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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 15:53:19)
    I don't know if I'd go as far as to say that about Begin. He is a great grit player who leaves it all on the ice, which is something that any team who would like to succeed in the playoffs needs. The point that I was trying to make is that there are going to be guys that still have gas in the tank, but due to our strong prospect pool will be pushed out to make room for up and comers who absolutely need ice time to develop. Bottom Line: If we want to applaud the depth that Gainey and co. have given the organization, then we must accept that there will be older/less efficient players who are going to be moved to make room for younger players to develop. This is the case on any team, but with the Canadiens this may happen faster due to a deep talent pool. Cristobal Huet moving to Washington may only be a sign of things to come.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 14:34:58)
    As of late Habs fans have been proud of the depth in the organization, and rightly so. But I propose that those of you that enjoy this aspect of the club (myself included) must be aware and accepting of the fact that senior members of the team, such as Huet, are destined to be traded, benched, cut, etc. We now have to deal with the proverbial double edged sword. When talking about Grabovski yesterday, Gainey remarked: "he has 14 points in 5 games, what more can he do (in Hamilton)?" I think that the same applies for Halak; what more can he do in Hamilton? He's been one of the top goalies in the AHL for the last two seasons. What more can Carey Price learn as a back-up/minor leaguer? (I'm sure an argument can be made here, but Gainey and his staff clearly thought the answer was not much) Once you come to grips with the idea that the young guys who have taken resources and time to develop need to play in the big league, you need to extend this notion to other scenarios. Boullion? Begin? Dandenault? Smolinski? Koivu? Kovalev? All great guys on and off the ice, but the young guys need to play. In a year or two we are going to be saying: How much more can Chipchura, Valentenko, McDonaugh, Pacioretty, Dagostini, etc. do in Hamilton? Seeing a guy like Huet leave brings mixed emotions, and it may be something that Habs fans have to get used to.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 14:02:44)
    Clearly they are looking at the East and saying "hey, we've got a pretty good shot as is, and we're getting Sid back in a week. Lets get him a winger and get to the finals." And once you make the final, you never know what can happen. Realistically, unless Fleury or Conklin are white hot, the Pens likely won't win it all, but then again you just never know.
  • Comment on And the winner is … (2008-02-25 11:25:58)
    Sundin said that he doesnt believe in the practice of acquiring rental players at the deadline. What I think he means is that he doesnt want to BE a rental player. How do you think he felt about Joe Nieuwendyk (sp.), Brian Leetch, et al. joining the leafs before playoff runs in years past?
  • Comment on Three pucks … and counting (2008-02-16 19:58:53)
    i just watched coaches corner for the first time in quite a while...i forgot what a self-congragulatory jackass don cherry is, yikes!
  • Comment on Three pucks … and counting (2008-02-16 19:25:43)
    can i ask where you are getting the game online?? cjad is great, but ya know...
  • Comment on Three pucks … and counting (2008-02-16 19:24:24)
    has anyone had any luck trying to stream the game online?
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-10 13:28:03)
    what a shock when i turned the game on and it was 3-0 five minutes in. and then another shock when i saw the Habs more or less outplay the sens for the rest of the period! 5 posts hit during the game! youve got to be kidding me. now im not trying to say that the habs just had some bad luck and they should have won and they lost because of hamrlik's absence and, etc, etc, etc... last night ottawa had three cold-blooded scorers; the canadiens had none. pointe finale. 5 goal posts, a guillame latendresse breakaway, and how many power plays in addition to that? 1 goal? and although alot of guys didnt have great games, brisebois had a particularly bad one. lets get hamr and o'bryrne in there asap...
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-01 14:39:25)
    an overtime loss...the perfect occasion to post this link to the hockey news: it shows how the standings would look with a different point system; something that i would love to see the league implement. notice how atlanta and edmonton go right to the bottom of the standings in the first scenario...
  • Comment on Best of the season? (2008-01-22 22:10:30)
    I hate to be a wet blanket, but Saku and Higgins don't make it onto the scoresheet in a 6 goal rout?? yikes...