a whole more. That includes White.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 4 (2013-01-16 15:42:53)
    Any chance the scrimmage will be streamed online?
  • Comment on RFA-offer deadline looms for GM Bergevin (2012-06-25 13:33:03)
    Looking at Cap Geek and what a year 2014-2015 could be. Excepting an unlikely prior trade, Kaberle's, Gomez's, and Markov's contracts all come off the books and in the case of Kaberle and Gomez, their skates off the ice. At the same time this year's draftees should be NHL ready.