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  • Comment on Jacques Martin weighs in (2012-03-30 10:05:24)
    Typical Bert Raymond...always the anglo's fault. The Bob Gainey era may have ended on a sad note but I would not characterize his 9 years as a failure. Considering where this franchise was when he took over, the Habs came back from a long way. Let's not forget his personal tragedy...for everything he's done as a player + GM, please some respect. That being said Gauthier had to this modern communication age, you can"t have a gag order on everyone in the organization. I for one, don't want Julien Brisebois..why because he is the assistant GM of crappy Tampa team (give me a break). Because Carbo thinks he would make a goof GM. Even more reason not to hire this guy. Carbo is still bitter (get over it already!) and not a very good coach. (failed as junior and under 18 coach). And please, no Andre Savard (I know Bert Raymond thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread) but the only job he found after leaving the Habs is assistant coach with the Pens. My choice, the assistant GM with the Hawks Bergevin. He's been around the Bowmans, and has a ton of experience as both an amateur and pro scout. Let the new era of the Habs begin! C'est le but!
  • Comment on Canadiens off on Monday (2012-01-23 10:23:28)
    Jack Todd is nothing but a failed frustrated novelist who is angry at the world...besides he is a closet Bruins fan all the way. Funny, none of the Bruins ever make his zeros of the week regardless of their actions. Jack Todd as a sports journalist is worthless...Todd knows next to nothing about hockey but yet every week writes his garbage of dumping on everything Habs. He's a Bruins fans and thus hates everything Habs. To heck with Jack Todd. Here's someone who in the last 10 years has given up on his career and no longer cares and just cares about his paycheck from the Gazette...He should go out to pasture and take Red Fisher with him. They can spend their days watching tapes of the 70s Habs while sipping prune juice . Make way for journalists who understand today's hockey! C'est le but!
  • Comment on And here come the Rangers (2012-01-15 13:33:33)
    Why does Hal Gill get ice time instead of Emilen? Why is our only physical d-man a healthy scratch? Management comments that they need to get bigger but bench the only physical dman. Seriously, time to get rid of Skillsie. Let Emilen develop by getting ice time not press box time. C'est le but!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Tough loss (2011-12-29 15:44:53)
    Agree with VancouverHab...the GM reign of Andre Savard has been greatly over-rated by the French media, and Gainey's reign greatly under-rated simply because Gainey is an anglo. Let's face it, despite that Gainey learned French, made Montreal his home, he was never going to be given the benefit of the doubt because he was an anglo. Let's not forget the personal tragedy he suffered as Habs GM. Not saying Gainey was perfect or the best GM ever but overall his time as GM was positive and the Habs enjoyed their best years post 93 cup under his watch. Besides, look at who started this Andre Savard GM conversation...Bert Raymond. Raymond is really past his due date, and recently was still harping on about how the Habs didn't sign Denis Gauthier 2-3 years ago! Denis Gauthier who was passed over by all 29 other clubs, but Bert still complains the Habs didn't sign him for 800K. The audacity of the Habs to not sign a washed-up Francophone player is a travesty that still haunts Raymond to this day!!! The Andre Savard GM (oh how you were so poorly treated by the Habs) is more garbage served up by an old, separatist, lazy francophone journalist. Bert Raymond, and Rejean Tremblay..lazy journalists at their best. The fact that no other team in the NHL hired Andre Savard as GM or even asst GM or head of scouting speaks volumes of the job he did in Mtl. The guy had to get a friendship job as an asst coach by Michel Therrien. Oh and as for Denis Gauthier, you can catch him on RDS because no one else in the NHL thought he was worth 800K of salary space. As for tonight...Go Habs Go! C'est le but!
  • Comment on On to Chicago (2011-12-20 23:01:07)
    As a Habs fan, I can't wait for the 2011 calendar year to end...2011 has not been kind to the Habs....Max Pac nearly getting killed, losing 3 OTs and the series to Boston, Bruins winning the cup, Markov not playing a new game in the new season, lots of injuries, poor seasons so far for Cammy, Gomez and Gionta, and now this BS with the interim 'anglo' coach. With the way some of the media and the politicians are going about this, you'd think Molson took a dump and wiped his butt with the QUebec flag. Seriously this is an interim coach. I am hoping that a few wins and the holidays will see this whole language debate blow over and we can go back to discussing HOCKEY and THE HABS. I am born and raised in Mtl, am not a francophone but am married to one...yeah the Habs are part of Quebec culture but they also represent Mtl a cosmopolitan city. RC is an interim coach of the Habs not some all powerful being placed in Montreal to destroy the French culture and language. French media and politicians and others dying for attention are tripping over themselves to show everyone else how 'Quebecois' they are are by showing their outrage over RC being named INTERIM coach. A lot of this is supported by Peladeau and his b-tch Rejean Tremblay bitter that he didn't get the Habs. Peladeau is a weasel and I hope for one that he never becomes an NHL owner especially in QUebec city. I say Seattle and Hamilton before Quebec City as long as the weasel Peladeau is involved. My rant is over. I want to wish everyone on this site a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great 2012. Let's hope that 2012 is a much better year for the Habs than 2011 was. Best of luck to RC for 2012 because the garbage you've had to put up with so far is unbelievable. PS: Gauthier should go, not so much for his hockey operations but much more for his dictatorship in running the Habs front office. Vincent Damphousse would make a great GM in my eyes and he has made the most sense on RDS than anyone else ever since RC was hired. C'est le but!
