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  • Comment on Flyers make big move (2012-07-20 07:47:05)
    webber traded in 6-8 years with no cup and a big waste of money ha ha ah
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for six years, $39 million (2012-07-02 19:59:52)
    Just glad Price is locked up, (Subban next) Bergevin is doing what seems to be a good job. i'm looking fwd for this teams success in the next couple years! nous sommes Canadiens pour la vie!
  • Comment on Bergevin is GM; Gomez unaware of a buyout (2012-05-02 19:26:49)
    gotta say some friends of mine, life long HABS fans we wanted Pierre, i don't get annoyed with him at all infact when the greatest coach in hockey has hired him and would do it again yes Scotty (deleted)Bowman i would listen no doubt in my mind and it would have been great to see him in management. but i love this guys attitude and if he brings our HABS back to winning ways i have no problem with that. i'll be watching all the time like i have my whole life and i wish this guy all the best! NOUS SOMMES CANADIENS!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens end season with win over Leafs (2012-04-07 22:09:55)
    well here is where we hope the HABS organisation makes all the right decisions, special thanks to Randy Cunneyworth, he was thrown into a very difficult position and well best of luck to him, he did what he could, i'm looking forward to another season already but i just hope the right people are in place for next year! nous sommes CANADIENS!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-04-06 00:23:31)
    my question is do we really need another european, i get the high lottery draft but really how many high scoring eurpeans have we had that were high scorers (and i loved Koivu leave him out) i'm talking about high high potential scoring players(they were all part timers despite that comment i like Kovy lol i know i know), but maybe i'm wong. not hating, just past worries. we don't need any more part timers than we already have. we want players with a giva a danm! JE T'ADORE CETTE EQUIPE NOUS SOMMES CANADIENS!
  • Comment on Habs icon Jean BĂ©liveau hospitalized (2012-02-28 17:57:39)
    To Mr. Beliveau take your time and have a healthy recovery, your family needs you and ALL OF HABS NATION! fight hard fight hard and stay around for a long time! NOUS SOMMES CANADIENS!
  • Comment on P.K. called to order at practice (2012-01-24 18:15:43)
    P K is fine its called learning and i bet he's learning everything he can, trading him is stupid let the kid develop give him time. how good would you be filling in for the top deffenceman at 22? (just cause he has all star potential everyone is all over him, let him develop into an all star) good lord give the kid a break. if he's the reason we lose the cup then come talk to me. its alway frustrating when they (deleted) up but look at this season it takes more than one player to make this season what it is! leave him be, he'll be fine... i'm not worried about him at all! GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-21 02:56:11)
    alot of that is a great reality i would love, just sucks to wait that long, but hey another cleche: it might be worth it, alot of that comment makes me sorta at ease a little untill there next game when we get frustrated all over again ha ha 'does anybody remember laughter?'
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-21 02:44:30)
    all you P K stat masters and this and that i personally don't care this or that way of stats 2yrs of what expert predict (side note were all HABS fans and i'm not here to insult, i know when its all said and done we just want our team to get back to normal and succeed respectfully) give the kid a chance to mature not just two seasons greanted its not what we expected but it is what it is. lets move on and wait hopefully not too long for this amazing fanchise to win again!
  • Comment on Audio from Tuesday practice (2012-01-17 20:19:19)
    yeah i can't wait till White comes back!