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  • Comment on Certain Habs need to increase intensity level, Therrien says (with video) (2014-05-09 15:49:34)
    He may understand that Murray provides no offence, but he doesn't seem to get how detrimental that is to the team. I think Therrien really believes Murray's "intangibles" and character and size are so important that he's missing the big picture: the fact that the big Swede can neither skate nor shoot nor pass nor stickhandle at an NHL level. His presence on the ice puts us at a huge disadvantage. When your team generates no offence when you're on (and literally, I mean zero shots for us with him on the ice last night) then you really have to be perfect defensively just to break even. It means you're asking the other two D pairings to come out as a plus for the evening playing against much better competition (because yes, Murray has been that bad playing against Thornton and Campbell most of the time). Why not have Beaulieu in there, hitting less it's true, but at the same time skating more pucks out of trouble and giving our stalled offensive weapons like Pacioretty, Vanek, and Desharnais more springboard passes to set them up for chances?
  • Comment on Certain Habs need to increase intensity level, Therrien says (with video) (2014-05-09 15:37:16)
    Bruins thuggery is down? - Bergeron clipping on Bourque - Knee on knee hit by Paille - A 3rd spearing incident by Lucic on Emelin - Iginla's hit from behind on Pacioretty - Marchand whacking anyone he can with his stick after the whistle - Price taking an elbow to the head The Bruins are using their usual thug tactics, they just aren't being penalized for any of it. I didn't see Murray or any other Hab out there making Iginla pay for his hit last game, nor did Murray's presence prevent the hit from happening. The Bruins can practice their cheapshots all they want as far as I care, so long as the officials call them on it and so long as we're using speed and skill to make them pay on the scoreboard. Everything else is irrelevent, and not one player is slowing up on a check because they see slow-as-molasses Douglas Murray or George Parros sitting on the bench.
  • Comment on Certain Habs need to increase intensity level, Therrien says (with video) (2014-05-09 15:31:58)
    Michel Therrien just doesn't get it when it comes to Douglas Murray. He doesn't understand that Murray looks like a defensive stalwart because he's spending his entire shift playing defence. It's easy to rack up the hits and blocked shots when you're constantly chasing the puck carrier and letting the other team shoot. Through 60 minutes last night, the Habs had 0 shots on goal and just one attempted shot with Murray on the ice, whereas when Murray was not on the ice the Habs had more shots and more shot attempts than Boston, one of the best predictors of sustained on-ice success. If you look at the NFL or CFL, there are plenty of linebackers on really bad teams who end up leading the league in tackles. It has nothing to do those teams having success nor does it have any correlation with how good a player that guy is. All it means is that the player has been put in a position to have to make a lot of tackles, and that's usually because his team is playing defence a lot. Douglas Murray is that player for us, a journeyman who can block shots and make hits but who's really doing that because of how bad he is in other aspects of the game. In the NFL, you can be really good at defence, but you probably won't win if you're playing defence for the entire 60 minutes. The same can be said of a team in the NHL; if the Habs are playing defence for the entire 15-18 minutes Murray spends on the ice a night, that's a huge handicap to have to overcome in the remainder of the game. #freeBeaulieu #freeTinordi
  • Comment on Habs hit the road on a hot streak; Drewiske clears waivers (2014-03-03 15:39:03)
    1. Plekanec, because he has a wider trade market 2. 1st or 2nd rounder + a young defenceman (think Dylan McIlrath or Derrick Pouliot) 3. Desharnais, if only because it frees up a spot for Eller to play in the top 6 and get the chance he deserves. Bourque is probably the guy who is of least value to us right now though. 4. Hemsky 5. Never
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 55 – Canadiens drop matinee 2-1 to TB in OT (2014-02-01 15:15:11)
    Glove hand with the first shot, then Prust hits him back, then Bishop uses the blocker.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 55 – Canadiens drop matinee 2-1 to TB in OT (2014-02-01 15:09:08)
    Bishop should have been tossed and given a major penalty. Here's the rule: 51.3 Match Penalty - If, in the judgment of the Referee, a goalkeeper uses his blocking glove to punch an opponent in the head or face in an attempt to or to deliberately injure an opponent, a match penalty must be assessed.
  • Comment on Price to start for Habs against Wings and Emelin will be back in lineup (2014-01-23 15:28:18)
    So Emelin only gets to play the left side in practice on days when he's being benched? The Markov-Emelin duo is abysmal defensively. Murray makes any pairing he's on a liability. And the third duo features a rookie playing the wrong side of the ice as well. Tell me, Michel Therrien, which of these pairings do you plan on matching up against the other team's top lines? I'd much rather see Emelin-Subban Markov-Diaz Beaulieu-Gorges
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 47 – 20 wins at the Bell Centre for Martin F. Brodeur (2014-01-14 21:32:49)
    If Gorges scores in the shootout, it'll be because it's Round 16. I have to work tomorrow morning.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 47 – 20 wins at the Bell Centre for Martin F. Brodeur (2014-01-14 21:18:13)
    Gallagher's night tonight: - "Your center is sick. You're getting a new center." - "You can't hit the goalie. I know you were pushed in and I know he flopped, but we're calling you anyways." - "That goal is no good. You distinctly pivoted towards the puck while being held by a NJ player in a way that you couldn't see where your feet were."
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 47 – 20 wins at the Bell Centre for Martin F. Brodeur (2014-01-14 21:06:22)
    2-1 Habs, you mean. Zubrus was clearly in the blue paint inhibiting Price's ability to play the puck on the first goal too.