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  • Comment on Audio: Gill, Cammy return; Wiz might play (2011-02-18 19:54:28)

    well the Leafs do have 25M in cap space next year....they could easily sign a couple major free agents and be a playoff team much like the habs signing 6 major free agents 2 summers ago.

  • Comment on Audio: ‘Good chance’ Mara plays tonight (2011-02-17 15:54:19)

    What's your point coach?

  • Comment on Game 38: Canadiens scorched by Lightning (2010-12-30 15:59:17)

    Except Travis Moen

  • Comment on Game 38: Canadiens scorched by Lightning (2010-12-30 15:58:14)

    I wonder if we'll see a rematch in practice this year?

    James Wisniewski vs Travis Moen -

  • Comment on Game 8: Kostitsyn gives Habs win over Coyotes (2010-10-25 11:32:08)
    I really do not think it was Pyatt or White coming into camp. Pyatt was in Jaque's good books from last season even when he was playing poorly JM would not take him out of the line up. O'B has not been played by Picard I think they are vey similar in quality. They both play 15mins a game and both are not minus players. O'B has played with a different d partner every game making difficult to gel where Picards has had the same partner in each game...guess we will have to talk to the d coach to get his thinking on that. Picard's down fall in my books is he will not drop the mits for a teammate...even if Price is run over. He’ll prob just wrestle with the guy until the linesman steps in...We have seen that way too much in the last 5 years with our d....but that is a gm’s decision for carrying a small or big no aggressive guys on the back end.
  • Comment on Game 8: Kostitsyn gives Habs win over Coyotes (2010-10-25 11:02:58)

    I think the real reason for OB being scratched is because the team lacks top line Francaphones so they are forced to fill the bottom of the roster especially at home with french guys even if they are still not as good in order to make the media happy. I bet Carle thought he had a real chance of making the team for that very reason until they signed Picard otherwise I bet he would have signed elsewhere during the off season.

    Is Darche a better 4th guy for the habs than White probably not but he's from Montreal so he holds the trump card.

  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 20:34:02)

    idunno ask the the gazette tech team

  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 16:42:00)

    I do not work behind the scenes with the habs, but if I were the GM I would be consulting Jacques before any signing. As I am sure the PG does as well.

    Honestly, I would like to see another forward other than Moen (who will be in tough tomorrow i might add) who can hold his own going into the corners...Pyatt / Boyd / Darche are redundant players and I would swap any in a heartbeat for White.  


  • Comment on Sanford, White, Maxwell, Henry, Weber to ‘Dogs (2010-10-06 16:17:34)

    Very disappointed about White...but not surprised given Jacques’ has never iced a team that is tough since his days arriving in the NHL. 

  • Comment on Price, Price and more Price (2010-09-03 18:52:27)

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    food for thought - just wondering because of Price's native heritage does he even has to pay taxes? that’s a huge bonus in it's own right. That would make all Canadian teams more competitive and eliminates the lower taxes benefits from American teams in the future.