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  • Comment on Gionta’s season is over; Prust, White out for Game 5; Price listed as day-to-day (2013-05-08 11:54:00)
    G'morning from midtown TO. I haven't posted in more than a year as health issues have kept from being able to post. But I watched every game last season and every game this season. Two completely different teams. This edition of the Habs has two things last season's team lacked; resiliency and carachter. I agree the refs made some BRUTAL decisions and I am proud of the boys for not using that as an excuse. Last night was regrettable more for the added injuries than the shoddy referreeing. I for one will not read Kerry Frasers column as I believe he is nothing more than a league apologist and a referee unconditional supporter but everyone knows the face off was wrong, the dude kicked in the puck, so waht Kerry writes is on a good day, drivel, and regularly it just stinks. I appreciate the insights of the posters here as I watch the game in French because I cannot support CBC as long as Cherry (mysoginist, racist and stupid) is their spokesman and I don't speak French. Thanks.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-04 09:25:09)
    Weber gets a better than passing grade? What am I missing? This guy is weak defensively, has no physical presence, is slow to react and his one rfdeeming quality, his shot, is not enough in my mind to give him ice. He should among the not-a-Hab next year.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville is first trade of the day. (2012-02-27 18:40:46)
    Oh do I agree! No offense to DD, and I shudder to think of this year's team without him, but going forward let's not kid ourselves into thinking he is a bona-fide #1 centre in the NHL. With small Gionta and small Gallagher and small DD next year's team will be as poor as this years. Best to see DD either as 3rd line winger or trade in a package with Campoli or either or both of the Swiss guys, Bourge, Kaberle etc. All are ok players but no stars among them. On a team already bereft of size and talent keeping warm bodies just becasue they're breathers isnt enough.,
  • Comment on Liveblog: A 4-1 loss, and last-place Canadiens move on to Florida (2012-02-25 10:12:22)
    Price Brunettes The Boss Cronk TV Starsky, Movie Hutch Raquel Welch The Shining Newman Huh? both & rock and roll too I'm in Toronto don't care Dawson Dawson
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another blown lead (2012-02-02 21:47:02)
    The absolute worst Habs team in a decade if not more. Very few keepers.
  • Comment on Leblanc called up (2012-02-01 15:29:34)
    Who's Andre Markov?
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-01 08:42:45)
    Oy Vey. Keep Price, Subban, Eller, Emelin, one of the Swissers, Cole even DD & Pax, and everybody else is in the for sale window. I might not watch a comlete game again this year after last night's gutless performance.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-01-21 09:06:05)
    Great article Mr.Boone. I was not able to watch the third period lst night but wasn't shocked at this morning when I read the results. I am shocked however by the constant hate being sent PK's way by the radio and TV guys in Montreal. It's almost as if becasue he's a black athelte people expect him to be the best defenseman in the league. The issue is coaching, he hasn't had quality teaching since he left Hamilton and Guy Boucher. I'm SURE the Bolts would take him in a nano-second on Boucher alone's say so. I sy fire all the talkiing (Empty) heads at RDS and TSN Montreal. And for goodness sake could someone put a sock in that Francois Gagnon's mouth? What a tool.
  • Comment on Playoff math is still daunting (2012-01-16 10:45:56)
    1. yes, the AK assist last week. 2. maybe but still weak in their own zone. 3. how big is the snowball? 4. Weber, Nokia, and or Gill/Campoli/Gomez/Diaz. 5. relieved.
  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 12:14:11)
    As a life-long Hab fan I didn't need to watch tv or read the blogs to know what people/experts were saying about the trade, "Montreal knee-jerk, lost the trade, etc" IMHO Cammy is the better player and on that alone Calgary wins. BUT the $3 mill savings lets them sign Price who is way more valuable than Cammy, so I look at it this way. Cammy and whoever to Calgary for Price, Bourque, and 2 whoevers. Now we win the trade. Easy-Peasy.