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  • Comment on Bruins: Seguin, Recchi will dress; no Big Z (2010-09-22 08:00:17)

    Does anyone know of a website where I can stream the game tonight?  

    Big Habs fan living in Boston, of course not on TV here.

  • Comment on Breezer, Summit, a yodelling Huet (2010-08-24 10:37:46)

    Lots of good talent jumping across to Europe due to current cap restrictions - tough to see for sure

  • Comment on Shocking: Boston radio attacks Hickey, Montreal (2011-02-12 04:52:26)

    Mr Hickey,

    I live in Boston as a Habs fan.  Being called a french canadian wussy is nothing.  These guys are brutal....Boston fans latch on to the 1 good thing thats going on...Pats, Sox, Celtics....lastly the Bruins.  There are few, REAL hockey fans in this town that actually have a clue.  They care about winning fights not hockey games, sadly this makes up the majority of your Bruins fan base. Tied in with the general perception this area has on Montreal and Canada itself, you have no chance on the radio here, keep in mind most have no idea about hockey - or in any sport for that matter.  I am born/raised MTL moved to Boston @ age 11 and am die hard Habs fan  trust me man I have heard it all!!



    From Boston