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  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 14:37:42)
    A comment on the lines that we have had for one game. I actually like them. The Galchenyuk line is a better number one line than it was with Deharnais and it gives our new number one centre a chance to be just that. I believe he's loaded with talent but both he and especially Patches tend to make some bad passes. They might be a little weak defensively but what we want from them is offence. The Pleks line might surprise us if Andrigetto keeps improving and this tandem forms some chemistry out there. Sekac is player I hope will surprise us as he gets some more experience in the NHL and to top it off I think Pleks was ready for and is happy with the change. The fourth line has our best fourth liners on it now and is as it should be. With Weise on the line they should get a few more scoring chances. It is the new third line that I hope will surprise us because they all have something to prove and there is some offensive talent there. Both Deharnais and Parenteau "want" to prove themselves again (as they need to) and Bournival is someone who just wants to be on the team and always works hard to make that happen. If this line works hard they will score. All that being said, a couple of bad shifts and MT will switch things up faster than a dog on a bone so I won't hold my breath to see how the lines work out. Eller could be back in a week but I won't worry about where he'll fit in because I don't think these line changes have solved all the team's scoring woes. But being an avid Hab's fan I will believe, at least until game time, that they have.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens beat Canucks 3-1on an emotional night (2014-12-09 23:37:37)
    Good game by the Habs tonight. Galchenyuk is going to be really good one day, it's coming. The defence still had some brain cramps, but they didn't come from Beulieu who was the defenceman who gets benched, go figure. Andrigetto was better tonight than his first game. And MT still insists on giving PP time to Deharnais and Parenteau? Real nice to get the W tonight.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 13:56:25)
    Wait till Tuesday.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 13:53:28)
    Yes, we have an elite goalie but even he has given up some soft goals lately. Our elite defenceman is playing poorly and for a pass these days it's high off the glass or a lob shot up the middle (not to mention the stupid penalties). Our elite sniper is prone to taking nights off and may be the worst passer on the team. I agree that we have some good young talent but so does everyone else and they seem to be showing it more. We do have to be patient but there have already been many nights when the team is looking lost out there. To top it off we seem to have a problem with the refs this year. I was never one to believe in that bs but it sure looks like it lately. Oh and one more thing, this team is soft on the puck, especially the PP when three of ours battle two of theirs for the puck and we constantly lose the battles. We have some players with heart and skill, some young D in the works, but when we can't make a pass or an offensive play to save our butts and we keep giving the opposition great chances to score because of soft defensive play, well then we get what we have, mediocrity.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The losing streak is over (2014-11-20 20:30:23)
    MT has to give the Eller line more ice time. They're creating havoc and chances out there and as soon as they get a face-off in the Stl zone he send out the Deharnais line to take over, Then they lose the face-off and off go the Blues.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Weise strikes first and often against Bruins (2014-11-14 13:58:18)
    We all know there is no way that Eller can produce 1.6 points per game as he has since the formation of his new line with Prust and Sekac. They are still a third line so if they can chip in a goal even every second game we are laughing. They are also now our biggest line and they all work hard to boot. Love Eller or hate him he still works hard and he can produce some offence. I just hope that MT leaves the line together. Remember last year when Eller, and the two Gallies were playing so well together that MT decided to distribute the wealth among the other lines. Let these three play together and really develop some chemistry. You can tell they all like playing together. And the kicker for me is Prust. He always plays hard but he has seemed lost on the fourth line at times and he has clearly pick up his pace playing with the two kids. By the way Eller has four game winning goals this year which is half of the team total. (No game winning goals awarded for the four shoot out wins.)
  • Comment on Sergei Gonchar will be in lineup for Canadiens against Bruins (2014-11-13 13:56:39)
    I'll reserve judgement on the Gonchar addition. We moved Moen and took Bourque out of the picture which are probably good moves but Gonchar seems like a Kaberle type of move, and at the expense of our young defence men getting ice time. Beulieu has just played some of the better games of his career and you could see his confidence building. Now what? And Tinordi going back to the minors? I just don't know. All that being said, MB moves have been improvements in the past so maybe he pulled off another one. He is the general manager so we will see and examine all moves in the rear view mirror.
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch against Wild; Habs call up Drayson Bowman (2014-11-08 14:24:21)
    How can we get a top 6 forward for Bourque when he isn't one on this team? Is MB really that good?
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch for Canadiens vs. Sabres (2014-11-05 14:29:17)
    Here's a thought and it may be too early to ask this but it is a serious question. Has the coach lost the room? Maybe not the whole room, but for the first time in a long while it looks like he is not getting 100% from all the leaders on the team. This is the time the Habs need a captain (like Saku Koivu) to stand up and motivate the team. I can't see Pacioretty, Subban or Markov doing that.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-05 14:18:07)
    Let's face it, we were very lucky in our first 9 games of the season, winning when we should have been losing and the team started to believe they were as good as their record. Now they have to work their way out of this miserable slump and they will need a few bounces to do that. Everyone is talking about the PP and it remains a huge problem. Yesterday PK had two chances to blast the puck from the point and didn't. He eventually ended up taking a penalty on the same power play. One thing is for sure, if it's frustrating for those of us watching (and coaching) it is so much worse for those actually playing and coaching.