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  • Comment on For your Sunday viewing (2011-11-29 01:38:18)
    The league is an embarrassment. How can you build a hockey team when you don't know what rules they're going to play by from one year to the next? Shanahan has to stop listening to the Cherry faction and pick that hammer back up, like he did in pre-season. Hockey is never going to be a game for shrinking violets, not sure what he's afraid of. I agree with Patches' suspension. But Malone should not walk just because Campoli was reaching. And Chara should have sat the rest of the season imo. It was voiced around the league that there was no way he could not have known what he was doing. Of course the point would be moot if Gainey had signed Chara. But noooo.... He's a foot too tall to play defense for us. I also think Staal took Markov's knee out on purpose. Anything else you need ta know??
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-29 01:30:02)
    You COULD argue (and he did) that Malone didn't expect Campoli to reach again for the puck when it was clearly out of reach and thus didn't expect the head to stay down. He didn't throw his elbow, he just held it there. You COULD argue that. But why draw that kind of a line? Why not just say a headshot is illegal regardless of intent?
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-29 01:25:36)
    Saw L'Antichambre for the first time in ages. I think it's time that they put the Tiger back in his cage -- to read some hockey books. Clueless. I like Gauthier tho. He brings some sense to the proceedings. How do guys like this and Rejean Tremblay and that other fat lawyer guy get jobs in hockey broadcasting? I know more about hockey than all these idiots combined. Maybe the fact that everyone sees them coming and gives them zero information has something to do with it.
  • Comment on Habs recall Leblanc from Hamilton (2011-11-29 01:21:32)
    Nah, I'll be at the game with a bullhorn. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Pacioretty suspended three games (2011-11-28 21:40:15)
    Maybe they should all wear Youppi-sized helmets?
  • Comment on The guy McKeen’s forgot (2011-09-13 13:15:36)
    Yemelin doesn't seem to be that guy from what I saw at those phony world championships. He didn't seem that strong on his feet and positionally was all over the place (tho the Russian forwards didn't give him much help). What I've seen in the highlight reels, mostly offensive exploits, are juicy, but his penchant for running around and taking dumb penalties will wear thin. That's the last thing we need - it killed us last year. Our season will go as Markov's health goes, as usual. If he's healthy, we are a contender, if not, we might set off some firecrackers, but not much more.
  • Comment on Reeling in Yemelin? (2011-05-11 14:43:31)
    Great job by Gauthier yet again. And if he can get Markov back before free agency opens, another great move. Markov-Yemelin Spacek (or trade Spacegoat and keep Hammer?)-Subban Gill-Gorges Weber We cannot afford Wiz, he's gonna reel in somewhere close to $4 mil no doubt. Hammer is already on his last legs and Spacek can probably bring a similar game if paired with PK. If he can move Spacek and keep Wiz, that might work, but then I'm not sure about the defensive balance. Spacek can be a pillar in the playoffs. But can he stay fit and healthy? If not, we might have to keep Hammer. No way we can afford to not have Gill. The Bruins aren't going away anytime soon.