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  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-23 21:07:43)

    Alright so i'm new here... But here are my thoughts on last night's game. No heart.. and that's not only Kovalev i'm talking about! They didn't show up to play, a soft performance by everybody on the team. This team is the Number 2 ranked power play in the NHL?!?! Didn't show last night, nor has it shown in quite a long time. I think deep down we knew they would lose to the make me laughs, and aswell last night. Under pressure they never seem to show up, it's like Jr hockey players wearing our beloved CH on their jersey's and our beloved players names on their backs. The most exicting part of last night and it's sad to saw was the skate to Moen. It was the most interesting thing to happen to a habs player on the ice. Hope Moen is alright! Cammalleri and Marc-Andre Bergeron are both back in the line up tomorrow night. People not to stop thinking those two will be our saviours because the only ones that can save this team is every player on the ice night in and night out. Price i'm sure will be in goal, and let's hope the men in front of him actually give him a chance to win. On one final note... BENCH ANDREI KOSTITSYN!!!!