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  • Comment on About last night … (2007-11-18 08:54:54)
    Ive always known that Les Boys are willing to get their noses dirty and last night proves that I was spot on. They dont mind getting sand kicked in their face. Justice will prevail. Last night guys who dont even normally get beat up stepped up to show those bullies. Kostitsyn was slapped around. Lats too. Thats team toughness. Lats had no business fighting Chara. That wasn't his battle. Chara was a little aggressive tried to smash Kovys head to a pulp but Lats should have ran away like Higgy and Ryder do. Just shake your head and say tsk tsk. I think its clear that no one will try this again with our habbies. If they do then number one they are going to the box mister. And they just might have to deal with Tom the Bomb hanging from their jersey for dear life. He is fearless and loves to go. He has twice as many fights as punches thrown. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Game 19: Habs offence explodes against Bruins (2007-11-17 08:50:24)
    Spot on. Especially the part about Carbonneau needing patience. I think he should give Nonstopoulos at least 25-30 games on the first line to see what he can do. All in all a pretty good effort from Les Boys last night and the shots on goal proves it. Ryder bashers will be quiet today. His shot was spot on. Higgins has a good chance of beating his career high 40 point season. What a player. He'll be captain someday. Toughness and character like when he ran to the bench while Koivu writhed on the ice. Thats captain material. Cup is on its way. Just need to be patient. Ferland Milroy DAgostini Lapierre there is a dynasty brewing here. Stay the course Bob. We'll probably lose again tonight though. I've learned that it takes a lot of sucking to get to the top. Patience patience patience.
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  • Comment on Game 18: Sabres snap skid against listless Habs (2007-11-16 08:34:27)
    Can't wait to see Nonstopoulos on the top line. Should be funny. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Will Ryder flourish on third line? (2007-11-15 13:20:49)
    That bites dude. Same thing happened to me so I just used my initials. Nothing we can do we don't have patents on names. Just pick another one. Could be anything. One guy DD used his cupsize.
  • Comment on Will Ryder flourish on third line? (2007-11-15 12:21:22)
    Thats a great point. Which guy do you think is Gretzky? Higgins or Saku?
  • Comment on Will Ryder flourish on third line? (2007-11-15 10:41:51)
    Im just tickled pink by the depth on the team. Ryder is in what is arguably a slump no problem we have Nonstopoulos for the first line. If he doesn't work they we have Dandy or Grabs or Begin. I think they should have given Murray a look on the top line too. He didnt get a fair chance And thank goodness the comments are back. I had so many important things to say and this is better than just pacing my room muttering them to myself. I hope you put the karma points back soon too because my ego is a little deflated lately and my cats arent doing it for me. I need a boost. And can we have some smiley icons too please I like those. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on 4-3 in OT (2007-11-13 10:28:50)
    James Bone your spot on my boy. Spot on.
  • Comment on Price gets start in Toronto vs. Maple Leafs (2007-11-12 22:44:49)
    Whoever said Another good example would be Kessell is spot on Another good example would be Mike Richards another would be Jeff Carter another would be Nathan Horton. another would be Vanek. or Staal. or Stuart. or Parise. or meszaros. Or Patrice Bergeron. or Campoli. or Little. or Stafford. or Zajac. or Olesz. Or many many many other kids who were drafted since Gainey took over. Oh wait thats just the east. Another good example would be Getzlaf. Another good example would be.....