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  • Comment on Boudreau is back (2011-12-01 13:24:25)
    I disagree, I don't think we have a "AHL" team. Cammalleri-Plekanec-Gionta Cole-Desharnais-MaxPac Moen-Eller-AK46 Nokelainen-Gomez-Darche Gorges-Subban Markov (tonight?) -Emelin Gill-Weber / Diaz / Spacek (when he returns) The team is solid, they aren't the problem. Its time for a change of mentality and that starts with a new coach.
  • Comment on Boudreau is back (2011-12-01 13:16:06)
    -Subban being replaced by Plekanec on the first PP. -Eller being thrown on the wing when Gomez comes back (He didn't even celebrate his SH goal a few games ago). -Price who was always too cool for school is becoming noticeably more agitated at the end of games. -Placing Weber on the 4th line and leaving St-Denis on defence. -Not using Cole on the shootout on a night where he was on fire. (vs buffalo) -Benching or demoting players after small mistakes -With Pacioretty out, instead of changing 2 lines, he juggles all 4. -Darche infront of the net on PP, even though he can't finish or get the garbage goals we need. -Using Gomez in the final minute of games. JM has no confidence in his team and they have no confidence in him. Its time for JM to go. The habs will never purposely tank to get high draft picks.
  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-03-28 17:38:35)
    Here's hoping Kristo doesn't go for a stroll in freezing temperatures and loses his shoes again.
  • Comment on Game 25: Oilers rally to stun Habs in OT (2010-12-01 18:53:55)

    I only checked it out for a couple of minutes but I don't think it started raining until the Parade was done.

  • Comment on Gio. Cammy, Gomer rest; Marky works overtime (2010-10-27 16:15:13)

    MAB might give you 13 PP goals in a season, but he'll be on the ice for a lot more of the opposition's goals. What I mean is if you replace Hammer with MAB, you won't be winning games 2-1, but you could be losing those same games 4-3. I don't like that trade-off

    I have no problem with our PP not working right now, we're missing our QB in Markov. Just like in Football, not much happens on Offense without a good QB. We're better 5v5 and defensively this year and I think thats more important than a powerful slapshot.

  • Comment on Game 9: Supporting cast helps Habs down Isles (2010-10-27 16:08:12)

    Good answer. Good on JM advocating patience and not succumbing to the pressure of the media and the fans. Eller having to earn his way up and not receiving everything on a silver platter will teach him the importance of bringing it every night and working on his game during practice.

    side note: If the organization had listened to the fans we would have resigned Kovalev instead of our Captain.

    Gomez usually has slow starts, and you can't say these guys haven't been getting any chances. They just aren't getting the bounces but those will come eventually. I wouldn't panic about that line, the effort is there every night and the goals will come.

  • Comment on Live chat: Discussing the hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-09 13:20:19)


    Hoping that MaxPac takes his time recovering and that he'll be able to continue having a career in the NHL.

    As for Chara, that was disgusting and intentional. He probably didn't think it would turn out this bad, but he knew what he was doing. Maybe he thought it would end up like Lucic pulling the exact same move on Tyrell from Tampa, but fortunately for Tyrell that wasn't at full speed and he didn't get his head pushed into it. (do they practice this cheapshot in boston?)

    Anybody who has ever played a sport will tell you that they always knew exactly where the "hazards" were on the ice/field/court. So that excuse is just piss poor. Professional athletes are even more aware of their surroundings. Chara knew exactly where he was and what he was pushing Max into.

    Add to that that Chara has been going after MaxPac for the past two games (since the OT love tap). Doesn't Chara also tend turn into a goon when he loses his temper and when the game is out of hand.

    The NHL won't do anything to punish him though, don't want to make the bruins fans mad, but who cares about the habs, we keep coming back no matter what.


  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 23:32:26)

    Chara has been in the league 13 years, as far as I know, the rinks in the NHL haven't changed other then the red line being removed. He knew exactly where he was on the ice.

    Any athlete will tell you that when you play, you are aware where the "hazards" are on the field or rink when youre playing and you know to avoid them.

    In this case, it was a 4-0 game with 18 seconds left in the second. They were in a foot race for the puck and Chara knew he was going to lose it. He could have cut the angle to the net and poke checked the puck away, he could have hooked or triped the player to slow him down. But it was a 4-0 game, and there was Max, the guy he's been wanting to pummel since the "love tap" after the OT winner. Sure Chara could have fought him, but Chara knew that Max would have skated away. So he hit him.

    He didn't intend to break his neck, but he did intend to hit him right there and then, and due to their history I'd say he intended to hurt him.