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  • Comment on Flyers likely minus Pronger, Jagr vs. Habs (2011-11-25 12:25:56)
    That should even things out a little with Markov for Pronger, AK for Jagr. I'm thinking Price shines today and Cammy finally breaks out of his funk. As much as AK gets bashed on here, Cammy is a sissy in the corners and agaisnt the boards and is afraid to take a hit. I would take AK anyday over Cammy. I'd like to see a package deal for Cammy and Gomez to get them out and bring in some cheaper younger talent. I like Cammy but I've seen enough.
  • Comment on Talking $$$ on the Lord’s Day (2010-07-25 10:27:18)

    I find it amusing how a lot of you guys continually bash Price on here  and then would wonder why the kid wouldn't want to play for the Habs. Why can we not just support our team and the decisions that are made? Everyone was willing to throw the bank at Halak even though he had one hot streak and played well for a bunch of games in the playoffs. He also got yanked a few times for letting in 4 or more goals which everyone seems to keep forgetting. I went to a game last season when Philly came to town and Halak stunk the joint out and was pulled after the second period after lettting in 5 goals. Sure Price has had his share of bad games too but Halak has had a lot more blow outs than Price and it's due to his sloppy style and the yard sale of rebounds that he gives up every game. That is the reason he has so many shots on him all the time and it's only a matter of time before every team in the league exploits that. Halak also played most of the regular season games against the weaker teams and didn't have to worry that if he let in one goal he would sit the next game like Price did. Price has been mismanaged by this team and it's the team that should be blamed for any shortcomings that he has had. Habs management should have had a seasoned veteran to mentor this kid and not had the platoon situation which puts too much pressure on young goalies. Let's not forget that he is still very young and is still growing as a person and a player. Give him your support and it'll help his confidence and in turn help our team succeed!! Halak is gone, Price is here. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE AND GET OVER IT!!!!

  • Comment on Pierre Allard is new strength and conditioning coach (2010-07-19 16:54:50)
    Who is Clay4bc anyway? Are you Halak's agent or something? You certainly are just as cocky. Why do you go bashing Price and everyone who disagrees with you? What exactly are you trying to prove? We will all see who is right with the Price/Halak deal within the next couple years. You seem to forget that Halak got yanked what, 3 times in the playoffs for letting in 4 or 5 in a game. He was terrible in a couple more as well so let's say in 1/3 of the games he is brutal, 1/3 he is average and 1/3 he is unbelievably amazing. I would rather gamble with Price than have those kind of odds. Halak did carry a heavy load in the playoffs, but he is too small, can't see over traffic, can't handle the puck, and gives up way too many rebounds. Price mainly gets beat on 2 on 1's and odd man rushes but is otherwise pretty technically sound. I like this gamble and hope it pays off. My prediction is that Halak will be the Tim Thomas of 2010/2011 but only time will tell. Let's debate on here but not berate!!
  • Comment on Game 81: Habs blown away by Hurricanes (2010-04-09 08:11:47)

    Goaltending was not the reason the Habs lost in the playoffs last year, it was because the Habs backed into the playoffs with a bad team just like they are doing this year. I wish everyone would quit with the Halak vs Price debate and just realize that we've got two good goalies. Is Halak a true No1? I highly doubt it. More like the Tim Thomas situation of last year. Look at the Vezina trophy winner now folks, how much is he playing now a days? His team is in a dogfight for a playoff spot ant the current Vezina winner is sitting on the pine. Halak could very well go down that road and I suspect he will as he gives out a huge number of rebounds which also in turn drives up the shots he faces. Price looks to have more natural talent and ability but he lets in some soft ones and seems to blame the team whenever a goal goes in wheter it be his fault or not. I think this is why the team has "given up" on him a bit. I say give the Toronto start to Halak because Price can't win in this situation and they've ridden Halak to this point (which isn't very good folks, we are backing into the playoffs again) and this way if he loses there will be a firestorm of a goaltending controversy before the playoffs!!! JM is an idiot who has no game plan. He is going to ruin our young talent just like he did in Ottawa when he was there. Too bad cause I love this team GO  HABS GO!!!