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  • Comment on Patrick Roy to coach Avalanche: report (2013-05-22 08:58:53)
    Ground Hog Day: Patrick Roy to Colorado … again?!?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 09:14:38)
    "Hockey probably has the worst officiating of any major sport." I'm starting to agree. I used to claim that, given the speed of the game and the number of offside opportunities, NHL linesmen were the best officials going - linesmen, not referees. But last night's problem, aside from the blown icing calls, rests squarely with the notorious Toronto "War Room" where the videos are reviewed. A clear kicking motion is plainly evident on the first Ottawa goal. That goal changed the whole game. Without that goal the Habs hold on to win 2-1 if we allow for the last minute goal and Therrien is a champ for grinding out a win.
  • Comment on Michael F. Leighton (2010-05-18 21:19:02)

    The Habs are about to be shut out back-to-back in the play offs by the 7th seed....just when you thought Jacques Martin's jinx was gone (and his job was secure...).

  • Comment on Michael F. Leighton (2010-05-18 21:13:25)

    OK...who stole the Montreal Canadiens??? This group of jackasses who insist on flipping the puck from 30 feet at the goaltenders belly is not the team I saw beat Washington and Pittsburgh...

  • Comment on Sorry, but size DOES matter (2010-05-17 12:04:53)

    Well if you have to lose game one, that's the way to do it. No worries about a bad call leading to a one goal loss or anything small. Get it all out of your system and come back next game. The Flyers had a huge amount of momentum after the come back in Boston while the Habs had been waiting... No need to panic; they just have to turn on some intensity...


    Mind you the worst part of the night came several hours after the game. The God Bless America presentation on the scoreboard is great but later when I had a dream that I was putting the blocks to Lauren Hart all of a sudden I looked down and it was Kate Smith - Sweet Jesus!!!

  • Comment on Thursday Video Theatre (2010-05-13 11:11:46)

    Aha!! So you're old enough to remember the Clover Leaf too!!! (Or was it the Kent Tavern across the street?...). Or Danny's Villa for a little T&A?!?!?

  • Comment on Thursday Video Theatre (2010-05-13 10:49:56)

    He seemed to be enjoying those glasses of draft at the Clover Leaf!!

  • Comment on Thursday Video Theatre (2010-05-13 09:31:29)

    I know downtown traffic can be a bitch...but c'mon...14 years for the Forum ghosts to make it to the Bell Centre?!?!?!? Even if they stopped along the way at the site - existing or long gone - of every watering hole that ever served the Gumper a beer they would have made it in under a decade (assuming f course they limited themselves to game-day Gump beers!!)... Whatever...they seem to have arrived at last!!!!

  • Comment on ALIVE!!! (2010-05-10 15:21:20)

    Feeling less frustrated - although I still hate the fact that a whack to a players stick is a penalty when it used to result in the whackee geting **** for not holding on to his stick - this team has shown it can play with the best and compete. Even the Habs' losses have been by razer thin margins when you factor in the empty net goals. Here's hoping they continue this playoff run, but if they don't thanks and things look good for next year - with a few summer signings....

  • Comment on About this team … (2010-04-29 09:19:29)

    Hockey in Montreal in May...the only thing better is hockey in Montreal in June, but let's take it a month at a time!!