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  • Comment on Gomez denies ECHL report; Pacioretty scores in Swiss loss (2012-09-28 17:55:18)
    Gomez wanted to play for Alaska ECHL team but he didn't made the cut on his tryout...
  • Comment on Price at what price? (2010-07-18 09:46:11)

    How can you confirm that Price will be better ?

    Not saying he will not... but sometime people believes something that never materialise : Fisher, Chouinard, A Kostitsyn etc....

    Sometime people are mistaken and potential is not enough...

    And as far as I am concerned the best goaltending I've seen in the past three season have been from Halak...

    Is it because he is a low pick ?

    Henrik Lundqvist was a 7th round pick that same year (2000) Brent Krhan was selected 1st round 9th overall.

    Potential is one thing... but with that kind of mentality Markov would have been traded to leave more place for Fisher...

    But I know this is only my point of you and there nothing to convice a believer to believe....

  • Comment on Price at what price? (2010-07-18 08:24:25)

    I think Pierre Gauthier should trade Price for Jaroslav Halak. Straight up !

    And if St-Louis doesn't want we could also trow in Lars Eller !!!!!