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  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-17 17:07:32)
    I like when posters present issues which seem to lie beneath the surface but which any habitual follower of the team will acknowledge have some traction. The severity or ramifications may be disputed but the circumstantial evidence cannot be ignored. One such series of posts is that started by Maritime Ronn at 4:32 pm and picked up by Kooch7800,krob1000,24 Cups,krob1000. Thought provoking enough that I almost hear the brain crunching coming from Bell Centre mngmnt suites.... or maybe just worth a yawn, which seems to be Da Hema's assessment of the 'perceived' dilemma. I am with Maritime Ronn... if only because his original post is of the type that sends us scurrying to check the roster and to our keyboards.
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-15 09:48:54)
    Heads UP! Bournival does not lack offense. That poster is wrong!
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-14 21:55:00)
    Nice! Now that's the Dunboyne Mike I have come to know and love. The Museum's backroom mind.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 08:33:49)
    Love this post... love the meal you chose. Where is this place located?
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 08:26:05)
    Very good prediction I think re "major movement out of Boston". I think that they will try to get younger and more skilled.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 07:49:11)
    I think the NHL, prodded by Mr. Molson, should cast a new trophy named after John Beliveau. The criteria for winning could be based on the "this year's player most respected by you" ... as chosen by NHLers and team management only. I don't like renaming existing trophies.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 07:08:56)
    You covered it all! And blaming the reporter as Monmick does above is somewhat ridiculous. Once upon a time we could call a Fool a Fool . And Bernier is a Fool. Fortunately for him Fools can learn... and move on.. or blame others and remain stupid.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-13 09:51:11)
    I hope he aticks and does well... as a forward.. a point producer. My quick reaction was chiefly based on frustration with 'busy body' little guys who come uo and try to become 'busy body character type grinders'. And what do you think of Sekac! I agree with Tremblay. A bit early maybe but isn't he looking like just about the best HABS 'true forward' in a while. Shot/size/style/grit. Please coaches let him proceed as is ... do not try and 'improve' his defensive game... at least not now. Let him be for NOW! Same with Galchenyuk to a degree.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-13 09:24:47)
    Good Morning everyone! some interesting and multi-faceted reads on last night's game. Let's start with Monsieur Boone's ALN. No perfunctory primer about last night's game from M. Boone today. A well presented package of statistics and historical review which in fact left me nervous about my euphoria as he detailed away and left me with no "absolute certainty" that the NHL (for the conspiratorial crowd) will allow the WIN to stand. I remember my Gramma always reminding me of a h proverb she claimed she picked up from a Danish gigolo. (That my gramma was in close conversation with a Danish Gigolo we shall leave for another day or forum). Gramma reminds you Mr Boone that "Luck will carry a man across the brook if he is not too lazy to leap." Last night the Canadians were willing willing to leap at every opportunity. Very good and entertaining posts, and some with intriguing ideas, were put out in recaps by Gumper, UCE, Maritime Ronn. A Boone like cautionary tone was struck by CJ. Even Dunboyne Mike subdued his post-victory ribaldry within a minor dose of caterwauling. Great READS all! But I have to say that I share the simple joyous feeling of Thomas Le Fan. I quote Thomas, "Somehow, however, it didn’t feel like the Kings dominated. I also don’t think that Jones played that badly. I thought it felt like a fairly decisive victory for the good guys." Maybe he and I are savouring, too much, this victory because the season, so far, has been, like his 'puppy from hell'. I like UCE's exclamatory conclusion best for tonight's game. "-Obvious point coming up: it’s easier to win games when you have scorers in your lineup, who can snipe goals." Scorers who skate and shoot from shooting angles and positions rather than trying to always 'stuff the puck' into the net. As that famous emaciated, unsatisfied porridge-eating waif pleaded "More please!" I NOW will season and consume my plate of CROW. I gave Adrighetto my stamp of disapproval after game #1 minute #1. I WAS wrong... I think. As long as the team lets him skate and DOES NOT ask him to up his 'character quotient' and become like Gallagher (there is now too much Sir Gawain and too little Galahad in our Gallagher), Sven Andrighetto looks like a capable NHL points producer. The offensive players of the HABS set the tone for this game. Remember when that used to be the norm? Remember how cool that was? My lasting take-away from the game is open-ice hockey enjoyment. The Habs seemed to stretch out the rink with their skating and freedom and passing and yes shooting. We saw very little attempts at wrap arounds and very little (futile and offensive dumbing down) paint battles. There was lots of room created and lots of skating. Even the scrums in front of Carey Price were infrequent enough that my sphincter muscle was quiet all night.... if you get my drift. My humble opinion anyways. Before you rush to criticize, remember that this exercise, like TWERKING, is only the expression of an articulate arse! Thank You for reading and enjoy your weekend! Anyone knows how to mitre baseboards??
  • Comment on Thousands pay final respects to Jean Béliveau at Bell Centre (2014-12-07 21:30:34)
    Incredulous to the myths of an era that had long since passed; Of langsyne times filled with august splendour, Unsure, I shouted like Othello "Give me ocular proof!" And then appeared Monsieur Béliveau! Who now will convince the proselyte The truths of the myths we shall still recite? RIP Jean Béliveau