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  • Comment on Habs facing hot goalie in Wild’s Harding (2013-11-19 15:22:51)
    can anyone tell me why Parros was signed ? he has not played including tonite for 6 games. Is he hurting ? if not how long will it be before his agent will complain to MB .
  • Comment on Leafs 6, Habs 0: Post-game reaction (Video) (2013-02-10 15:35:46)
    for those who feel that adding just a goon is not the way to go , you are right. However reality is that we will play the leafs many more times and the rules allow the orrs and mclarens to do what they do.The habs need more toughness on the D so Bergevin should be dealing for Erskine or better yet Matt Carkner . He has enough skill as a player and he KO'd Orr !
  • Comment on Subban, Habs prepare to face Bruins (2013-02-05 14:05:51)
    one cannot put any Stock into what PJ has to say .
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-01-31 16:17:05)
    while i agree that fighting still has a purpose , i do feel that it should be a reaction situation rather than a staged or gladiator type of event. Neil went after Prust for no reason other than trying to shake things up for his team that was down 1-0 . He assaulted Prust who didn't even get to take his gloves off. Prust should not have engaged him and it could've been a huge PP for the Habs. Prust has to learn to pick his fights and not let players like Neil , Thornton etc decide for him.
  • Comment on Desperate Canadiens face hungry Bruins (2012-02-15 18:44:35)
    slovakhab , if that is your definition of a power forward then 80% of the forwards would be power forwards. Yes, he goes to the dirty areas but he has to be ready to drop the gloves and be successful in that regard as well and score at least 20 goals . Iginla, Shanahan , Terry O'Reilly , Al Secord are prime examples. Jaimie Benn is up there too as is Lucic. A player like Gaustad isn't. By the way , Lucic last 4 bouts have been against Carkner, Sestito and Gaustad [and Kaleta] and did quite well against all of them.
  • Comment on Desperate Canadiens face hungry Bruins (2012-02-15 15:39:57)
    re: dorvaltony , The definition of a power forward is one who can score a lot and also fights frequently and wins most of them , like Lucic does. I don't think Maxpacs , Cole and Cavalier quite fall into that category .
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 02:52:54)
    My brother in law thinks that all the players on the Habs should be Francophones. He doesn't care if the team will be in last place for ever .To him it is a matter of pride. This is just about as ridiculous as the coach being a francophone. The official language of the NHL is english . The common goal for the Montreal fans and that includes anglophones and allophones should be to win our games even if our coach would be Kirk Muller . Let's be a bit more global ,get a winning atmosphere and keep nationalism out of the game.
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 14:36:48)
    Tootoo figured that if Lucic can do it without penalty , why not him ?
  • Comment on Canadiens stink out home opener (2011-10-14 01:53:49)
    JM and PG are determined not to add any grit or sandpaper to this team. Ryan White is out for a long time and they could've picked up Eric Nystrom . I really believe they think they are playing in a swiss league . Oh well, if we do finish last, which is a strong possibility, at least we'll have a chance at the first draft pick and the Molson's might consider changes.
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-01-25 23:37:55)

    Black snake moen,you are absolutely right. An excellent posting and it's the naked truth. When are Gauthier and Martin realizing that this is not a swiss league. If the habs make the playoffs they will probably face this team again and they'll be crushed in 4. They should have at least one enforcer like a Parros just to let the Flyers thugs know that they can't bully DD , Gionta and PK. By not having one , the smurfs have to stand up for themselves and are running the risk of serious injury like Kulemin  last night.