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  • Comment on Subban wins Norris Trophy as league’s top defenceman (2013-06-16 08:50:16)
    How about Grabovski for a second round pick AND Pateryn, that is what it was. How about Craig Rivet for Pacioretty and Gorges? Not too shabby. Ribiero needed to go, maybe could have gotten more but he needed to leave, was enjoying Montreal too much. How would a full blown scandal look on the Habs? Take away the Gomez trade and Gainey looks pretty good. Have Gomez score 70 pts per year like he had before the trade and the big contract and Gainey did just fine. Five Stanley cups as a player, one as a manager in Dallas, and one of the greatest leaders in Hab history, and a man none of us could measure to, give him respect.
  • Comment on Take me out to the brawl game (2012-03-20 18:35:50)
    That was the time when he separated his shoulder. He is not a good fighter, but does better than he is credited, I will happily take someone that "participates" on my team, win or lose. Tom the bomb never won a fight that I remember but he always answered the bell. Komo cares and he though it likely embarrassed him to no end after the first fight, he has fought him at least two times after, and I hope he fights him again. Lucic needs people to call him on his crap.
  • Comment on Tanking? Habs play like tanks in win over Oilers, roll on to Vancouver (2012-03-09 10:47:58)
    That is about 30lbs smaller than Gomez, a supposed smurf. Size is overrated at times. What people mean is the size of the fight in the dog. Dale Hunter is about 5'9", Pat Verbeek the same, Theo Fleury, even Knuckles Nilan is not tall. They all were strong though, and more importantly they arrived at the game with an ugly mood.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs win 3-1 – Carlyle is 2-0 against Canadiens (2012-03-03 22:26:45)
    Since always, was a French immersion student in Ontario.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Leafs win 3-1 – Carlyle is 2-0 against Canadiens (2012-03-03 22:22:03)
    Would be fine if Gainey was running the show. Five Stanley Cups, schooled by Roger Neilson, Sam Pollock, Scotty Bowman, Pat Burns, Jacques Lemaire. Won a Stanley Cup as GM in Dallas. Stanley Cup finalist as a coach in Minnesota. Nailed Bobby Orr on his first shift with the CH. Had a double shoulder separation in '84 against the Islanders popped back in and back on the ice. One of the greatest captains ever, revered by teamates and opponents. Speaks decent French and can handle all the media with ease. Yeah I can see why we wouldn't want him running the show. Has one bad trade, although in his defence he got glowing recommendations from Lemaire and Robinson about Gomez as a Devil, and at the time McDonagh was just another HS defenceman that we all love to hate. Call me crazy but if Gomez was still a 60-70 point guy, would that suddenly make Gainey smarter in your opinion? Maybe Gomez took his 60 million guarantee and has given up? Is that on Bob forever? For crapping on Gainey we should all have to endure 45 years of crap ala the Leafs, where they have always crapped on their legends.
  • Comment on Visiting Leafs hog the headlines (2012-03-03 11:16:39)
    Check out Ian White's stats for his career and most notably with Detroit. Hardly a spare part. Might benefit from playing in Detroit for sure, but if he had exactly the same play and stats, but stood 6'2" people would be in love with him. He gets the job done, period. People are in love with size, but it doesn't always seem to matter if the heart is big.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-28 22:56:12)
    Not a chance. The odds are against you winning that. Take a look through history and see how many top five picks suck. There are too many to give up on someone as talented as Subban, and even a top pick may not contribute for several years. Remember how crappy Stamkos was his first year? I want a quicker turnaround. Losing sucks.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-28 18:17:16)
    Would that be the Savard that traded Chelios and a second for a washed up Denis Savard? And the GM that traded Dionne, LeClair and Desjardin for Dr. Mark Recchi. And worst of all the GM that ran Larry Robinson out of town, humiliated him, and leaked a story to his buddies in the media about Larry attempting to negotiate to guarantee that his number would be retired? Yeah, Savard was always awesome. I credit him as a good GM having won two cups, courtesy of St. Patrick. Strangely Savard is credited for forcing the coaches of the day for playing Patrick when the players all favoured Doug Soetart of all people. Does that sound familiar? Maybe Gainey was brilliant for forcing coaches to play Price afterall. Patrick let in a horrible goal every game for virtually his entire rookie season. As Robinson said in his book, Patrick amazed both his teamates and opponents alike but for opposite reasons, one for amazing stops and one for letting in a goal from the blue line. Serge Savard like all managers had some good trades, some bad, and some dealings with players he would likely do over differently. So say he was the last great manager is ridiculous. The Habs have had two truly great managers, Sam Pollock and Frank Selke. They are the reason the Habs have the history they do, they were miles ahead of their peers. The Savards and Gaineys were good, but made mistakes that cost the Habs dearly. The Houles and Grundmans were not good.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens drop fifth in a row (2012-02-28 18:08:56)
    Doug Wickenheiser scored 89 goals his last season in the WHL, the toughest league there was at the time. He was a good pick, ruined by the coaches of the Habs at the time. He would have been a Pleks that could score. When he severely tore up his knee and then got cancer, he was well on his way to being a very solid player. Yes, he was big for the era, and yes he was talented. It was a good pick at the time, for the arm chair GM's that look back they think it was a mistake. Don't forget that Dave Babych went second overall. Denis Savard was third. The consensus pick was Wickenheiser.
  • Comment on Habs icon Jean Béliveau hospitalized (2012-02-28 16:32:06)
    The point is having some respect for him and what he has done. Criticize all you like, but to call him a "joke show" is outrageous. He is, along with Beliveau and others, what the CH is all about. Playing after having both shoulder popped back in during a game, blowing up Bobby Orr on his first shift, etc. etc. I will let this go now due to what this thread is intended for, the results "might" be mediocre. The man is not.