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  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 23:55:39)

    I employed Dryden as my example because he is a personal role-model.

    How about more recent examples, of just Canadians in NCAA:

    It includes many, including  Joe Nieuwendyk - a GM at tonight's party - and, like Dryden, a Cornell student.  

  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 23:46:10)

    After reading through the comments again:

    What in God's name is wrong with an 18 year-old kid wanting to go to Harvard?

    They've a decent hockey program, and Leblanc will be incorporated into the Habs developmental program, every step of the way.

    It's Harvard. As in, Harvard.

    If my kid was accepted to Harvard, and was then drafted by the Canadiens in the 1st round, I would buy a lottery ticket for the boy. Anything less than a million would be a disappointment.

    And again: Ken Dryden.

    So many fans want their players to be "intelligent," but are offended when those players go to a distinguished place of learning.

  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 23:34:56)

    Couple of points from tonight:

    a) Leblanc was a great pick. The Habs managed to nab him after he was supposed to go (most mock drafts had him in the 12 - 17 range).

    However, I'm pretty shocked about the anti-university / college sentiment on this site. Comments about the "Brain Cup" and anti-Harvard rhetoric are ill-informed at best, ignorant at worst.

    Perhaps Dryden should have left Cornell, too.

    b) Ref the "Big Trade" that didn't happen . . . There was a single "big trade" that came, and it came at a tremendous cost. I'm quite happy that the Habs didn't get an aging, overpriced Pronger for 3 first rounders (one drafted, two not), a 3rd rounder, and a proven scorer (Lupul). Even Brains Burke couldn't make the "Big Trade" happen, as evidenced by:

    c) The Hidden Mike: Why? Why would you deal with someone who is clearly "miked." And why would Burke go from GM to GM, dealing only in rumors and innuendo?

    The best example was the exchange with Gainey:

    BB: Lecavalier's going to either the Islanders or you. That's what I heard.

    BG: (dismissively) Oh yeah?

    I think BB is trying to make a more successful media career at the CBC. He may have succeeded, but he didn't land Schen, and he didn't make the "big trade."

  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 23:08:56)
    And Dryden shouldn't have taken the university route either, right?
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 22:07:57)
    How about a trade: 2010, 2nd rd pick + Weber for the next pick (Despres). He's 6'4, 205 (at 18 y.o.), ranked 18th according to TSN. More upside than Weber, and another hometown boy would make a splash.
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 21:57:29)
    I hear we offered 10 mil to him for 09-10.
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 21:55:10)
    or . . . Josefson (see, below)
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 21:52:18)
    This is for Moore.
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 21:51:27)
    I'm content with the pick. I think Josefson has equal potential, but - given the home crowd - you had to go with Leblanc.
  • Comment on Louis Leblanc! (2009-06-26 20:11:30)

    He's also a Leaf.