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  • Comment on And the band of brothers plays on (2010-05-13 11:04:49)

    Ed, thank you for your post which illustrates clearly how the normal ordinary average Joe has no clue whatsoever about crowd-control.

  • Comment on Pregame audio: Spacek game-time decision (2010-04-28 11:05:40)

    Ah, now that's the spirit that we've come to know, (if not appreciate) on HIO....The biggest game of the last several seasons, the team going relatively well, everything on the line....


    And of couse some moron has to come out slagging Carey Price for no apparent reason other than he apparently doesn't like him.

    Hey Lenny, if Carey Price is ever looking for genital warts, I do hope you're going to volunteer....You seem to have the role of riding his nuts down pat.


    And I say that as a fan who couldn't give a rat's arse if Carey or Jaro's in nets, nor do I care how many gols they may let in, just as long as we score more.

  • Comment on View from there: Theo starts in Caps net (2010-04-13 14:52:47)

    I suspect that's Boudreau being 'politially correct'...after all, what else is he going to say?

    "Plekanec? That little girl with 70 ponits? Puh-lease! I'll send Ovie out to run his turtlenecked ass over in the first game, and that's it for Pleks..."

    I have a funny feeling the Caps have no fear of the girly-man.

  • Comment on View from there: Theo starts in Caps net (2010-04-13 14:48:40)

    I can't see why they would be. After all, let's be honest, what would Pleks be in Washington? 3rd line?


    Pretty sad when our highest scoring forward comes in under one of their defencemen's totals, and yet, we seem to think we have not onlya  chance of competing, but winning.. This won't be too popular, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Washington blow Montreal out n 4 very embarrassing games.

    It's ok, you guys can dream of us winning, just don't get too high on those fumes of whatever you're inhaling, ok? The hangover risks to be pretty painful in about 12 days or so.

  • Comment on Game 81: Habs blown away by Hurricanes (2010-04-08 13:01:27)

    Maybe, if she lost ten or fifteen pounds, that is....


  • Comment on Audio: Halak is NHL’s 1st star of the week (2010-04-05 13:20:36)

    What more could they do for him?


    Simple...Trade him out of here, and preferably sooner, rather than later. Trade him to a decent organization that is capable of developing young talent.

    And wasn't the coming into camp overweight thing last season?


  • Comment on Audio: Halak is NHL’s 1st star of the week (2010-04-05 13:04:36)

    It's not a matter of not wanting him to succeed here. In my case, I'd like nothing better than to see him go on to win the Vezina wearing a Habs jersey.

    But, I highly doubt that the frnachise, the fans, or our ever-lovin' ever-lastin' medi will ever give him a chance to properly develop here. For the rest of his career in Montreal, no matter how long that may be, he's never going to be cut some slack. As soon as he doesn't play stellar hockey every single game, he's going to get booed again and again.

    So, as my opinion is concerned, I'd rather see him go and succeed on a massive scale someplace else; sooner than crap and scrape every inch of the road, fighting for a bit of respect in this toilet of a hockey town.

    Plainly stated, I'd rather see him play and win for even the Leafs than end up another Patrice Brisebois here.


  • Comment on Audio: Halak is NHL’s 1st star of the week (2010-04-05 12:29:15)

    Personally, I wouldn't play Price again this season unless Jaro gets hurt. Ride Jaro's winning ways for as long as we can, and when that bubble bursts, we look towards moving CP this summer or letting someone else sign him, and then we move on from there.


    I HIGHLY doubt the kid wants anything to do with this city after the season he's been through, and as I've posted before, I think he'll have a great career, just not here, that goose is cooked. But if we were selfish and kept him here, we're going to totally ruin him, a la Alexandre Daigle.

    Nope, I say it's time to cut the kid a break and cut him free.

  • Comment on Audio: Halak is NHL’s 1st star of the week (2010-04-05 11:11:51)

    No, let's not damage Price or dick with the team's chemistry any further; and putting him in for one game which, if your prediction holds true, would be totally meaningless isn't going to help him or our team at all. Put him in for what reason exactly? So he can play another great game and get booed by the fans in his own building again? No, been there, done that.


    I still feel that the best thng the Habs could do for the future of Carey Price's career would be to move him this summer, (it should have been done at the trade deadline, but oh well...) or simply just let him go to whoever wants him. In other words, don't even make him an offer. He's NEVER going to be the goalie we all hoped for as long as he plays in this city, that's becoming plain to see no matter how many pairs of rose-colored glasses you're looking at things through. Actually, I think what I should say is: he's never going to be given the time and patience it will take for him to develop into the goalie we all hoped for, in this city. Elsewhere, he just might turn it around, assuming he's not stuck here for much longer.

    And no, I am not a Price hater by any stretch of your imagination. I'm a pragmatist, and a realist, and in my opinion, he's done in Mtl.


    So let's just ride Jaro's hot streak as far as we can, then try to pick up the pieces this summer.

  • Comment on Price to start vs. Hurricanes’ Ward (2010-03-31 13:44:12)

    "Big diff here, Lafleur didn't have to stop floaters floating into the net, Lafleur helped to win by scoring and contributing.  Price has to learn how to stop floaters and become a team player like Halak! "


    See Mikey? This is exactly the kind of post that makes me think it would be better for Carey to be elsewhere, out of the pressure-cooker and whine-fest which Montreal is all too often.

    I'm not saying it'd be better for the Habs, just that it would be infinitely better for Carey and his development.