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Jacques Martin is a loser;has won nothing,and will never win anything.EXPUNGE THE LOSERS!

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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-24 11:17:23)
    Jacques Martin is a loser;has won nothing,and will never win anything.EXPUNGE THE LOSERS!
  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 16:18:26)

    Zdeno-you are going down the draino...get used to walking on one leg.

  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 16:15:20)

    Chara must ***

  • Comment on Video: Habs fall 5-2 to Penguins (2011-01-13 01:34:00)

    Carey Price.Yeh Carey,Carey!Carey! Still letting in the long ones;still slow;still not square to the shooter.If by some chance we fluke into the playoffs-which i am willing to bet anyone we won't,with CAREY,CAREY! we will be gone in the first round.The habs don't have Halak to save them in the regular season or the playoffs now.Even Auld is better than Carey.Remember my words you deluded fans.Notice how the Canadiens are slowly drifting down,down,down, in the standings.Also remember numbers never lie.Price is a sub 500 golaie with a bare .900 save percentage.Halak was better in every way,shape and form-but hey don't believe me.I'm sure some nut job will be dissing me personally instead of attacking the argument-ie that NUMBERS NEVER LIE-and we have a number of seasons to judge that Halak wasn't just a bit better but considerably better from every numerical stat,and just look at the type of goals that halak gave up compared to price.

    Even more so when you consider that Subban is better,Wasneski wasn't here so the defense should be better and Price in EVERY game highlights i see(i can't watch the actual games-hey its a true joke compared to the old Canadiens) gives up usually 2 EASY goals that an AHL goalie would stop.(tonight it was 4)

    Remember-my ultimate prediction is that Price-for a number of reasons-will be out of the NHL in 2 years.

  • Comment on Game 1: Canadiens drop opener in Toronto (2010-10-07 23:23:48)


    the difference was we had an all star goalie named halak who didn't let in 2 easy goals to start the game.We had a goalie who STONED(as opposed to being stoned) teams.Who stoped Ovechin and Crosby time and time again,and who SINGLE HANDIDLY got us into the playoffs 2 years in a row.

    DEAL WITH REALITY.Its easier-Just say "Price will not make big saves at key times.He loses 2 games for every one he wins.Canadiens will not make the playoffs with price-its a NO BRAINER-DEAL WITH REALITY-OR REALITY WILL DEAL WITH YOU.

    nuff said

  • Comment on Game 1: Canadiens drop opener in Toronto (2010-10-07 22:49:13)


    You mental midgets are going to be taught a hard lesssssson.Winning isn't everything its the only thing;this isn't horseshoes-close doesn't count.C'mon give me the excuses....He had no chance;no...hye didn't see the his hairdresser said he was having a bad hair he has the flu....etc,etc,etc,etc.

    REMEMBER THE MANTRA:Carey is not an NHL Goalie;too slow,slow laterally,slow mentally.

    Canadiens will be 0-3 very soon.Its going to be a long season.

    nuff said

    Long live   Rejean Houle,Bob Gainey and "Bob Lite" Gauthier-Geneii all.

  • Comment on Islanders bring B team to A city (2010-10-03 01:17:46)

    " PRICE's CONFIDENCE. I KNOW that late goal wasn't totally Price's fault by why oh why does it have to happen EVERY GAME??"

    Remember the words of the ALL KNOWING SEEER- Rule 1-PRICE is NOT an NHL goalie.This has been proved and reproved.He is too slow,has a slow glove hand,goes down too early and has a bad attitute.(Hey Chill out dudes is a true stoner Spicolli saying a la" Fast Times At Ridgemont High".To wit his record is about 1 win for every 2 loses.And this is over the last 2 years.He has won ZERO playoff games in the last 2 years.He has earned NOTHING,NADA,ZILCH.Somehow his being a #5 pick overall has kept him number 1.He would be #1-only in Hamilton.And Halak without a doubt the best goalie we have had since ROY gets traded for nothing.Franchise destroying moves like these can only be made by a pin head(s) of the highest level.Really.There is no other tactful way to say it.P.I.N.H.H.E.A.D.   The real question is were Gainey and Gauthier combined as dumb as Houle.What ever the answer its a moot point.Great goalies only show up once in 15 or more wit Jaques Plante 1955;next Dryden 1970,next Roy 1985,and lastly Halak 2009.So its obvious Rule 3-Price will crack under the realization that not only is booing going to occur each game,but that its justified.The Canadiens Brain(sic) trust will find out that in the 2010 NHL goaltending is as important as having a closer-except 10 times more so.They will find out that Halak was the difference between the playoffs and last place.They will find out-although most fans could have told them-that the gm and other front office staff -that YOUR SERVICES ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED.Once we clean out the brain dead garbage that is our front office we can start making solid management decisions and not pretend our #5 draft choice was not a mistake(like the same mistake that the #4 draft was in that year-Pouliout).The bottom line is that this once proud franchise is a joke.If Jacques Martin will put on his diaper before the game he may stay awake long enough to realize that all defence and no offence equals -you lose most of your games especially with no real #1 golaie.


    Rule 2-PK SUBBAN will be close to a super Star within 2 years.Its all there,speed,shot,strength,and what the seer likes best BALLS.He know s what it is to go to the net.He is feerless.

    nuff said


  • Comment on Let’s try this again (2010-09-27 13:56:23)

    Jack Todd clearly summed up the whole  Price mess(and it is a pathetic mess) so well that i want to give him  5 stars ******.

     But he really didn't make mention of the comments Price made after each shelling like "Chill out" and the manner he made it in,as if he(Price) isn't at all bothered by being shelled. Obviously that is not a normal response.The normal response would have been "Yes i'm very concerned that i can't seem to stop a puck for over a year,I'm concerned that i was a bench warmer last year,and that my play is potentially leading to a ticket out of town.I am going to work extra hard". His response was like that of the stoned surfer Sean Penn as the stoned surfer Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemount High;"hey man Chill out". "hey man so i gave up 10 goals in 90 minutes,WTF its only a hockey game" "Who cares man"??? Like i said there is a serious problem with his neurons when the golaie is telling fans to "Chill out" and appears lackadasical in his attitude.

     nuff said

  • Comment on Big night for the pluggers (2010-09-27 07:39:15)

    hey chuck;

    Same comment to you.If you can't rebutt the argument cogently,go back to selling newspapers on the corner.

    nuff said

  • Comment on Big night for the pluggers (2010-09-27 07:26:30)
    • Hey cerf (great name);I will assume you really are a serf working at your $10.00 job in the factory.
    • If you can't respond to a logical argument and just insult me because you're intellectually unable to come up with a cogent(big word) argument,don't post.You are embarrasing yourself.
    • I'm been retired since age 40,and am posting from West Palm Beach my winter home.
    • C'mon serf tell us what you do.I dare you.
    • nuff said