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I'm tired of this crap. This is the 15th time I try to log in. And when i say I want a new password you give me the same one and then tell me it's invalid B.... Sh.....

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  • Comment on Latendresse out, Ryder in, Halak farmed (2007-12-15 19:39:10)
    I hope this is posted: Have any of you posters seen slower defencemen than Hal Gill and Derian Hatcher in MODERN HOCKEY ??? If so, tell me who ? Salute Frank
  • Comment on Latendresse out, Ryder in, Halak farmed (2007-12-15 19:35:09)
    I'm tired of this crap. This is the 15th time I try to log in. And when i say I want a new password you give me the same one and then tell me it's invalid B.... Sh.....
  • Comment on Game 31: Canadiens roll over Flyers 4-1 (2007-12-13 21:48:04)
    Well, can I post a comment now ? Habs still PLAYING DEFENSIVE ( leading 4-1 mid-third during a penalty ) When is this crap gonna stop ? Philly came within 1/4 inch of scoring. Wake up GC & BG. This is not the early 80's anymore ...... Salute
  • Comment on Game 28: Canadiens snap losing streak (2007-12-06 09:45:12)
    To Gilles Poisson : Do you really think the Habs are gonna go with 3 lines and 4 sets of defencemen. You have suffered to many knocks to the head my friend. Go back to the Astrodome and I hope people say, "Evis has NOT left the building" To teamplayer: No I'm not talking about that antiquated rumour: Read CAREFULLY > Calgary - Montreal - Boston but nice graphics ! Oh... Ryder will be collecting food with his wife at the entrance. Poisson get real. Habs are having a hard time with 4 full lines, nevermind 3 ! Please... I think you'd have more success with FFWrestling Breakout nite for Ryder [ if he plays ]. Higgy and Max will light up something. And being an advocate of brawling to settle your problems, I hope O'Byrne breaks a few bones in Chara's face UNLESS Zdeno is staying in Mtl after the game !!!! Salute
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 23:00:40)
    To Wops: First of all, who the hell is Dan Ryder ? You must certainly mean Michael Rider... You know, the guy that plays for the Habs. Blog when your sober OK ! Salute
  • Comment on Lapierre, O’Byrne recalled; Grabovski sent down (2007-12-05 22:31:54)
    Well, well, well ! Geez I wish we could go back 2-3- weeks. Exactly what I said they should do; E-X-A-C-T-L-Y. I'm a fan of Grabs, but he's too small. Fast but ....... As for the rumor on another blog. Well someone's got a PIPE. Try this : Phaneuf - Ryder+goalie - Savard. I might not be RIGHT on, but I'm freakin' close. You can also replace Savard by Chara+tough guy. Do it NOW, before the Christmas blues. As I am writing this, what's his face from J de M is talking Koivu on RDS. Something's in the air! Love it.. Ottawa just won by the skin of their cohones vs Panthers. Not convincing at all ! If somebody is ahead of me on this rumor, please let everybody know. Send Ray Emery to the minors ... Seriously !!!!! Salute PS. To abhishek: A lot of Bruins are gonna hit the ice tomorrow ! Good man. PPS. I think Shara is coming here, Phaneuf to Boston & Ryder and/ or Koivu+goalie to Calgary. Hey you can only guess. You don't send a fart down, and bring up 2 big shits. Yo
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-05 21:33:32)
    Well I hope this gets on ! Hey Mike, I guess you've got the inside track lol. You've got 2/3. This is what we need... Meat grinders. Bet ya Ryder, Higgy [ he's doing OK ] and everybody freakin' else wakes up. To JLa30: Well, you're right on, aren't you [ duh! ] Salute
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-11-28 10:38:34)
    Oh, and BTW [ off-topic ] you never REALLY retire from this job. You have a little more insight than 3-4 year guys ! That's all... Posters, let's get ready for the Preds. Salute
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-11-28 10:27:27)
    To put things in perspective for those who still dare criticize T.P.I.R..... What were you doing at 20 ? I look at the guy's every move: Unbelievable ! He's 3 seconds faster [ in his mind ] than anything that's coming at him. Jason Blake seemed to know [!] he didn't have a chance in hell to score on "The Price is Right" last nite. He's a straight-talker [J.B.], ask him ! He's a very good hockey player but he didn't have a clue on how to approach TPIR in the SO. Let's face it, if Cristo keeps up his part of the deal' we have no worries in net for the next 5-7 years ! Build around that BG ! And, Lordie, Lordie we need a TTOOUUGGHH guy.I have no reproaches vs Kosto but he's a middleweight at best. BG, focus on Danny Carcillo of the Coyotes. Deal with the Great One. He's got 4G and 6A, he's on the + side ,and the last time I looked he had 109 PIM's. He could certainly help us. 4th line > Begin, Lapierre and Carcillo. That would be an eye-opener for any opposing team !!! Smolinsky is starting to show his age, Jorges is a very smooth skater who definitely HEARS FOOTSTEPS every time he heads for the corner ! Sounds like a good trade to me ! I'm sure the 2 guys with the most savvy in the NHL, BG and The Great One [sounds like a new 6-episode show on FOX ! ] can hash something out. No boast, BUT I've been yakking about TPIR for 3 1/2 yrs now. In the beginning, when he was in Junior, everybody thought I was crazy [ yeah! crazy like a fox ]. Go after Carcillo. It's worth one hell of a good try. Well gotta go try and catch some psycopaths. It's a job !!! Salute
  • Comment on Game 24: Canadiens beat Leafs 4-3 in shootout (2007-11-27 22:41:20)
    I don't know what time zone you're in, but your comment is after the game. Salute