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  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 16:32:15)
    I can't wait until they have no checking...no lifting the puck......no holding....hitting.....tripping......off-sides.....icing......no back checking.......no blue lines.......wow what a game and all the players make at least 100 million a year and oh yes every one of you brilliant posters that want to make the game soft and absolutely injury free are forced to watch them all. Man what a bunch of non-sense from a few with no working brain
  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 12:38:03)
    I doubt BB would ignore a player who was able to contribute in a huge way over a player who couldn't. It's the age old story that we go through here........the coach is stupid when he does something that runs contrary to what we tend to think.....especially if he loses a game or series....while he is brilliant if he wins doing something we tend to like. BB is a successful coach whether he won or lost...I know this because he was given a new contract only a few days ago. Well he was in the minds of his employer. That must count for something yes ? Look there isn't one coach who would not want to win and he will make the decisions he has to in order to get to get the win. If he doesn't play a certain player there is a reason why. He is observing that player over the long haul not one good game he had against one team. Maybe Teemu isn't the perfect person the media and some make him out to be..maybe he over rates himself a bit...just maybe he doesn't realize his short comings as he reaches his age......just maybe...well you know
  • Comment on Bouillon an insurance policy at Habs’ training camp (2014-09-18 10:55:43)
    Good post CJ and reflects many peoples thoughts I would suspect...I know it does mine. I particularly noticed the statement about hockey being a rich mans' game and wondered how many on here actually consider that we (everyone whether they ever go to a game or even watch hockey ) realizes we are all paying for these owners/atheletes/producers/commentators life style though the food we eat/clothes we wear and the cars we drive etc., etc by way of sponsors and endorsements I have been a Habs fan since the late 50's and boy have things changed for me. I somehow foolishly believe we are going to win a cup soon and go on another run with 4-5 cups...I foolishly believe that the player we draft are going to be loyal and stay with the team or at least don't how much can I get to stay here....and go to the highest bidder......well on and on it goes. However my breaking point will be if they plaster ads on the back of these greedy rich humans that we seem to admire and hold on a pedestal and think all they do is for the good of us all...then I will give up the Habs and hockey. You can imagine even today that the game and the people in it have left the ordinary family with little chance of bringing together the money to even consider going in person. The TV deals are a bit over $200 here in NB.. .I can afford it but I have to admit sometimes the games are so utterly boring that I more often than not shut them off even with the selection I have on Center Ice.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 17:21:41)
    Front...you'll probably have to coach her a bit.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 17:20:02)
    It's not the league man...it's the humans that work for the league. I suppose as much as there are people like this in any walk of life I bet again that many on here have had a belt o r switch in their life if they are over 50 for certain. I can tell you I did and quite a few times over my young life. I have friends that I grew up with that were really beat quite badly by their (usually ) fathers. I don't know how to address what is going on with the pro sports guys but this happens frequently still I would expect...especially in the poorer families that have much frustration in their lives. It is tough to raise a family these days and even good people can do ugly things to their kids when the pressure gets too high. I am amused or maybe envious of the posters and commentators that go to the extremes for this latest thing and make statements like "they should never allow him to play again" I would think it would be a court mandated process to get to the penalty phase. Geez......if only we knew the whole story....wait maybe we do.
  • Comment on Habs’ rookie camp wraps up as Scherbak gets in scrimmage (2014-09-17 12:34:01)
    Very emotional post Chris......while I agree DD is a good player and all, I can't for the world see how anyone could compare him to Gallagher in how he plays. I think DD is the more polished of the two and about the same size......that's where the similarities stop though in my opinion and everyone on here is entitled to one of those right ? Gallagher plays with a certain robustness that DD can't or won't ever match....and why should he ?
  • Comment on Bozon at Habs’ rookie camp after battling meningitis (2014-09-13 09:57:18)
    Stevie.Ray...I am against abuse of kids also but I know enough about news reporting that the truth is almost never reported initially. I'd wait until passing judgement.......
  • Comment on Habs’ Price ranked third-best goalie in league by NHL.com (2014-09-09 08:07:26)
    Look I am a realist and don't expect the Habs to win it all this year or even next year but there is no way in hell the Habs are a bottom feeder even if Price has a serious injury or even if he misses the season...there will be no McDavid for the Habs
  • Comment on Habs’ Price ranked third-best goalie in league by NHL.com (2014-09-09 08:02:58)
    Habsfan...I agree that a decent man who has principles will never support hitting or abusing a woman physically but to give up a sport you claim to love over one bad apple is kind of silly in my opinion. How about hockey...do you suppose there was anything similar to this..I remember a certain Boston forward that had police knocking on his door last year I think.....what about basketball...how about soccer.....not many sports that don't have these idiots in them. How about real life people like you and I...there are policeman/lawyers/doctors/engineers/judges/politicans etc that do this and because it is high profile like professional sports figures it does impact us more probably. I know of people that have done this on more than one occasion to their wives or girlfriends. Look almost every sport played has male players that abuse their women.....there are many studies that show people that play violent sports are more likely to resort to violence in private relationships. SO in conclusion if you give up a sport you love because of one unprincipled mans' action you might become a man without a sport soon....hey just sayin here...don't mean to be insulting in any way. I do share your contempt for this though.
  • Comment on Martin Brodeur would take backup job with Habs if offered (2014-09-05 10:34:08)
    Timo...if you are a Bell subscriber NHL Center Ice will give you many games including many Habs Games. In the NB area we have TSN and TSN2 which picks up any games the Habs play that aren't on Center Ice. I haven't missed a Habs game for a few years unless I chose not to watch the West Coast game...I often PVR Habs games to watch them again and see the more subtle aspects of the game.