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  • Comment on Paper hats or paper bags? (2011-12-31 11:09:58)
    IMO Price lets in too many soft goals and that's not good for a team that don't score many - can't see the Habs making the playoffs with some of the personnel they have right now - would like to see McGuire take over - get rid of the players whom doesn't fit with this team and start rebuilding a winner - the path we're on right now - a cup is a long way off.
  • Comment on Canadiens prepare for year-ender (2011-12-30 20:57:03)
    Habs trades should be about good young players - no more players finishing of their careers - too many on board right now - lets try to build a winning team the fans deserve it.....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 22:13:12)
    Now that's the Habs we wanna watch, Good game guys see if we can do it again and lets give our coach a little praise great job.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 17:08:13)
    Good post Hobie, I agree, that's exactly what happened and it's gonna take a long time to straighten it out.
  • Comment on Four point game for Habs-Sens (2011-12-27 13:41:54)
    There's four teams in the eastern conference under .500 and guess who's one of them and I don't see it changing against Ottawa. when you don't have enough toughness on a team - you're not gonna do well - that's only one of Habs problems.
  • Comment on Back to work (2011-12-26 11:19:45)
    Bottom line - this team is not built to win a cup - I'm not even sure they're built to win games any more - let's face it they lose more than they win - have you ever seen a team win a cup built like this one - to have a chance to win a cup you have to be a 60-40 team - at best we could be a 50-50 team - so we can dream and complain all we want - this team has to be dismantled - I say keep the players that's not injury prone who could be used on a 2nd or 3rd line and let the rest go. as far as coaching goes - cunneyworth with the right players given a chance could be the right guy - only time will tell as least give him a chance....
  • Comment on Back to work (2011-12-26 08:10:35)
    No playoffs for these guys - the teams ahead of them are better - get ready for the off season - a lot of these players I don't want to see in a Habs uniform again - too small, too soft, and worst of all injury prone which means they won't play tough for fear of re-injury not the type of players you want on a team seeking a 25th cup - we need more players like Boston that can grind it out with any team and don't be surprise if they repeat in 2012 they have the complete team.
  • Comment on A holiday serenade (2011-12-25 23:37:26)
    Imo: keep, Max-pac, Pleks, Cole, Kostitsyn, trade time let the remainder of the forwards disappear.
  • Comment on Merry CHristmas from HIO! (2011-12-24 14:42:06)
    Merry Christmas everyone and all the best to everyone and our Habs in 2012.
  • Comment on Making the case for Carbo (2011-12-24 12:42:01)
    There's nothing wrong with cunneyworth coaching - give him some players that can play tough and score - they don't have to be goons and we'll have a team again in Montreal - this team is too small - too soft - and most of them are injury prone - when you're injury prone - you don't hit and you don't want to be hit that's why we have a soft team - they have all the talent in the world - but it's no good when you know what you are and you're looking over your shoulder all the time - that's our problem - start building with tough good scoring players and we'll have a parade in Montreal - until, 24 will be the last number most of us will remember.....