  • Comment on String of road games begins for Canadiens (2011-12-19 09:17:53)
    Jack Todd is a has been...he is past his due date by about 10 years ever since the Expos left town. He knows very little about hockey an for the last 2-3 years he has stopped being entertaining and just down right mean-spirited and twisting facts to suit his articles...following the path of Rejean Tremblay and Bert Raymond. Even his heros and zeros...Tim Tebow is a zero because he prays and is a devout Christian!!! I am not religious myself but there is probably a lot more zeros (steroids and guns) than Tim Tebow in the NFL. Todd is a failed novelist and it must burn him up. Todd, a once entertaining columnist but now mean spirited SOB is in my zero list for 2011. RC is an impossible position...a writer at La Presse writes about the Habs broken contract with francophones and Quebec...really? RC is an interim coach. I am married to a francophone and I agree that the coach should be able to speak french. (An anglo who learns and speaks french is fine by me). But to make a stink for an interim coach halfway through the season is pathetic. Nationalism is a cheap way to sell papers and draw attention to yourself. RC is the logical choice and is in my opinion the best person to turn the Habs around. C'est le but!
  • Comment on Sunday argument-starter (2011-12-11 10:33:51)
    As for T.Kabs contract...I would give the benefit of the doubt to PG and company to manage the salary cap. Besides with collective bargaining between the NHL and the players who knows what the salary cap will look like. For the rest of the year, this is a non-issue. The Habs will not lose Price or Subban because they picked up Kaberle. I think the Habs should look at moving Cammy. He seems dis-interested and down right unhappy. Not sure what value he has (I know he has value but at the same time do not see many teams giving up much to acquire him). C'est le but!
  • Comment on Sunday argument-starter (2011-12-11 10:27:16)
    Right now, Campoli sits in my humble opinion. It is a shame he got hurt but he now has to wait his turn...that being said, I would insert Campoli into the mix before Weber should a dman get hurt. I would however tweak the pairings a bit because I'd prefer seeing Emeilin on the left side his natural position: Here are my pairings: PK Gill Gorges Kabs Diaz Emelin. 7th dman: Campoli. As for Markov, we'll see if he is ready in Feb. C'est le but!
  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-12-05 21:54:35)
    Thanks Serious (Robert). Great job as usually. Look forward to this segment every week. Steve Qualier was featured in LaPresse this week by Mathius Brunet (for those of you who read french, probably the best hockey writer around, shout out to Hickey and MA Godin). His coach at Northeastern (who was a pro scout for the Pens and Isles) for 18 years thinks Qualier will be in the NHL one day. I know it's his coach and probably wants to boast the kid's confidence but he did say that he is great in all three zones and is very aware defensively something you don't see often in the NCAA. Let's hope he continues to develop. Brunet also highlighted Mac Bennet who in his 2nd yr is already on the 1st pair d-men with Pateryn. Apparently Bennet is doing very well but needs to work on his positioning...who knows a future pair of d-men for the Habs... Serious (Robert) have you heard of Simon Boisvert aka Snake1970...He turned his posts on Brunet's blog into a part time amateur scout gig with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. Not sure if that is something you'd want to do but if it is the best of luck...I think you just might have the eye. C'est le but!
  • Comment on Over to you, Shanny (2011-12-04 08:39:09)
    Why should Tootoo get suspended, he was pushed into Miller, he played the puck and seemed to try to avoid Miller. If Lucic couldn't avoid contact then I'd have to give the benefit of the doubt to Tootoo. I am sure he can argue intent with Shanahan. But Tootto doesn't play for the Bruins so he'll get a few games. The NHL is a bush league...a complete bush league. What's worse, the Bruins get away with everything while other teams must follow the rules. A bush league. Shanahan is as big a joke as Campbell was. No consistency. C'est le but!