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  • Comment on Hurricanes vs. Canadiens preview: Habs’ Petry has the flu (2015-03-19 13:40:14)
    Does anybody see Parenteau belonging on the top two lines and the power play? He is bringing much less than I hoped for and I don't see him on the team next year. That being said, everyone I bitch about can win their way back in to my good books with some good games. Those players include Malhotra, (another goner), DSP, Galcheniuk (I have faith he'll get there). Emelin, (very worried about him) and until recently Prust (who's heart helps him out all the time, but he does look slow).
  • Comment on Hurricanes vs. Canadiens preview: Habs’ Petry has the flu (2015-03-19 13:29:46)
    I agree with you that DSP should have worked his way down to the fourth line by now. I'd move Weise up with Eller and DLR as he is still feisty but much faster and with more offensive skill. Until DSP does more I'm still in the Sekac camp. I understand Bergevin's move for more toughness but that 'toughness' belongs on the fourth line because he's not bringing much else as of yet.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-18 13:54:47)
    Tokarski played great game last night but gave out many big rebounds that helped contribute to Florida's shot totals. Emelin being physical? Come on Mr. Boone, the one thing that hasn't changed for Emelin is the one or two glaring give aways every game. I could accept that when he was crunching the opposition but that is not happening anymore. One more disagreement with Boone is Pacioretty's passing. I love the guy and we'd be dead without him but he makes more bad passes (with the exception of the two he made to the opposition against Tampa and Arizona) than anyone on the team. Easy opportunity to send Pleks in alone last night that he missed. Other than all that negativity there was a lot of good hockey played by the Habs last night and if the Galleys bury their chances the game was done well before the end.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-17 14:45:40)
    I once won a $20 bet on the same type of play. You can't put the opposition offside by passing or bringing the puck back into your zone while the opposition is in there. There are actually many people who don't now this rule. Beautiful pass by Pacioretty though. That's two games in a row for him.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Habs’ Beaulieu playing with confidence (2015-02-22 15:10:05)
    Beaulieu's vast improvement can be directly linked to getting ice time. He now plays knowing he can make a mistake and not be riding the pine. The whole thing makes me giddy because it means that other D-men like Pateryn and Tinordi can evolve with more playing time as well. They are different defence men but can be equally important to the team. I think for many players, just not getting that chance to play and learn can be the difference between making it or not. I might be a little nervous with the two new D being out there together but they are definitely the most physical pairing we have already and they can only get better. Let's hope it comes sooner rather than later.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blow 2-0 lead, Florida wins in Shootout (2015-02-19 19:20:18)
    Glad to have Price back in the nets tonight. I'm losing faith in Tokarski. Also, I don't like to see a goalie sit after he has had a shutout. That's twice now it has happened and we've lost both games. I realize it's tough to play in a back up role but it looks to me like Toker isn't playing with a lot of confidence.
  • Comment on Oilers vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski will start in goal for Habs (2015-02-12 16:12:17)
    Why would you want a player who is soft and doesn't give 100% every game? Personally, I don't want to see him in Montreal.
  • Comment on Oilers vs. Canadiens preview: Tokarski will start in goal for Habs (2015-02-11 14:39:05)
    I know Tokarski has to play but these next two games are big games whether you admit it or not. We are making a habit of losing to the low flying Oilers and the Leafs always seem to pick up their game when playing the Habs. I thought it was a mistake when Price didn't get a third start after two straight shutouts last week and Toker didn't play well in the loss. I hope he plays a better game against Edmonton and the team doesn't pull out one of their soft games against a poor team. (Which seems to be a pattern we need to squash.)
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a nailbiter (2015-01-29 20:11:00)
    That was a goal by Weise. I don't know what they're loolong at in Toronto but when I paused it and went frame by frame you can see the puck go into the net, then it disappears under Lundquist's pad which is clearly in the net and then it comes back out which makes it hard to see but it was in while it was under the pad.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-07 15:46:05)
    I'm not too disappointed in last night's game. When your two stars (PK and CP) have off nights at the same time bad things happen. On another night TB might have been held to two goals by Price. He looked to be fighting the puck a little. It happens, not often but he'll be back. Pk was also fighting the puck all night, missed giving off a couple of passes to open players, took a couple of bad penalties and played a part in the loss. He has more off games than Price but he'll be back too. Our third line was off last night and we missed some of their strong shifts that can change the flow of the game. Lastly, Galchenyuk has had three or four games in a row where he has not been the player he can be. Could be a slump of sorts but he'll come around. All that being said, if the power play connects it could have been a different game. I wish I could say the PP would come around.