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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-24 10:02:54)
    As a HABS fan I can't ignore the Senators. Nor should the HAB brain trust. Mavid's post listing the Sens 'pluses' right now (especially when put in context of our recent history) is spot on. It may be ok for a fan to call their rise and possible playoff mojo BS. But I hope the HABS brain trust see it differently. I have been in a championship race where the fortunes of one possible opponent merited special attention and preparation for... by a designated 'scout'. Because it not doing so would have been delusionary and not anchoring your team's mindset in truly grounded confidence. I think this is the case re HABS and Ottawa. If and when they meet in the playoffs, MT and the players, should have in their hands a complete specifically tailored game plan for the SENS. To not add a little extra preparation aimed at the SENS is to ignore the season's history and the hockey environment that such a series will be played in. A prepared HABS team can beat them. A team that says we just go about 'our regular game' wont.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-24 09:17:40)
    Borscht soup.. just hearing it mentioned creates a craving.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-23 13:29:59)
    Thanks for your response. While I was writing mine I couldn't help but smile at the difference in our 'interpretation'.. especially in light of the recent posts re referess and P.K and the HABS. While I maintain that NHL officiating is one of the most loosey goosey in professional sport, they do have a very tough job. Mainly because historically the NHL's propensity is to allow players to 'impede' the plays of other players, whereas other sports draw the line more at the 'defend' the plays of other players.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-23 13:12:29)
    Did you see the play that brought the player down (not the shove of the player) as a slew foot? I thought it was a properly angled take-down. Edit: Here is one definition. What is Slew foot? "A dangerous play where a player comes from behind an opposing skater and trips the player unexpectedly by dragging the skate so the victim falls to the ice.."
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-23 13:09:19)
    Thanks Maritime Ronn for the link to the Strombo interview. This is where sTtrombo excels. A great answer by Marc Bergevin on the last question re fan/media criticism. Unlike Dave Tallon, who says he doesn't take what is being said personally and then goes on to give all the reasons why he needs to protect himself and his family from the emotional impact, Marc Bergevin gave an answer of a modern day professional company head. A company head who understands that his company is essentially a public trust. He has a 'dept' that makes him aware of the flavour of the day. As a fan I am honoured to know that while Marc Bergevin DOES NOT listen to me gripe and carry on in his decision making,, he appreciates the emotional investment that I have in the team. A very clear indication that Marc Bergevin understands the fans' feeling of ownership and responsibility for the Montreal Canadiens. While Maritime Ronn sees this part of the interview as denouncement of the 'clueless' fan, I see it as attestation of a 'clued in' CEO.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Predators preview: Mitchell in for Malhotra; Gilbert sidelined (2015-03-23 12:38:15)
    Now you know the pressures of entering virgin territory.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-22 09:15:51)
    Good Sunday Morning everyone. And if I may, a special good Sunday Morning to HIS. I smile with respect and admiration, Sir, when I come to the board and see your full and recollective posts. It shows that, (as I have hoped and pray) you have maintained the spirit of your person, even as you fight your battle. Bravo. Reading your posts, I understand my country grandmother who often said "I toured the world while at breakfast with my Willoware son... you go on out..don't worry about Granma". The board in general is a nice Sunday read. The win was fun and enjoyable and promising for the playoffs. Two posts struck me as very illustrative of the team we have, on its best days, and the team we hope to be cheering on well into this year's playoffs. The appropriately 'avater-ed' Prustean Age noted in a post, March 22, 2015 at 1:16 am,..."one instance comes to mind (though it also speaks volumes about why Eller needs different linemates): DSP, with the puck behind the net, and Eller in the slot, wide open… but no pass....because I think DSP had his head down, unaware of the scroring chance, and then simply rolled the puck around the boards." You remarked in that post that you thought Eller needed better linemates to get his offensive game. I think bwoar gave you the definitive answer at 12:36 am..."The weird hockey, the “puck position” system as decribed by PK Subban, is all about getting the pucks first, putting it in position so that your teammate..." That's it in a nutshell. MT plays and demands positional hockey. Of course it requires everyone buying in and everyone operating within the envelope. The 'head down' plays are a staple of this team, especially the forwards ... comes with the style of play. Which also is why this is not a transitional year, so to speak. HABS either win the CUP this year or next... or their time will have passed for they will end up with a team where playmaking and offensive wizardry were not stressed and developed. They would have to move on .. not transition.. to something new.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens finally beat San Jose (2015-03-21 23:07:45)
    Ditto! But MB pegged it when he didn't resign him.. some players need different coaches or something like that. Bottom line MB realized that the poor 'fit' wasn't all because of White.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens finally beat San Jose (2015-03-21 22:24:59)
    I drink anything the other guy is buying.. not fussy!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens finally beat San Jose (2015-03-21 22:19:19)
    GEEZ! Back to the drawing board for you lady!