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  • Comment on ‘It’s a pretty cool feeling,’ Olympic champ Price says (with video) (2014-02-25 20:09:13)
    If I were PK I'd work on my weaknesses and let the market combined with improved talent take care of his worth.
  • Comment on Habs trade Danny Kristo to Rangers; Lecavalier going to Flyers (2013-07-03 12:07:47)
    I agree, this is another mistake ala McDonagh. I also remember another then problem/party child Chelios. The problem with the Canadiens is that no matter what team is put together the fans fill the seats. Management knows this and is very content. Older Fans like myself keep hoping that they(management) have the same loyalty to the Jersey/Club as we do, and that someday history will repeat itself.....Not going to happen unless there is trouble in the bottom line/pocket books. Lately, however, I'm getting used to the fact of watching games for the sake of loving the sport, not a particular team such as my beloved Canadiens. It is a great game.
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 15:40:20)
    Let's not go there....Gionta's record =7 seasons in the NHL averaging 25 goals per that is including his terrible season of 8 goals. His average is higher than most past Hab players (prior to last season). As to players of the past decade. Theodore-Vezina - (one of the best goalies if not for personal problems) Koivu- A true champion on an off the ice. With not much of a team all his tenure as captain. Kovalev - Amazing -. Reibero - has shown what he is made of. Halak I've always said the Habs need defenceman that DEFEND first and make the opposition leary of crossing our blue line.
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 14:59:41)
    I have to disagree with you comrades. Markov is not the best player, I have no idea how anyone can make such statements on any player in any sport when the individual has not performed to prove your STATEMENT(S). Such statements are an embarassment to HIO fanbase knowledge. The best players have proven themselves already; Pax Cole Price Subban Gionta
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 09:59:12)
    Inflatted price, money is cheap, he gets a better return by raising prices, especially on the watered down beer.
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-07 09:30:46)
    Totallly agree, it's been like this for years. We've been blessed with skilled players that have always been outsized. We've lacked having any sizeable defensemen. This team has always been on the brink of making a difference, however, management doesn't know how to mix and match brains/skills with brawns. Management's trade has always left guys out to get beat. How many of us similar body size on this site would like to go out game afte game and get beat up?.
  • Comment on Cammy out for game vs. Habs (2012-03-06 15:20:12)
    You are absolutely Right!!!!! and let;s not forget the good old days(this argument is always revisited). I'm surprised that management doesn't insist on using the old Post for communication.....remember those good old days. Why evolve like everyone else. Ooops forgot, players should all speak french 'cause that's what distiguishes them as being better. Oh yeah! that player Markov.....he's going to make a real difference. He's aged 3 years without playing a full season.
  • Comment on About tonight … with audio (2012-02-27 10:25:35)
    Problem with Management They trade players who tell them the truth, players that want to play and play to win, Cams, Grabovski, etc. Make trades and get nothing in return, and don't have the farm nor talent to be patient in developing players. Manangemet is currently pondering if it could somehow trade the fans.....their the current problem.....RIGHT???
  • Comment on Back to the drawing board (2012-01-13 10:16:21)
    boonie, If you and fans including myself on this board think that there are future draft picks or current NHL players that are dying to play for Montreal, then we need our heads examined. It's going to take a long time to turn this old glorified franchise(not TEAM) around. That's why I said it's a step in right direction. You have to do something, not necessarily as it was done. I still was impressed with the way they played last night, it was one of the best performances, they played till the end. If not for the bad bounce (Price is no Brodouer). Could have been a different outcome.
  • Comment on Back to the drawing board (2012-01-13 09:49:03)
    May not be the best trade but it's a move in the right direction. Having said that, I wish there were more support on this board for the TEAM, they showed what they can do last night against one of this years best NHL teams(to date). Our TEAM can use support by the fans critiquing "so called management". In doing so, you build morale that is lacking from management. You can't do the job if you lack the proper tools, I'm sure that all the hab fans on this board are 6'2"+ built like Mike Tyson and have the brains of Bill Gates. Be a fan!!!!