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  • Comment on Happy 82nd birthday to Jean Béliveau (2013-09-03 00:30:09)
    Hey you morons and other scum who waste your lives fantasizing about a team of losers, this is an article to wish M.Beliveau a Happy Birthday. Show some respect for the greatest player ever to wear a Habs jersey. He has been my hero ever since I was a child. Go discuss the possible line combos of a bunch of losers who now play for the Habs when the article calls for it. Geez!!! Show some respect you idiots and get a life.. Happy Birthday M.Beliveau.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk sets sights on Sochi with Team USA (2013-09-03 00:17:19)
    Galchenyuk will win Gold at Sochi.
  • Comment on Montreal fans get first up-close look at new Hab Parros (2013-09-03 00:08:12)
    He is a huge improvement over that fraud Laraque...way more character and he is an Ivy League graduate. I doubt Laraque could even spell Ivy League.
  • Comment on New career: Darche puts McGill degree to good use with Delmar International (2013-09-02 23:46:53)
    Darche was the kind of player that embodied all that is good about hockey players. Blessed with only limited talent, he made up for it with grit, hard work and character and wound up living his dream wearing the CH on his chest. Good luck, Mathieu. You're one of the good guys in the sport.
  • Comment on Hockey is just around the corner (2013-09-01 18:44:06)
    Get ready for the Habs to start losing. No goaltending...Price is not even as good as a Junior A goalie. No coach...Therrien got out-coached by a f'in Junior coach like McLean and we saw the old emotional out-of-control MT so we know the Therrien 2.0 is just an act...Still no goal scorers with size and another French guy who is way over the hill in Briere taking up a roster spot and salary cap money...After PK there is no talent on D...A convicted thug in Beaulieu as the hot prospect but hey he's a Frenchie so it's all good. Trade that thug for someone with no criminal record and some character and real talent...DD at almost 4 million as the smurf who can't score but as a French guy gets the nod over others...Pleks and Gionta round out the smurf brigade...Detroit is now in the East so good luck making the playoffs...Geez can somebody with brains please take over this team and stop drafting and signing these no-good lazy French-Canadians. I want to see a Cup in Montreal before I die.
  • Comment on A very short honeymoon for Carey Price (2013-09-01 18:20:53)
    Carey, Go on a long honeymoon for several years so the Habs can stop paying you and get a real goalie who actually knows how to stop a puck that's lobbed at the net from the lower end of the faceoff circle. Let's get Tokarski as the back-up to Budaj or bring in a veteran goalie till Fucale is ready to go.
  • Comment on Habs reach agreement with free-agent defenceman Douglas Murray (2013-08-23 11:47:43)
    Great signing for that kind of money; and he is not French-Canadian and is willing to play tough and fight. Now the Habs have the Ivy League Pugilist Parade on their squad. He and Parros can swap old college anecdotes. Now get rid of all the fairies on D like Diaz, Gorges, Bouillon, Drewiske, Markov and that thug Beaulieu whose only toughness is ganging up on an innocent guy who tells him not to destroy another guy's property. Send him to Chicago where he and Kane can go to the local Seniors home and beat the crap out of old folks in wheelchairs to indulge their sick violent bloodlust without risking any injury to themselves.
  • Comment on Subban No. 23 in THN’s top-50 player rankings; Price No. 48 (2013-08-20 01:30:12)
    Subban deserves the ranking. Price is the worst goalie in the NHL.
  • Comment on Armstrong’s Habs career ends, while Brière’s begins (2013-08-20 01:25:45)
    What a joke!!! This guy shunned the Habs when he had some talent and now that he sucks and couldn't play in a beer league the Habs waste a uniform and cap space on this worthless piece of crap.
  • Comment on Nathan Beaulieu and his father Jacques plead guilty to assault (2013-08-20 01:22:45)
    Another great French-Canadian father-son team of beer-swilling pugilistic troglodytes. Now sign Roy Jr. who knows how to bushwhack an innocent kid on the advice of his father and bring back Theodore so he and his Dad can re-kindle their loan-sharking business beating up guys who can't manage to keep up interest payments of 500% per week. Trade this Beaulieu kid. He has no talent (anyone watch the WJC?) and thugs should not be wearing the CH. French Canadians can't play hockey any more and lack the character to be role models. Hey Molson explain to your kids how it's OK to gang up on a guy and beat him up for telling you not to smash up the garage of someone whose house you are a guest in, as long as you can play a bit of hockey and speak French. Beaulieu is sick in the head like his Dad. The Habs know nothing about talent and have loaded up with French players and management all of whom are lazy and worthless. The Bulldogs are the worst team in the AHL French players can't and won't play the real tough hockey that is necessary to win Cups. You can delude yourselves into believing they can but a Cup parade will never happen in Montreal with these French guys wearing those sweaters. Briere???? Really?