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  • Comment on Audio: Weber in, Darche out vs. Leafs (2010-11-20 19:04:17)

    I was being sarcastic.

    Some of the best athletes of all time are womanizers.

    But I do remember reading that article like 4 years ago. Although I think that study was for long term abstinence (1 or 2 weeks); sex in short term definitely increases testosterone though.

  • Comment on Audio: Weber in, Darche out vs. Leafs (2010-11-20 16:14:10)


    It's been scientifically proven that male ejaculation lowers testosterone levels, thereby decreasing an athletes competitiveness, agressiveness, ability to build muscle, etc.

    Read it in Men's Health years ago.

    Why do you think Ovechkin is so far behind Stamkos in goal totals so far this year? Stamkos didn't spend his offseason with a bunch of morally casual Russian groupies.

  • Comment on Audio: Markov, Hamrlik skate with team (2010-10-04 12:36:39)

    Sounds like the Zidane situation

  • Comment on Waiting for the Cammalleri decision … (2010-10-04 12:34:39)

    IMO, it looked like Cammy saw the hit last second, and shielded his head by raising his shoulder. I think that makes it more understandable, but still an inexcusable form of retaliation.

  • Comment on Audio: Habs prospect Leblanc looks ahead (2010-08-11 01:36:07)

    Also Bo Jackson played baseball and football. Granted he wasn't able to do so for as long as he would have liked due to injury. I would have loved to see what he was capable of if he had a few more years.

  • Comment on Picard is a bargain (2010-08-03 13:57:23)

    What's the term? I think this is an excellent signing. The guy seems to thrive on the PP, and is less of a liability and has more size  than MAB. He'd be a great temp for Markov. Not to mention that he is still rather young, so he could develop into a quality player if he gets the right coaching.

    So what happened to Yemelin coming over to this side of the pond?

  • Comment on And on the seventh day … (2010-08-01 12:54:21)

    I'm surprised the guys upstairs in he Habs organization don't already have plans for a Habs network. The Big Ten made a killing off its network this past year. So much that Oprah and the University of Texas will be creating their own networks. The Habs could definitely have their own network. The main question would be whether it should be in English or French. Heck they could probably get enough viewers that they could have two channels: one for each language. They could broadcast Habs games, training camp, practices, preseason games, World Juniors, Bulldogs games, and maybe even set up some sort of TV contract with the Q or the OHL, maybe both. They could also rebroadcast '93, '86, playoff runs, as well as other major historical games and various documentaries on players and former teams. Hockey and the Habs could greatly benefit from this.

    This could be a huge cash cow for management. I wonder if they would have to share this revenue as well?

    Or the NHL could improve their current network, which, frankly, sucks big time.

  • Comment on Update: No. 11 back with Habs – on Scott Gomez (2010-07-01 21:14:35)

    I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Without Gomez, Gionta doesn't pot that many goals

  • Comment on Canadiens get their goalie(s) and a forward (2010-07-01 15:35:27)

    Too bad their shopping Kaberle, in an attempt to find another offensive player to their one man attack. They have all of their cap space devoted to their D. Phanuef isnt scoring over 20 goals. Where are the goals going to come from?

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 19:47:07)

    On the bright side, we traded a ninth round pick for a 1st and a 3rd