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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-28 00:38:56)
    Diaz has patience with the puck and makes better first passes... which allow us to clear the zone (where we have been struggling of late). Also, his better positioning allows him to block shooting lanes and passing lanes. He is not a physical presence, but he is effective at getting the puck moved out of the zone.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-14 01:55:33)
    Although I realize that it wouldn't be any fun reading the comments on this site if everyone was content and happy, I do find it funny how the team is doing so well (especially after last year) and yet there is so much negativity and pessimism here. The way I see it, Marc Bergevin is a better GM than I. Michel Therrien is a better coach than I. Lastly, all the players are better than I... so why can't we just enjoy the good times while they last? Nah... it's Montreal. :) Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Markov activated (2012-03-10 16:28:25)
    I think we all will be!!! :)
  • Comment on Markov activated (2012-03-10 16:15:30)
    Although I'm not sure Markov will help this team much this year, I'm glad to hear he's back. If he (and everyone else) is back and healthy next year, even without any major changes, I think we have a decent team. In the last 4 years, the team's record with Markov is 70-43-17... or a pace of 99 points for 82 games. With Markov out, the team's record is 80-82-22, or a pace of 81 points per 82 games. Although we don't know if he'll be the elite player he was (I believe he will be), I also think the Habs have improved play without him... as demonstrated by the 40-27-8 record without him last year... This year, I just think we had some bad luck and some bad injuries. Next year will be much better... and a high draft pick this spring will be a nice bonus!
  • Comment on Cancel the panic (2010-12-02 13:12:41)

    Who knows why PK is sitting?  Only those in the room... and even then, maybe it's just between the coach and PK.  Maybe they felt Weber deserves a chance on D for a game (either for his development or to showcase him for a trade) and 2 games in two nights, coupled with a rough game for PK means that he sits.  I think he'll bounce back and it'll be good for him in the long run.  Either way, it's just one game.

    For those who keep talking about how some vets aren't sitting and he is?  Vets will get the benefit of the doubt and will be given a longer leash... and I think rightfully so.  Also think sitting a vet is dangerous for the locker room environment.  Vets should know what they need to do and if they struggle, and it should be a matter of time before they right the ship.  PK is still young and being molded into an NHLer... He's learning and this is just one of the lessons that he needs to go through.  Same reason why you might take your 5 year old kid and give him a timeout in the corner but you wouldn't do it to an adult... even if they deserve it more sometimes.  :)

  • Comment on Quick hits (2010-11-23 01:04:29)

    I don't comment often, but I did want to make a few points.

    First of all, since the topic of the day is Gomez, I believe that yes, he is struggling but I also think that people are noticing all his bad plays even more because he's in a slump.  Perhaps that's just the way life is, but although I know he's made his share of terrible plays, he has made MANY great passes in the offensive zone that have not turned into goals because he has people like Moen and Max receiving the passes.  I believe that for him to be successful, you need to have him with 2 players who have good hands... who are good at handling fast passes.  I don't think it'd be a terrible idea to go back to square one... Pleks, AK46 and Cammy... Gomez, Gionta and Pouliot.  To all of you who question his effort, although none of us can be sure, my opinion is that he gives his all... some bad decisions, yes, but I don't believe it's due to lack of effort.

    Second, it's the nature of the beast I suppose, but is it really the end of the world that we lost a close game to a good team?  You can't win all the games!  I know, it's Montreal... we could go 81-1 and everyone would still be complaining!  Just thought I should come here and say (in Price's words), "whoa, chill out".  The team is doing well and I'm confident that it's no fluke.  The last few years, it always seemed like we were lucky when we won games.  This year it's nice to have a team that wins because they deserve to.

    Also, back to Gomez for a second... I think it hurts him that Markov is out.  Obviously Markov makes everyone on the team better when he's in the lineup, but I think that (although Gomez is paid like he should be a game changer... not his fault I might add) he's not someone who can do it all himself.  He compliments other talent well though.  My two cents for what it's worth.

    Anyhow, that's it for now.  Go Habs Go!!


  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-27 07:54:30)

    Hey, just wondering... but was Halak's hand shaking last night Ovie??  Didn't think so!  :)

  • Comment on Alive! (2010-04-23 16:24:37)

    I know others have already written that they disagree with you... but I agree that there is a lot of stupidity in the comments.  Majority of people post constructive posts (both positive and negative)... just like most people at the games don't boo the US anthem.  It does get a little annoying though when you see post after post of "JM sucks", "Carey sucks", "Gill sucks"... and you get the impression that if you were to ask why they think so, their answer will be "because I don't like them".  I think venting is fine... but at least try to put some thought into it!  

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-03 03:29:23)

    Ha... for once I agree with you Timo!  :)

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-03 03:21:59)

    I haven't seen many Hamilton games, but I do follow the game logs online.  There are many potential reasons why PK is still there... whether it is to get better at certain things... to learn how to win... who knows?  But to say that he can't skate and has "turnovers galore"... I think to be picked as an AHL First Team All Star... and to be second in the whole league (if I'm not mistaken) in plus/minus... as a rookie, for whatever he's doing wrong, he must be doing a lot of other things right.  I agree he's not the answer to all our problems in MTL, but I think he's an important piece of the puzzle in the coming years.