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  • Comment on Habs recall Bournival from Hamilton; battle for jobs on fourth line (with practice video) (2014-10-20 16:58:48)
    Bourque is a lazy player with loads of skill...it isn't my opinion it's his history of work. He had a good year with Calgary playing with a very skilled player..he is what he is...lazy with skill.
  • Comment on Habs recall Bournival from Hamilton; battle for jobs on fourth line (with practice video) (2014-10-20 16:54:02)
    He didn't play in Vancouver due not playing hard on a consistent basis. He very limited skill and is a good grinder but probably won't ever have a secure position on the team.
  • Comment on Habs have best record in NHL after Saturday’s win over Avalanche (2014-10-20 07:10:02)
    Dipsy....maybe you ought to check the standings...Ottawa is 4-1 this year. Do you watch other teams or just the Habs
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Bruins’ Lucic fined $5,000 by NHL (2014-10-17 18:07:23)
    Have you listened to Chris Nilan much...he has some good stories on drinking...womanizing...fighting after hours in bars.......purse stealing maybe.........helping a father win a fight...oh their is probably lots we don't know about our Habs.........I don't know any of it to be true but I foo know as much as most posters on here think they know about the GOD FEARING HABS....Lucic would fit in just perfectly and you know what....everybody on here would be making every lame excuse for any actions he may take that could be seen as controversial....everybody...just like the excuses for PK when he plays like a juvenile sometimes
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Bruins’ Lucic fined $5,000 by NHL (2014-10-17 18:01:47)
    Good honest post....congrats
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Bruins’ Lucic fined $5,000 by NHL (2014-10-17 18:01:04)
    I think the league is more interesting with Lucic and I bet not one poster here would be anything but super happy to have him on the team ( Habs ) I don't see Lucic as a coward as many here like to point out. He has fought many of the enforcers of other teams. If many can get their heads out of their Habs ass long enough maybe .....just maybe they can see him as good for the league. I mean soon the players will be traveling together...sort of like wrestlers do and did. The players already meet in the cities they play with opposing teams....they have dinner together......drinks together.....look hockey is heading for a sport of the entitled if it isn't already....I was at a game over the weekend and was fortunate to be invited to a corporate box.....it had seating room for 18 people...there were 6 of us there. The box was 20,000 per season...this is Major Jr A not NHL......the company produces seafood and is a major producer world wide. The representative said often the box is empty......makes me upset. Anyhow all the righteous people that post here....your wishes will soon be granted...no fighting...no checking...hell maybe the puck will be made of soft rubber...plastic maybe...salaries will keep going up though so the huge majority here will still not be able to afford to go...enjoy people
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 08:07:27)
    But you may get better and would for 9 M...he just isn't worth that kind of money. I don't care what anyone says
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 08:05:51)
    Dipsy...wow ...just wow..I now understand the call on Lucic...he didn't deliver an illegal hit but got called anyway...and those are the breaks...now it makes sense. You sir are and exceptional Habs fan.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-17 06:21:25)
    Tell us what you really think of Lucic
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 06:15:57)
    UCE and DeHema both of you guys would soon change your most inaccurate description of Lucic. Now how can anyone who watched this very passive and give away exhibition of hockey and call it a solid win. Habs fans ( like all fans ) only see the score.....the game was less than thrilling from just about any aspect. Oh and the penalty to Lucic was bogus......well in my opinion at least. Watch it a few times and you will see it really wash't much to penalize on. I hear the 690 guys raving on about how great the game was...man I just don't see how anyone can think this was a great game. Anyhow it is the future of hockey...little passion lots of big contracts.