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  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 20:03:03)
    What a load of BS. I am done. NHL is bush league and just doesn;t f-ing get it. Shanny plays faves too it seems. DOne Bye Bye. F- them all from the refs the league etc... What a load of fing crap...
  • Comment on Big W (2011-03-08 19:57:27)

    Anyone else notice that TSN regional, Bell 1402 is blacked out? (I am in Montreal and enjoyed watching it in the past).

    Not available in my area?

    What the Heck?

  • Comment on P.K.! (2011-01-17 21:30:04)

    Has anyone told Jacques Martin to stop listening to Ralph Malph lead preservation system?  Sit on it does not wash!

    The Defense is a good offence.  Come On Jacques!


    and now it's tied.  Who's sucking now?

  • Comment on Markov out ‘long term,’ Habs say (2010-11-16 20:55:55)

    NO MAB!!!!


    I think Lukas Kryjeck is available as are a couple other unsigned OK D...  although we might have a few yung'uns who can do the job...

  • Comment on Don’t panic! (2010-11-03 10:23:46)

    Why the Habs aren;t winning.


    Quite simple really.  For at least most of this season and part of last (except the playoffs but even then)


    When there is an odd man O-zone rush, the support players peel off for a line change.  Last year the Habs were awful on the line changes.  This year is a bit better, but the issue still remains, the D plays back (Subb too) no one hits in the middle of the ice.  NO ONE.  the puck carriers on the other team don;t have a worry in the world.


    THe Goal tending has been good to stellar, the D- has been inconsistent.  Allowing 40 shots one game. 18 the next.


    I think a big reason there is no scoring.  No one in front of the net.  timing or something is off.  they are not cycling well. the PP has been god awful.  No offence in there whatsoever.  They need to re-establish what they had last year and not copy GB's system.  Kirk You gotta stop trying to get different result by doing the same thing over and over again.


    One on a O-zone rush, don;t make all the players change, send in two.  The other guys can change, if nothing comes of it you can change later.


    On the D-Zone offensive attack.  Move it like you were in the Playoffs last year for starters,  don;t pass through the high slot blindly!



  • Comment on Cammalleri’s slash proves costly (2010-10-04 15:44:45)

    Surprised, yet happy that it was only one game.  It was an uncharacterstic cheap shot that Cammi clearly knew was wrong and could be seen as a deliberate attempt to injur.  He got off lucky.  If he does it again, he wont...

    VS Leafs they are going to come out much like the FLyers did.  Smash and Grind.  will the Habs be able to beat it?  I can;t wait to watch...

  • Comment on Post hoc, ergo propter hoc? (2010-07-29 11:58:54)

    Oh Brother.  Mario Tremblay on RDS... 

  • Comment on Mario Tremblay joins RDS (2010-07-29 11:08:06)

    Mario Tremblay on RDS????  Great another reason to watch it on TSN...  The man who singlehandedly made the Avalanche a contender!

  • Comment on Markov’s a Canadian, Lightning strikes BriseBois (2010-07-16 17:06:23)

    First off. Congrats to Markov.  Welcome to team Canada...


    Second.  WTF are the upper guys at the Habs thinking.  Letting all of the young succesfull talent run away.  Geez we are going to be left with a whole bunch of has been and wanna be's running the team. 


    That said, maybe that is what the problem was, we need new blood?  Instead of years of forced mediocrity (although last years run was impressive) and crappy picks, maybe now we can either a) Reach for the Top (kudos to CBC ) b) Sink to the basement and keep our picks...

  • Comment on About this amazing team … (2010-05-25 00:29:40)

    Heroes and Zeros.


    Heroes.  The team for giving a good ride. 

    Cammy, Halak, Gill and Gorges. PK, Pyatt, Gionta, Gomez.


    Zeroes: JM for having the weirdest thoughts on who should be in the line up.  MAB who was a porous as a seive at the line on the PP.  How may runied ops and turnovers? 

    Putting Sergei in the Lneup at all?


    MAB.  need I say more.


    Pleky, who failed to show.  the Brothers K Ditto.


    God I hope no one grabs Guy BOucher...