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  • Comment on Senators vs. Canadiens preview: Parenteau back in Habs lineup (2015-03-12 12:41:50)
    My lines: Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-DSP Eller-Pleks-Gallagher PAP-DLR-Mitchell Prust-DD-Weise
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu will be in the lineup for Habs against Canucks (2014-12-09 12:00:33)
    Hard to force MB's hand when Therrien nails him to the bench. Hopefully MT lets him make his mistakes, coaches him but doesn't "punish him" on those mistakes, and gives the guy some PP time. cause our PP sucks ...the pp.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-08 12:53:05)
    Sweet and dear Baby Jesus, thank you for letting Galchenyuk center Pacioretty. Please don't let Therrien blow it all up if they don't score in their first game. All the need to do now is get Beaulieu back, maybe Patyrn (i still think Tinordi could use a bit more seasoning).. and dial back the Geezer defensemen.. and we'll be golden. Oh, a decent forcheck would be nice too, but we shouldn't be greedy.
  • Comment on Markov looking for three-year, $18-million deal: report (2014-06-16 13:20:35)
    I think we have to leave Markov out of the future plans, if his inclusion cost is 18 million over the next 3 years. 4.75 per year, at most. If he goes to free agency he *might* get a 5Mil/year 2 year deal from some teams. Maybe someone will give him 3 years 15mil, and if so he should take that deal and run. He's not the same player anymore. I can't fathom giving him more money than ever, now that he's worse than ever.
  • Comment on Markov looking for three-year, $18-million deal: report (2014-06-16 13:11:57)
    A lot of Russians, apparently
  • Comment on Markov looking for three-year, $18-million deal: report (2014-06-16 13:09:04)
    Respectfully, you are all %#&%*! bananas. Duncan Keith: Age 30. Salary 5.5 million til 2023 Brent Seabrook: Age 29. Salary 5.8 til 2016 Drew Doughty: Age 24. Salary 7 million til 2019 Shea Weber: Age 28, Salary front loaded, til end of time but AAV 7.8 million You guys want to pay 35 year old Andrei Markov 6 Million per, for 3 years. Markov got burned to the outside so many times this playoff. He's old, a chain smoker, and no longer has any speed. Even Emelin is faster. And Emelin lost about 12 steps this year. Markov has a great breakout pass. He reads the play as well as anyone in the league. But his time has passed. His speed and smarts no longer make up for his lack of size and strength. He's old, slow, has the lungs of my great aunt Gurtrude, and his knees are already on borrowed time. No way in hell we should pay 6 million a year for a good breakout pass, and some power play points. It reminds me of the Gonchar situation in his later years.
  • Comment on GM Bergevin says Habs are a team that still needs to mature (with video and audio) (2014-06-02 14:16:20)
    Signing Gionta would be detrimental for several reasons. 1) Big hit to salary cap. Not worth 5 million; not even worth 3 million. But if we resign him, pride alone dictates he won't take less than 4 Bergevin is not above overpaying washed up vets 4 million dollars. Fearless prediction: Gionta is given 2 years, 4 million per. 2) As captain, even after taking a pay cut, Pride alone will prevent Gionta from being relegated to 3rd or 4th line minutes. So our "scoring lines" will still feature Gionta. Which is bad news for us. 3) Our kids - particularly Galchenyuk - have been underutilized at the expense of guys like Gionta, Bourque. Gionta will continue to eat minutes that should be going to developing players. 4) Team makeup: Guys like Gallagher, Desharnais, Briere, Pleks, Galchenyuk, Bournival... t hese guys are not big. Chucky will get bigger, but still. Gionta an old, slow, small player who loses way more battles than he wins. He's separated from the puck and forced into a turnover more easily than anyone else. Yet now you have to find a way to insert a lame player onto a line, but still hope that line can race. We have to make room for a lot of small guys now, who at least have speed, grit, playmaking ability or a hard shot. Gio has none of this anymore. 4) Not only is he old small and slow, but since having BOTH arms surgically rebuilt, his shot has no power anymore. I don't say this to be mean. But it's like when that girl on y our sunday night beer league game tries to flip the puck at the net from the blue line, and it never gets to the net. Gionta has no shot. Lundqvist loves him. 5) ... but... Character! Leadership!!!! Well he has those things. Not trying to take them way. But so does my dad. And dad has a better shot. And we can sign him for league minumum
  • Comment on ‘This isn’t something that can’t be done,’ Habs’ Gionta says of a comeback (2014-05-26 14:26:00)
    Respectfully, if no comeback is possible if Gionta keeps getting 20 minutes a game. I know - he's great in the room. And he's transitioning to a shut down player at this stage of his career. Except, MT is still trying to use him in offensive situations and he has no speed, and NO SHOT. Both arms surgically stitched back together, and he can barely elevate the puck. Shot is no velocity. And he's stifling Galchenyuk to boot. Galchenyuk gave him several sweet sweet passes last night, and Gionta just doesn't have the finish man.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 00:15:06)
    It will never happen but: Beaulieu for Murray White for Moen Briere for Prust
  • Comment on About last night …. (2014-05-07 10:20:59)
    It's an indicator of who is controlling the play. When Murray is out there, we spend no time in the other teams zone (the place where we can score). So when Murray is on, generally, we can't score. When Murray is on, 5-5 even, other teams are in OUR zone 3x as often as we are in theirs. Being in our zone, is how other teams score. It's not hard, fellas. If you've ever played rec hockey. You know guy on your team who can't skate, and when he's on the ice, it feels like the other team is on a power play for the whole shift? That's a Murray shift.